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  1. On a side note. When styling your hair I would recommend using a clay or paste. The product you are using (water based gel?) is exacerbating the problem of thin hair. Almost like when you just jump out the shower. You want a dry/slightly moist product that isn't water based such as gels. i use men-u clay which is a dry clay product, it gives your hair volume and density and does not have that shiny, wet look. I honestly haven't touched Gel's for years as my hair looks much fuller with Clay's/pastes I use Men-U clay.
  2. Just on the point of the temple area not shedding.... Do you remember in the op if the temple areas grafts were implanted first? Mine haven't shed at all, I suspect that these grafts had the least amount of time outside of the body, thus they continued to grow while the later implanted grafts fell.... Only a theory though..
  3. markymarc123

    ASMED FUE 4059 Grafts 18/08/18

    Hey Mate, Looking great. I think the best idea would be to go away for a month, not even think about it and then come back and see the improvements. It will look even better when you see the difference from a month ago. Try not to obsess day to day over it, as you can see what that does to some forum members..not a good road to go down. I was told that i can use product (i had u-fue) but only on the areas outwith the recipient zone. I have managed to style my hair pretty much as normal.
  4. This thread is beyond bizarre... I think everything that could be said has been said..... about 8-9 times. It's just the same thing being re-hashed every monthly update...poor yield, bad techs/good techs, clinics fault/not the clinics fault, choose another doctor... rinse repeat.
  5. She is fantastic. She performed my extractions as well and seems to have a high number of good results whenever I see a forum post with her as the extractor. Very safe pair of hands. Good luck with your next procedure!
  6. I actually asked this question regarding "new techs" when i was there. The response was that none of the techs are "new". They have all worked directly/indirectly with Dr Erdogan previously and have at least 6 years of experience. However, I believe this relates to the person doing your extractions. I only had one person, and believe she was the head of the surgery team and seemed very confident in what she was doing. While another woman helped her with the implantation stage. There is a lot of mis-information out there at the moment regarding Asmed. Sometimes it's better to just ask. That's what I did on the day with Suzana and Dr Erdogan himself. It cleared up a lot of the worries i had. Most of them i got from reading this forum. Sometimes its better not to read into things too much, sure do your research thoroughly but stay away from hearsay,rumours and alligations. It done nothing but worry me when I could have simply asked. Anyway good luck DEB, you should have a cracking result Peace!
  7. Looks a bit like mine! How many grafts did you get in the temple area? Looks like it will frame your face nicely. It will feel weird trying to style your existing hair! But it beats being completely shaven.
  8. I waited 13 days. I was going to go on day 12 but they were fully booked. My scabs had all gone by day 11.
  9. 31 mate, 6 years on fin. Will try get the Asmed photos up when i can.
  10. Day 14 Things have been going well up until now, all the scabs have gone now, donor area is healed. A few spots in the donor but they should hopefully settle down soon. Just had my hair for the first time. After the initial shock from the hairdresser, (she didnt actually notice my transplant, she noticed the terrible hairdo) she "reset' the back of my hair as it was a bit of a mess from the surgery (not asmed's fault). I go back in two weeks to get my usual fade after my hair has grown out a bit. Went back to work today and nobody mentioned anything (and i work in an office) Recipient area is good. Density looks good especially in the temples, so happy so far. Obviously the proof will be in the pudding.
  11. Day 5. The 20 hour flight back the day after surgery was quite brutal. When folk mention that you need to leave asap after the first wash, don't take this lightly! The swelling gets pretty intense after the first day. I looked like the guy from the Goonies and constantly had people staring at me in Dubai airport. Anyway, the first 4 days have been tough. My wife was shocked to see my swelling and scabbing. Not sure she was fully prepared. I have found it difficult sleeping and the donor area has been very itchy with the scabbing. Any suggestions would be appreciated! i have noticed a few hairs falling, but i never seen any root with it. Looking forward to the 10-11 day mark when I can safely remove all the scabs. I have another 7 days off work, which should take me up to day 12/13. I plan to get a small and careful haircut to blend in the top with the sides (avoiding the recipient area). Hopefully after that I should look and feel the same again, which is a big selling point with U-FUE. It cost me $7500.00 for U-FUE. Suzana stated she was hopeful that I would be in the new clinic, so it must be very close. I went passed and there was people coming and going and the reception was manned. It is stunning inside, must have cost a fortune. Thanks!
  12. Hi All, Sitting in my hotel room after my first and final day of surgery at Asmed. What a fantastic experience! Starting losing my hair around 25, but really only very slowly and in the temple peaks/hairline areas. Started Fin and it has stabilized ever since. Since I already have quite a large forehead, I found the receding hairline only exasperated the issue and my self confidence. I pretty much wear a fringe all the time with the rest of hair spiked up. I find that having a fringe balanced my face and framed it. However, this was becoming harder with the receding hairline. So i booked up with Asmed after sitting on it for around 1 year. I am so happy I finally got it done! I flew all the way from Australia on 19/11/18 for surgery on the 22nd. Consultation The consultation day was quite long as there was 4 other people with my that day and I was last to be seen. My coordinator Suzana was unbelievable though, she was constantly asking me if i required anything to eat/drink and even answered all the questions i had for the doctor. She has great knowledge of hair transplants, more than the majority of people on this forum When i did meet Dr Koray, it was like meeting a rockstar, I had seen and heard so much about him I was a bit nervous even speaking. Now, i had informed Suzana about some of the posts on here regarding Asmed clinic and some of the allegations and not so good results recently. She had passed this onto Dr Koray and he was genuinely quite upset at some on the things being said and is aware of some issues. He is such a nice man, he genuinely cares deeply about his patients. He stated that he was very grateful that I had shown faith in his work and had choose to travel all the way from Australia to his clinic. The hairline he drew was pretty much perfect first time and exactly how I wanted it. I know there are density risks when you lower the hairline substantially and I wanted to play it safe, with a drop of around 1cm. He asked if I was sure I still wanted U-FUE and I stated yes because of the great results i have seen using this method. Plus I get to hide it during the ugly duckling stage. Day of Operation Picked up at 7:10am after breakfast. Had been given some xanex to take in the morning to chill me out which helped We had 5 patients that day with one heading back to get his hair washed. The clinic was really busy with us all there. I was the only 1 not getting my head shaved so i always seemed to have more assistants around me for things like cutting, washing hair, checking grafts etc. Not many people get it done so you do seem to get a fair bit more attention. When the anaesthetic injections started, they were a little sore. I asked for some pain relief and that was given by IV. It produced this very spaced out happy feeling! The extractions then started which took upto about 1pm. Then after a bite to eat, Dr Koray did the insisions. After that his team did the implanting which took until about 5pm, Just want to say thanks to all the staff at Asmed they are all really professional, friendly and hard working. FYI I did go past the new building. A number of people have stated concern that it will be used for even more patients a day. I seeked clarification on this and it's actually being used to bring all accommodation including food and post op care in house, Instead of using Raddison hotel. It has things like games rooms with PS4's/Xbox and chill out rooms so you can relax during your stay at the clinic. Total donor 8900 2506 grafts extracted NOTE: They do shave the front area where there is "weakness" to place extra grafts. The consultation photo below shows some of my hairline shaven back, it's usually not as bad as this.
  13. Mate, from where you have come what a difference! I am going to Asmed in 12 days. I like your hairline, did the doc suggest that or did you modify his initial drawing?
  14. I agree. It looks like his hairline was brought down around 2cm. He had very little hairloss further back so the new hair was able to blend in when grown out. Very good result this. I think this shows that having more hair can help with a natural result, rather than waiting for it to get worse before seeking treatment