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    Thinning Hair Loss All over the Scalp
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    In the last 5 years
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    Maintain and Regrow Hair

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    Dr.Pradeep Sethi and Dr.Arika Bansal of Eugenix India.
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  1. Your decision on choosing a particular doctor for your HT should be based upon the skill of that doctor to give you the best possible result over any other doctor around the globe. Price and distance to travel to that particular doctor should be the last 2 things to consider on your checklist. Paddy
  2. I agree 100% . Less quality results also. Best wishes for a great result. Paddy
  3. You will always remember the price of a poor HT. You won't care or remember the price of a great HT.
  4. If you dont have thinning over your ears also you will be fine.
  5. Celebrities rarely choose the best doctors and clinics , it's the ones who give them a free HT they go with. If your Hairline has been receeding that will be an issue as you are really young and most likely will receed further . On the other hand if you had this high hairline in your early teens you can consider surgery in conjunction with good advice from an ethical Doctor. Best wishes Paddy
  6. Hello @originalwonder The most important thing is for single hairs to be placed first in the hairline , the double s behind that and triple s behind again. This is to ensure the hairline looks natural. It's the same for women and men. The hairline design and curve is different in women though. It's not necessarily more expensive for FUE. Doctors prices vary, and their skill, especially from country to country and from all over the globe. In any case price should not be your main concern. It's getting a natural undectable hairline is your number1 priority. If you dont have the money now
  7. As you do not have a major problem with a large degree of baldness over your scalp that is a positive starting point to address your issue. So in that regard its your hairline and no other areas as such. Lowering a hairline will not need a really high number of grafts, especially for a female. So it's not a major HT . When it's a small procedure FUE would be the way to go . You can go with the celibrity type HT where the back of the head is only partially shaved, and your remaining hair covers the shaved area after the HT to disguise the shaven area. This is presuming your hair is long
  8. Great doctors can make a HT natural and undectable. Average Doctors make your hair look like what you describe. Hair characteristics can play a big part also , lots of other variables to consider also. HTs are an illusion of density, so that has to be kept in mind. Hairstyles can change an appearance of naturalness and help the illusion of density greatly. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder . Paddy
  9. Hairline looks really good and natural. It's usual to see sparce areas you are still in the early stages, 12 months will be a good point in time to assess. Happy growing. Paddy
  10. It's important to try to hold onto your native hair for as long as possible when deciding on a HT. Your HT will be a success providing you go to a reputable Doctor, but you don't want to lose your non transplanted hair and undo the good work of your HT. Whatever way you decide to do that or not to do that is everybodys business and personal choice. Having said that, you dont need finasteride for the transplanted hair. That will grow regardless of what you take , it dosent matter. Paddy
  11. Organic Aloe Vera gel worked well for myself. Cooling , soothing and refreshing. Paddy
  12. The above doctors are a good guide . What norwood are you and how many grafts do you think is enough for what coverage you want ? Paddy
  13. I would evaluate what norwood number you would most likely end up with. Then you can Forcast how many grafts you have potentially left in the bank for the coverage you require. Why would you waste 1000 grafts now into a small part of the crown ? Then you lose more and before you know it you need another 1000 grafts. @Melvin-Moderator and @Zoomster plan would be the way to go imo also. You don't have a large area to cover for the moment anyway. If you have tried that already or you don't want to go down the meds and microneedling road you have another option. If you are inte
  14. The current situation is concerning for patients but more importantly for clinics themselves. When no international patients are travelling to the clinics , lots of business is being lost. Their own domestic market may be the only option for business and even at that it can be a challenge especially at this particular time. Here's hoping in the not to distant future the situation will improve for all concerned. Paddy.
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