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    Thinning Hair Loss All over the Scalp
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    In the last 5 years
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    Norwood VI
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    Maintain and Regrow Hair

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    Dr.Pradeep Sethi and Dr.Arika Bansal of Eugenix India.
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    Nizoral Shampoo

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  1. I had my surgery at the Gurgaon clinic. The other 2 Doctors there were Dr.Shishir and Dr.Alok. Yes that's right Dr.Shishir was involved also in my surgery. Yes It is usual for another Doctor to be involved also. They would be following the same protocols Dr.Arika and Dr.Pradeep put in place for their clinic. They play huge roles in many if not all of HTs done at Eugenix . You can ask the clinic all about the doctors experience and they will tell you. You seem to have your mind up you would be choosing Dr.Pradeep or Arika so you will be in great hands either way. Paddy
  2. I used Aloe Vera after my HT and found it to be really refreshing and soothing. For the first 3 or 4 weeks I only used it on my donor area as I didnt want to take any risks on the recipent. Check with your doctor before you put anything on your recipent. The redness will fade away week by week no problem at all so no need to worry at all about that it will just take a little bit of time. This is the brand I used . All the best and happy growing Paddy
  3. @Zoomster @LonelyGraft @transplantedphil Thank you for your support and very kind words. @irishsailor yes I have found the beard grafts to blend in very well with my native hair. In previous posts on this thread I have spoken about them in more detail if you wish to see more info. Avocado oil is excellent to take that extra dryness out of the beard grafts. Over time in the months and years ahead they will have more of the scalp hair characteristics. @Jayant I don't take finasteride or any medication. The doctors did tell me it was important to take it to help retain what hair I have. I decided to use Aloe Vera juice and vitamins instead. You can see more details about that in previous posts. @Panamera13 Thank you very much for the great comparison pictures. It's only when you put up pictures side by side we can truly see the great result I have achieved. I don't know how to put the pictures in that format myself so if you could do some more pictures like that I would be very thankful. All the best Paddy
  4. 🤣@Zoomster you are looking great. Great write up and 5 month review. You have improved greatly from where you started from. I would say you are ahead of schedule . I wouldn't worry about that bump on your head coming home at all. When you had not blood showing you wouldn't have compromised anything. For your density being not where you might want it to be right now that wouldnt be a concern at all either . You are only at 5 months post HT now. You still have loads of time for further improvement, 6 or 7 months at least. When the restrictions are over and you get out and about you will need a big stick to beat all those women away , Happy continued growing and I look forward to your 6 month update. Paddy
  5. @Pangloss all of the above are all great questions. The most important aspect of considering to proceed with a HT is to carry out extensive research. You should eventually come up with a short list of clinics and doctors. Eventually you will be looking at a few doctors and their patients results in more detail. Then most importantantly you should seek out that particular doctor when you contact the clinic. It's fine to have a conversation with a clinic rep initially to get many questions answered. You can ask plenty of questions about the doctors that perform surgery. Doctors experience and skill set will vary greatly. It's up to you to do your research on past patients results and find out about the doctors experience . Many top clinics have more than 1 top doctor, even 3 or 4. Many doctors work together during surgery, and that's fine as well. It's all about research and finding out about different doctors and what they do , and asking plenty of questions. You spoke about Eugenix and the different doctors there. I know from first hand experience that all the doctors are highly skilled as I had my own very successful Hairtransplant at Eugenix. I'm really happy with my results to date . To help you research and answer your questions further I have shared the link here and you can see what doctor carried out each task of the surgery. All the best, Paddy. https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/55634-experience-of-an-irishman-after-6-years-researching-puts-his-trust-in-dr-pradeep-sethi-and-drarika-bansal-eugenix-india-for-hair-transplantation-of-a-combination-of-scalp-and-beard-hair/
  6. @Pyrat @Gatsby @BOW32 Thanks for your comments. Yes still plenty of time for more density. Im very pleased with how my growth has taken off. Im not on any medication whatsoever. Transplanted hair can show more density and maturity up to at least 12 months . I did have some small amount of hair on top although it was sparce before my HT . I was classified a norwood 6. So every strand of hair counts when one is at that stage to help create the illusion of density. I had about 700 beard grafts implanted into the mid scalp back and each single strand of beard hair is about twice as thick as normal scalp hair so that has definately helped the cause.Take care. Any comments or questions feel free. Paddy
  7. I can see an improvment since your last update. Even though its slight. You are a slow grower but it's where you will be after 12 months is your overall goal to keep in mind. Don't beat yourself up by thinking you are losing out on growth because you don't take medication. Transplanted hair does not need medication. I'm proof of that, I never had taken any medication whatsoever and very fortunately I have great growth. Your updates and pictures have been great. You are on a great healthy routine of diet and exercise as well which is a great help and will stand to you for the coming months and beyond for good growth. I have no doubt you will be in a great position in 6 or 7 months from now. You have a lot to look forward to. Happy growing . Paddy
  8. @Pyrat Yes my wife very carefully trimmed a very small amount of hair off the mid scalp area recently and also shaved up the sides and back as it was getting out of hand. I did not touch the frontal area where the slower growing hairs were implanted into the hairline. I'm looking forward to the coming months ahead for continued further density and improvement . Paddy
  9. Hello Jay, Thanks for your appreciation you are most welcome. I'm very happy to help as I was in your situation not so long ago and I fully understand the fears and anxiety one goes through. Here are some latest quick pictures I have taken here in the car a few days ago. I have not reached 6 months yet after the HT . I'm very happy.
  10. @Gatsby yes it was Dr . Pradeep and Dr Arika and I got 3582 grafts including beard grafts. Please see my story from the beginning and you will see what each Doctor done , and lots more. Paddy
  11. @Jayant your donor looks weak but if anyone can make the most of it it's Dr.Pradeep and Dr.Arika. you can make the most of your beard grafts also from your mid scalp back. I had retrograde alopecia classified norwood 6 and Dr.Arika and Dr.Pradeep implanted 3582 grafts including beard grafts. I am really happy with my result do far. I wish you the best Paddy https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/55634-experience-of-an-irishman-after-6-years-researching-puts-his-trust-in-dr-pradeep-sethi-and-drarika-bansal-eugenix-india-for-hair-transplantation-of-a-combination-of-scalp-and-beard-hair/
  12. Congratulations Anil. I meet you in the early stages of your HT when I was at Eugenix , it is clear to See you have come a long way since. Well done to all the team @Eugenix Paddy