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  1. Clean work...Congratulations Was it the frontal 1/3 only you got grafts ? ......Paddy....
  2. @Annijoy31 good update with pictures thank you. The redness has almost disappeared. Are you expecting shedding to come soon ? How many grafts per CM2 were implanted ? Thanks @Annijoy31 .......Paddy.....
  3. Congratulations to the patient and @dr Pradeep Sethi on a great result . The patient must be very happy. How many grafts per cm2 were implanted into the frontal region ? Thanks Abhinay. ........Paddy.....
  4. Hope all is well @Danny1671. Any shedding.? How is the scars on your doner, are they still visible? You were expected to get 4000 grafts and you ended up recieving 300 more than that.. Was there an extra charge ? .......all the best.... ......Paddy.....
  5. Thanks for the update @traveller99 . How does your doner and reciipent feel , and numbness ? How does your doner feel as regarding the amount of hair removed from the back or sides of your head. Does your hair feel lower in density in those areas now that all that hair has been removed ? .....Thanks and all the best ... ..........Paddy.... ..
  6. Looks great ....clean work....Did you get your HT done over 2 days ? ......Paddy....
  7. How much doner do you have ? How much grafts do you/will you need.? How much money can you afford to pay ? .....Paddy.. .
  8. The hairs that have been transplanted into a different part of the scalp shed after a month or so for most people. Then they start the growing phase all over again which will start with small thin hairs which will mature over 18 months. If sombody dosent shed hairs after a ht then the hair will grow ahead of schedule thats why after 5 months some HTs look really impressive especially if they have PRP done when they have the HT. Unfortunately in your case you will have to sit it out for longer than 5 months. Be patient. You will have a great result but it takes time. @LaserCap will explain it better than myself as he is very knowledgeable on the HT subject. .......all the best.... ......Paddy..... ..
  9. @Annijoy31 thanks for the video update. Your recipent area looks very clean and healthy in such a short time which is great. Also some growth to be seen as well. Are you expecting any shedding to come ????? Thanks again.. .........Paddy..... ..
  10. Congratulations to the patient and @Eugenix Hair Science and @DrPradeep on a marvellous result especially for only 5 months. Why was medication prescribed to the patient as in all due respect there is little or know hair on the frontal third as thats where the newly transplanted hair was going anyway. ? ....Thanks Abhinay.... .......Paddy......
  11. @Annijoy31 have scabs come and gone ? Any shedding ? Do you still have numbness or itching of your doner or recipent area. . .......all the best.... ........Paddy....
  12. Yes thats right....November is just around the corner now. Looking forward again to meeting Dr.Sethi and Dr. Bansal and all the team @Eugenix Hair Science. Its a long trip from Ireland to India but will be well worth the effort for a great result . ..........Paddy........ .
  13. Best wishes for good growth. Hairline looks great. Thanks for the update. Any numbness or itching in the doner or recipent area ? .......Paddy.....
  14. Congratulations to the patient and the clinic as its a marvellous result. Thats a great detailed account of graft numbers and distribution numbers also a miniaturazation study, well done. Is the patient on medication or vitamins ? .............Paddy..........