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  1. Dear All , This is the 6 months update . Nedless to say that I am super happy with the result so far ! Please give me some comments to see hat the community thinks ! Thanks Hattingen !
  2. The pricing is on their website , no surprise
  3. Hello I briefly discussed with Dr Muresanu over the week-end , so in term of next possible steps: Scar correction at the back of my donor : we get 500 (or more) grafts while doing this At the same time we do a good 2500 FUE grafts session In theory we can then use 3000 grafts to fill up my crown We have to wait at least 12 months after the previous surgery befoe touching this scalp again This number being as we speak a "finger in the air" number . This will be my last surgery .. I will post pictures every two weeks here so I can share with the community the whole evolution . thanks ! K
  4. For me it will be the ideal situation, scar correction + FUE to get as many grafts as possible to cover the crown. at least this is the way I see it and understand it . thanks
  5. In fact we will use the grafts harvested during the scar correction to fill up the crown and not the way around if you see what I mean . If we get 1000 grafts , great , if we get 2000 even better , if we get only 500 then I will certainly have to schedule another proper surgery on top of this scar correction surgery in order to properly work the crown , Well at least this is my understanding of my last conversation with Dr Muresanu but I might be wrong ... thanks !
  6. Hi , I am not sure but apparently the existing scars are too wide to be corrected at the same time of the surgery , so in agreement we decided to do this later down the road . Not really an issue for me . My main question from now on will be : scar correction - ok , we can get few grafts out of this that we will be able to use on the crown but I would like to go the FUE way now . I dont want anymore scars ! do you think that will be doable and the better option to fill up my crown ? thanks !
  7. Hello dear Community , This is the 4.5 month update . I have also attached some pictures of the scar itself . As it is it is difficult so see my level of growth as I am not completely bald before this surgery , I suppose I will have to wait 10 months completely before seing the full result . Just keep in my mind this was my 5th surgery , I am clearly not happy with the way my back donor is looking and It was agreed with Dr Murasenu that I will need a scar correction to correct the way my old scars were looking specifically at the back but as it is I am not sure if I am still suffering about strong schok loss there and a bad previous scar or a mix of both . The scar from Hattingen itself is very very clean , it actually looks like a small stroke of a pencil . Also , you can already clearly see my crown will need to be reworked in order to cover it , Dr Muresanu told me we should be able to do that while doing the scar correction . thanks All
  8. yes , Dr Sever Muresanu is doing the strip removal and Laura / her assistants are doing the grafting itself . As I said , 1mg of Finasteride since 2005 every two days .
  9. thanks , as I have explained in the post I linked in my first post my history with HT is quite heavy : - I was butchered by Amar in Paris two times - FUT - Then I went to Dr Seager in Toronto - 2500 grafts in the front third - FUT - Then Dr Muresanu - Laura and Sever - in November 2019 - FUT I have one more ammunition for scar revisions and the crown dixit Dr Muresanu , I am a bit lucky to have a good donor . Iwill keep this one for later down the road . I have been taking 1mg of Finasteride every two days since 2005 ! Almost 15 years without any secondary effects so far . Stay tune , more update to come soon ! Regards K.
  10. Dear All I had my procedure with Hattingen back on the 29.11.2019 , 3700 grafts to refine my hairline and work from the top third towrds the crown . For those who dont know me I explain my situation in this thread my story The procedure was smooth and I am now starting month number 4 . I have attached some pictures here , the thing is I was not completely bald before this 5th surgery so It is currently difficult to see what kind of growth I am having right now . Dr Muresanu told me I still have some donor left to crrect the crown when needs be , I need to do a scar correction down the oroad so I could "kill two birds with one rock" here : scar correction + crown surgery , but that will be in 4/5 years . I am currently 45 years old . Overall I am very happy with everyhting in this procedure , Dr Muresanu and his wife have been super kind , even when I had to go back to the clinic at 22h00 to get another injection of anesthesic ! thanks a lot ! I will post my updates as time goes on . thanks K.
  11. Hello , I had my procedure with Hattingen back on the 29.11.2019 . I am now starting month number 4 . I have attched a PDF here , the thing is I was not completely bold before so It is currently difficult to see what kind of growth I am having right now . I will be creating a separate thread today on the forum . thanks D
  12. Dear All On of the link below is in French , the other one is from reuters . Both links relates to Finasteride on whether or not the finasteride could be soon out of the market , the justice is getting a strong interest/focus on fews cases were people comitted suicide after taking the drug . Now it all comes back to my intial fear , part of my head are still my natural hairs , more or less maintained by the drug , even if I am 44 years old , the drug still work on me quite efficiently . and If I stop taking the drug the hairs are going to fall of and the whole thing will look completely unatural . But , I am book on the 29.11 at Haittingen for a 3500 grafts session to "work" on the area that is not currently grafted . So the real question remains now , am I doing this surgery to early ? after 4HTs already I can not go wrong anymore and without the drug and my previous surgery I will surely be a norwood 5/6 .... What do you think guys ? https://www.reuters.com/investigates/special-report/usa-courts-secrecy-propecia/ https://www.7sur7.be/sante/il-se-suicide-apres-avoir-pris-un-medicament-anti-calvitie-la-justice-veut-savoir-s-il-y-a-un-lien~ad5f3956/?referrer=https://www.google.com/