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  1. Good yield for 5 months Portugal, it will be better by time 😊 I would suggest you to go back to Pekiner in about a year for another round. Let him harvest all of your beard under your chin (probably 1000-1500) and another 1000-1200 from your donor and place it to the same area. This way, you will have at least 6000 grafts on second and third area.
  2. Why do you want to delete? You got some kind of refund?
  3. Yep, Keser does stick and place only.
  4. Hi karatekid, If the reason for scratching out Turkey is solely based on Turkey having tons of cheap, low quality HT clinics (and that's a fact), you may be missing some A grade doctors. I will not talk about it since Portugal already mentioned those. If you have other reasons, I can't comment on those. If you are planing to have temporal point (side parts, under temples) work, I don't suggest any Turkish clinics. As a matter of fact, I myself was thinking of having it but I could not find any HT doctor doing a very good temporal point in the world; forget about Turkey. Because of the very fine nature with different color, temporal points will stand out from the rest easily unless you will keep them very long. If you researched and found out very good temporal point results of any doctor in the world, please let me know; I may have consider As for Keser, I am pretty sure he can give you a good density (unless you want a low, aggressive hairline) with 2400-2500 (possibly even less grafts) but it will take at least 4 days which may be a showstopper for you. Pekiner can do the same in 2 days I believe. As for donor management, I got 1700 grafts and my donor is still very strong. Other doctors would be looking to spend at least 2500 grafts for the same so I am pretty sure I saved lot of grafts in my donor for future. Most of the doctors you are considering in Europe and US/CA are top notch ones with very good records. I would suggest you to have your HT with Dr. Couto if you can find any availability in the next several years. Dr. Konior would be another excellent choice if you can fly to US and afford. For 3000 grafts, you are looking at 18K-24K Usd depending on what you will get (Fut/Fue) Another option: Since you are in your early 30s, you might wait a couple of more years and continue researching. There is a slight chance you could lose more from forelock.
  5. Can you please attach preop and 10 day photos? How much did you end up paying?
  6. It has been 3 years after the first and 1.5 year after the second HT...
  7. I choosed on the first ht, doctor and I together decided on the second one.