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  1. This is my 3 months update, not much to mention. The donor is recovering pretty well no visible scarring, on the right side I had some shockloss but is starting to disappear. On the recipient area you see the new hairline is starting to be a little visible with hairs that didn't fall out. Your thoughts ?
  2. hi Rifat, Can we have some additional information ? - number of grafts - pre-op pictures - post-op pictures of the donor Anyway, happy growing !
  3. Hello, This is my 2 months update! The donor area is recovering pretty well except for the shockloss on the right side, I don't think anyone would notice I had a HT. Still some redness on the recipient area, I kept some transplanted hair, according to Dr B. they will not fall of anymore 😬 Globally not a lot happening right now, just remain patient, I hope it will start developing at M+3 Your thoughts ?
  4. Thanks a lot for your input Dr. Hopefully I will be in the first group 😁
  5. I was wondering after how long we can assume that the implanted hair will stay and not shed anymore? Right now I am at almost 2 months and still have some hair that didn't shed.
  6. HI, Would be nice to have also pictures of your donor area before the surgery to make good comparisons.
  7. Here is my 1 month update. So far everything is running pretty well, the donor is in my opinion recovering pretty well, almost unrecognizable that I had a HT. I just have a minor shockloss on 2 areas on the right side. The recipient area is still a bit red and yes hair started to fall off. What are your thoughts ?
  8. Hello, I am almost 1 month post-surgery, the shedding has started and the recipient is still red. What kind of products can we typically use to reduce the redness ?
  9. @cbc3113 good to know I am not alone. The Dr. told me it is probably a minor shock loss that will grow back in a few months. He also suggested to apply only locally on the shock loss area some topical minoxidil to increase the growth.
  10. @JohnAC71 Thanks John, was my initial thought, I will try not to worry but I am also surprised by the fact it has not healed yet....
  11. Hi Everyone, I am officially at my 14th day post surgery, all the scabs are gone. The recipient area seems okay even if I have some redness. Finally I can go outside without having the idea people are looking at mhy head 😊 I just have a question the donor heals well no appearance of any loss in density but on the right side you still see little holes and no hair has grown around. Could this be some kind of shockloss ?
  12. Hello, I am now at 10 days post-surgery. All the scabs are gone with already some hair so I don't expect to be amongst the lucky ones with an early growth. There is some redness on the scalp but less obvious than on the picture. I love the hairline though and even the short hair, I am starting to like it. Now will come the most difficult phase with the shedding....
  13. @L0ke Woaw really impressive work, as always with Dr Feriduni Quick question when counting the number of FU's I came to a total of 3467, could the delta be for grafts above 4 ?
  14. @cbc3113Nice evolution, the donor area looks clean. I am just one step ahead of you, started the shampoo yesterday and a lot of scabs already fell off 😀
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