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  1. Dear All, I would like to share my experience at the BHR Clinic Brussels. Below my details & caracteristics: - Male- 29 yo- Norwood 3- Treatment Minoxidil (pills) & Saw Palmetto- Density of the donor area - 80/85 cm²- Estimation of the donor capacity 8000 I live in Belgium hence I only had physical consultations with Dr. Lupanzula, Dr. Feriduni & Dr. Bisanga. The 3 of them are in my opinion talented and gifted surgeons. I opted for Dr. B as I had a pretty good feeling with me, we were completely in line with the approach and strategy. A big plus, the clinic is lite
  2. Hi @Raphael84, I am a bit confused by the thread here. Could you please clarify the pricing of dr Bisanga? Is it €4/graft including VAT of 21% or do we need add it on top meaning almost €5/graft ? Thanks for your swift reply.
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