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  1. my story with ht started in 1999 , 2000 and 2001 where I was "butchered" by some paris clinics . Then I went to Dr Seager in 2005 where I received 2500 grafts in the front third . Dr Sever tooks his measures and told me we could reach 3000 grafts in this next surgery . Then I think I will only have one fue session left , may be 2000 grafts . thanks D
  2. hello , Good choice , I am personally booked for the 29.11.2019 . I discussed with Joe Tilman as well and after meeting face to face with Dr Sever , i have made my decision . My case is much more complex , this is going to be HT number 5 for me !! cheers d
  3. Hello Trixglendevon, do you have some pictures of your surgery? thanks
  4. if anyone has some addtional comments on all this I will be happy to read them ! thanks
  5. Hello Guys , thanks all for your answers . Regarding the laxity , when I meet with Dr wong back in 2009 in Amsterdam he said my laxity was still very good even with 4 HTs Already . Among those 4 HTs , 3 were "small" HTs done by some bad clinics in Paris , so they did not go from one hear to the other . Only Dr Seager in Toronto did a 2500 grafts session which requires and left a long small scar . But yes my donor is not virgin anymore First , I can only thanks Dr Wong and Joe for their accurate advices , I think they both deserve some very high respect from us , as "Hair grafting receivers" . May be you are right , a mix of FUE / FUT could be a good mix , the main problem being my hairline . Back in 2009 one of the approach was to perform two surgeries : one to completely remove the existing hairline and another to add density on the top working towards the crown . At this point I think the best think to do will be have a face to face consultation with Hattingen and see how it goes . The problem I currently have with H&W is a I can not have a physical consultation which will be the best thing to do at this point in order to make all the decisions ... The number of graft I would need ? I will not say , my priority will be to do around 2500 grafts AND IDEALLY keep some of the donor for another FUE if possible . For me the long term strategy is the more important . I am 44 , and I will honestly do not car not having any hairs on the crown in 15 years from now if I have to choose ... thanks !
  6. I tried to take some pic this afternoon ....
  7. well I dont think FUE will be the way to go anyway ? For me FUE makes a lot of sense if you are a "HT virgin" , meaning you dont want any scar at all ... what are you thinking of when you say "I am not even sure with the description of your case FUT is best option for you," thanks
  8. I have passed 2 hours comparing the results of Haittingen versus H&W. Hattingen for me is Europa league and H&W is clearly champions's league . Hattingen certainly does a great work but to me H&W seems to be on top of anyone else , I might be wrong . My main issue is my case is complex , it is not like it was my first HT ..... Any comment/advices are welcome guys . rgds
  9. Ok I had a look , the results are good even if I am not super impressed by the quality of the donor scars , at least on the pictures I saw . Now , due to my history with HT , I am more looking for a repair rather than anything else . I have already done 4 HTs and at this point I would need : - hairline reshaping at the current one was place too low and is too agressive - one of the donor scar revision - fill up top scalp towrds the crown keeping in mind I am a diffuse thinner and this area is currently occupied with natural hairs .. really I dont know who to go for . I will try to plan a face to face consult with Haittingen and see what they are telling me thanks
  10. it is actually the first time I am hearng about Haittingen ..... The good thing is I live just 3 hours drive from then . It is a shame we can not see their results anymore on their website .... I am going to ask for a face to face consultation and see how it goes thakns
  11. Honestly speaking , If travel is not an issue , would you go for H&W or Hattingen ? I live near the swiss border ...... thanks C
  12. Strip at this point . One of the question I have is : is it possible after 5 HTs to do a small fue transplant ? thanks !
  13. so to come back on the main topic of this thread now . We all agree H&W are probably one of the best clinic in the world . I am personally based in Europe . I now this is a never ending question but to which clinic would you also talk to for a repair / surgery in Europe ? I of course dont mind traveling to Canada but if the same quality can be achieved closer to where I live then why not ? thanks
  14. who would you recommend Spex ? I need to have another opinion on my case ... thanks C