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  1. The surgeon mentioned that 1800-2000 was the responsible amount to do based on blood supply to the hair (I think) and some other things that went above my head but he sounded like he knew what he was talking about. He mentioned that he had concerns about my donor region based on the pictures I sent first but in person he could see that it was mainly the lighting and my light/freshly buzzed hair. He did look at (and show me) the donor area under a microscope. I believe he said most people have 80-90 density and I was at 70-80 but he concluded that I was still a candidate for surgery.
  2. Thank you for your input Gatsby. H+W said "Your final pattern of loss is aggressive and your donor reserves may be limited. It would not be in your best interest in their opinion to have a procedure right now." The suggested I get on Fin for a year and resubmit photos (previous gynecomastia makes this not something I want to risk). I had preferred FUE because I was afraid of the strip scar and believed that FUT was outdated but after seeing pictures and videos of the scars of the surgeon's previous transplants it really did not seem as bad as I built it up to be. I also since learned that FUE has a higher rate of transection which lead me that it isn't necessarily the superior choice. I have also seen pictures of badly mottled donor areas from FUE which almost concerned me as much as the scar and I figured that with a strip scar I could at least SMP or FUE into it down the road (or is this not a good way to think about it?)
  3. I am about to the pull the trigger and schedule my first hair transplant but thought I should seek peer advice as my final step. The first group of pictures was when my hair had become long and unruly due to COVID and not being able to get a haircut. The second group of pictures are after I finally gave in and buzzed it all off. I think buzzing it all off and seeing what I was actually working with was what finally made me decide to go forward with a transplant. When it was long, it was easy enough to hide with styling (even if I was only fooling myself). I have had 2 in person consultations and had 2 virtual consultations. I sent the buzz cut pictures for a virtual consultation with Hasson and Wong and they responded that I am "not a good candidate for surgical hair restoration" This threw me for a loop as I have seen cases far worse than mine and none of the other 4 consultations agreed with that assessment. The surgeon I am planning to go with has recommended 1800-2000 FUT strip surgery. I was initially 100% against the strip and only wanted FUE but he did a good job getting me to consider FUT instead. He is planning on a conservative hairline which was underwhelming at first but he did a good job of convincing me on that as well. I like him and feel good about going forward but thought I should ask you all to be my final consultation. PS- I am 36, started receding in my early 20s but have seemed to slowed down/stabilized for the most part. I am not on fin. A year ago I had to have corrective gynecomastia surgery which I can not say for sure was caused by fin but it is enough to make me not want to risk it by using it again.