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  1. Did the poster have a hairtransplant ? If he did and the result is helpfull to other forum members I think that is very helpfull. The proof of the pudding is in the eating of it Mick. If its a great result , its a great result. Would you agree?
  2. Jasus looks great....alll the best. Paddy
  3. paddyirishman

    FUT is more popular than FUE

    Dr. Feller I do not believe you have been personally and professionally attacked by Mickey. Mickey is entitled to respond to you and ask questions just like other forum members.Other forum members had similar viewpoints.But you seemed to single out Mickey and say he is an online stalker and a bully, if this was the case then someone that acts in this way would surely be banned from the forum? So it is obvious that Mickey is not guilty of being an online stalker or bully, if he is guilty of anything it is that he shares a different point of view than your own,( which is not a sin as we all have different points of view) and adding to this he sometimes asks for evidence on the subject, just like all the evidence that you spoke about not being there?, same thing. Yes I am very interested to hear HT Doctors posting and giving their valuable expertise in FUT and FUE on the forum, and also I am very interested to hear from forum members speaking about FUT and FUE and that's how we all learn from each other when questions are asked and subjects are debated and then facts are asked for.Just like now. Thats what makes a forum. You are the expert,you are the Dr. ,you started the thread, because you are the Dr. you have to be identified. You have no other option. If you say their is a lot of hype surrounding FUE of course you are going to get a big response? So its unusual when a Doctor responds asking for names and addresses to those asking questions on the subject, and those looking for facts,or to become accountable.These forum members don't have to be accountable as they are giving their opinions and asking questions and looking for facts,why? because you are the Doctor and the expert. They demand answers from each other , and ask each other for facts, so why not the expert? Its you the Doctor who should respond in a professional manner to the subject at hand for yourself first, then the forum members who ask those questions and ask about facts.Thats all Mickey was doing.I would consider Mickey quite civil in his posts.If things got a bit hairy ( you got to laugh ) between posts its not because you were professionally attacked, its because of strong opinions clashing.If anyone was attacked it was Mickey, with what you said. If the likes of Mickey and others like him were not on the forum ,the forum would not be worth having, and vice versa, if you or other Doctors were not here with contributions either it would be less interesting. You mentioned that Doctors don't want to come on the forum because they do not want to be personally attacked, There are doctors who do show patients results, and in turn receive excellent compliments on their work.This is a massive benefit to patients, members, and the Doctors themselves as it gives everyone great hope for the present and future in the HT world. Doctor you mentioned in the end of your post that you wanted to be sincere, and that you wanted to put your best foot forward. Do you think you could allow yourself an error of judgement , like we all do from time to time, and put your hand up and say you over reacted with your comments regarding a forum member being an online stalker and bully.? All the best Doctor Feller.....................................Paddy.
  4. You should however see significant improvement over the next 3-4 months , more growth and maturation. Remember too that fue grafts usually take longer to grow/mature, many say up to 18 months before its all mature. You are well on your way, All the best ...................Paddy
  5. I agree with you gillenator when you say Tony is looking for support, like most members of the forum.If I caused any offence to anybody or Tony I apologize. I do believe it would be in Tonys best interests to meet a specialist face to face. Im sure ones medical history would be the first thing to be discussed, along with what medication if any is one currently taken. What about blood pressure being taken etc. I don't believe this is the correct forum for such a personnel evaluation to establish the answer to Tonys question. If some Specialist reply's to Tonys question should he take that advice as absolute? Because he heard it on a forum? You would be a very foolish man. At best you might get an idea to the answer you are looking for, but that leaves you back to square 1 where you started, its best to go a see a specialist face to face and get yourself fully evaluated ...................just like what the previous posts said, All the best.......................Paddy.
  6. paddyirishman

    FUT is more popular than FUE

    I believe it is very wrong for Dr. Feller to call Mickey an online stalker and bully. Mickey is far from this , and any regular reader of this forum is well aware of this . Mickey has made a massive positive contribution to the hair restoration discussion forum in many ways, and long may that continue. It is a very silly and unprofessional response to make publicly and furthermore asking for names and address of any member on the forum is a sad thing to see from any professional Dr. ..................Paddy.
  7. paddyirishman

    Another FUT vs FUE thread!

    Thanks to Dr.Vories on the very useful information regarding graft survival and timing with the use of implanter pens. All the best..................Paddy.
  8. Good clean job, very good design of hairline which really suits. Great Doctor.
  9. paddyirishman

    Cast your vote FUE OR STRIP and were

  10. As you are aware most HT doctors will encourage the use of medication especially in younger patients . If you were an auld lad like myself ( 93 years young next Friday) doctors would not try to hard to talk you into it as most of your hair loss has occurred . It really depends on the level of your hair loss at present and the estimated norwood number you could achieve for a doctor to be pushing for meds for one patient and not pushing for meds with the next guy that comes through the door. The only doctor that has proven time and time again without any medication what so ever and amazingly WONT do a HT on you if he knows you are on medication, is Dr. Goldenfinger . his work is amazing considering he wont take on a patient that is on any medication for hair loss and that patient has to give a written consent when undertaking a HT with him promising not to take any medication for hair growth whatsoever as he believes and proved the meds will have a negative impact on the final result. He keeps an extremely low profile and is fully booked out for a long long time. All the best...........Paddy.