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  1. Hey Jonny, Do you have a thread for your session with Dr Keser? I am in the same boat after my first op with Asmed. I am pretty happy with the result but could do with a touch up/slight lowering of around 600 grafts just to be 100% happy. Would be interested to see your results.
  2. 5 Month update..Time has flown by!!! Before haircut and after... My wife and hairdresser say my hair has completely changed! Which is always good to hear!
  3. Asmed state that Minoxidil should not be used for 6 months so I imagine the OP has not considered it. Not sure the 6 month rule is the same case with most doctors. I believe some even recommend it soon after a HT. Why Asmed say wait 6 months is unclear, however they obviously have some evidence or opinion to why you shouldn't. From the few studies I have read on Minox after a HT, it appear to speed things up in terms of hair regrowth quite drastically in the early stages. It can reduce or even stop the shed of hair after the transplant in some cases. It also may be of benefit to people who have had shock loss of the natural hair after the procedure. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/3558912 It may be worth discussing with Dr Erdogan, however i suspect the advice will be to wait.
  4. Its called U-FUE. I had it done. Check out my own thread for more details. Note i only had the hairline and temples done. Its only available for some cases. It has many advantages in terms of returning back in to public life a lot quicker. Its generally more expensive.
  5. This is pretty much what i was getting at. My wife had terrible circulation in her left foot since birth, to the point where she had brittle nails and discolouration of skin. Massages 1/2 twice a week and physical exercise has massively improved it over the years. If she had just left it to naturally run it's course, she would be in a lot more trouble these days. I am not saying it's some kind of miracle grow, far from it. However, it is proven to improve circulation so I don't see why it would be a bad thing to be honest.
  6. Another thing you could look at is improving the bloodflow to your scalp. I remember Dr Erdogan commenting on the importance of good blood flow during our consultation, and during surgery he commented in my ear "you have strong bloodflow, you should get a great result". Touch wood this is the case but it certainly makes sense. Sure you can implant lots of grafts, but grafts rely on circulation/blood flow to grow. I noticed on Lukeyb's thread (Great result) that he was using fragmented coconut oil to massage his head in the evening. This is the type of exercise that will improve blood flow temporary. I am currently doing the same thing. Maybe give it a try?
  7. Update: Just over 4 months. I have included some photos from just before 4 months and some i took yesterday. Also a couple are before and after a haircut. Temple points and the left and right corners of hairline have grown in really well. I never shed any hair from the temples at all, and the very left and right hairline areas shed was only around 60%. I noticed the hair starting to re-grow just after 3 months. Only concerns have been that I developed some sort of dermatitis on the recipient area. I think this has been from a very dry scalp, I have been using some olive oil and tee-tree oil that has helped. The problem with it is that when these "flakes" fall or brush out they have hair attached to them (picture included). I would have been further along in terms of growth if i did not have this issue, as the hair needs to regrow again. I went to see my doctor and she gave me some strong topical treatment (forgotten name) and one of the side affects is increased hair growth. I have been a bit scared to use it as it seems to be one of the strongest out there. Picture of the "flakes" Hopefully I will get some more density in the next few months, but happy how things are progressing.
  8. Just seems to show you that some people have a great reaction to a HT, just like a duck takes to water. They seem to be these "super growers" where they have a dense full head of hair by 6 months.
  9. @CosmoKramerI was at Asmed 4 months ago and have a similar hairstyle and forehead too. I got 150 grafts each side so it really just depends on how much you have lost. Great result mate. You have another 5 months to go as well!
  10. On a side note. When styling your hair I would recommend using a clay or paste. The product you are using (water based gel?) is exacerbating the problem of thin hair. Almost like when you just jump out the shower. You want a dry/slightly moist product that isn't water based such as gels. i use men-u clay which is a dry clay product, it gives your hair volume and density and does not have that shiny, wet look. I honestly haven't touched Gel's for years as my hair looks much fuller with Clay's/pastes I use Men-U clay.
  11. Just on the point of the temple area not shedding.... Do you remember in the op if the temple areas grafts were implanted first? Mine haven't shed at all, I suspect that these grafts had the least amount of time outside of the body, thus they continued to grow while the later implanted grafts fell.... Only a theory though..
  12. Hey Mate, Looking great. I think the best idea would be to go away for a month, not even think about it and then come back and see the improvements. It will look even better when you see the difference from a month ago. Try not to obsess day to day over it, as you can see what that does to some forum members..not a good road to go down. I was told that i can use product (i had u-fue) but only on the areas outwith the recipient zone. I have managed to style my hair pretty much as normal.
  13. This thread is beyond bizarre... I think everything that could be said has been said..... about 8-9 times. It's just the same thing being re-hashed every monthly update...poor yield, bad techs/good techs, clinics fault/not the clinics fault, choose another doctor... rinse repeat.
  14. She is fantastic. She performed my extractions as well and seems to have a high number of good results whenever I see a forum post with her as the extractor. Very safe pair of hands. Good luck with your next procedure!
  15. I actually asked this question regarding "new techs" when i was there. The response was that none of the techs are "new". They have all worked directly/indirectly with Dr Erdogan previously and have at least 6 years of experience. However, I believe this relates to the person doing your extractions. I only had one person, and believe she was the head of the surgery team and seemed very confident in what she was doing. While another woman helped her with the implantation stage. There is a lot of mis-information out there at the moment regarding Asmed. Sometimes it's better to just ask. That's what I did on the day with Suzana and Dr Erdogan himself. It cleared up a lot of the worries i had. Most of them i got from reading this forum. Sometimes its better not to read into things too much, sure do your research thoroughly but stay away from hearsay,rumours and alligations. It done nothing but worry me when I could have simply asked. Anyway good luck DEB, you should have a cracking result Peace!