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    Thinning Hair Loss All over the Scalp
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    In the last 5 years
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    Norwood VI
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    Maintain and Regrow Hair

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    Dr.Pradeep Sethi and Dr.Arika Bansal of Eugenix India.
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    Nizoral Shampoo

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  1. @nordicwarrior thanks for your kind words. It's a shame all your plans and everybody else that wanted to have a HT at this time are really disappointed. But in the bigger scheme of things there is a lot of people losing loved ones which is painful. It just puts all those things we think are important into perspective. We can wait 3 or 4 months for our HT. Stay safe and Healthy. Paddy
  2. Congratulations Abhinay, amazing transformation . One would be delighted with this maturity after 12 months plus, never mind 4 months. Paddy
  3. https://amp.independent.ie/videos/irish-news/this-virus-is-a-killer-28-year-old-kerry-man-hospitalized-with-coronavirus-39067745.html?__twitter_impression=true Stay safe everyone, and make sure to keep others safe . Paddy
  4. The above points that Melvin highlighted are the most important factors to consider. Everybody is entitled to their opinion, but their opinion should be relevent to what is being asked here. We can discuss the side shows all day long , but at the end of the day none of any of that matters in the bigger scheme of what potential patients really care about . ....Results ....and patient satisfaction. Paddy
  5. In my extensive research I discovered and believe that the DHT Direct Hair Transplantation carried out at Eugenix most certainly plays a huge role in achieving outstanding results. Paddy
  6. Congratulations @Adi5644 on your HT. I was a really big decision for you , well done. I have no doubt the result you will get will change your life. I had my own HT at Eugenix and with Dr.Arika. Everything you said about Eugenix I can relate to. I have a thread if you wish to check it out for some great tips and aftercare advice that will help. It's posted on the home page under; Results posted by Patients Then Experience of an Irishman who puts his trust in Dr.Pradeep Seth and Dr. Arika Bansal after 6 years researching. All the best. Paddy
  7. Best wishes Nelson. The work looks really clean. How many new grafts did you get implanted Nelson ? Paddy
  8. In times like this its important to stay as positive as possible. All the best everyone. Paddy. Apologies I'm not sure how the post got seperate.
  9. Best wishes to everyone around the world on our traditional national day of celebration here in Ireland , and in so many other countries that celebrate it But this year is different. There is no celebration. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of those people and familes around the world who have suffered and are continuing to suffer through the Covid-19 Virus. As in most countries around the world , here In Ireland everybody is trying to do the sensible thing and to stay safe, as Covid-19 has arrived in Ireland also. On a personel note, it's hard to believe just as I write this. I live in a very rural part of Ireland where there would not be any traffic. A string of cars just done the drive in their cars with their families tucked inside safe , and the car horns blowing away. Ah Brilliant. In times l
  10. Absoutely outstanding result, congratulations. Well done. Paddy
  11. Congratulations you are a changed man. It's hard to believe from where you started from. Paddy
  12. @Zoomster your doner looks great, especially with the short cut. It's hard to believe you had 5600 grafts removed from your scalp alone. Congratulations, your transplanted hair now is showing to start growth at this early stage. Now you have a lot to look forward to , well done Im very happy for you . Paddy