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  1. It has been 45 months since the first HT and 30 months since the second HT.
  2. Wonderful, super natural hairline; one of the best I have ever seen. You will be very happy when all grow.
  3. Why do you think your progress is slow? Have you ever seen some other hair transplant with transplanted hair grown at 2.5 months mark? Telogen phase is about 3 months so don't expect anything another 15 days or so. There is something to consider with your HT specifically. Transplanting into an area with existing hair is harder and riskier than transplanting into a slick bald spot. Because of the limited blood flow feeding the existing and transplanted grafts, not only some of existing grafts (you have many of miniaturized ones) can go into shock loss, but telogen phase may be prolonged a
  4. This is the third HT from Asmed I see in the first two pages of the forum where the patient had to go back for a touch up because of the low yield. I have seen more examples of low yield in the last couple of years. I believe Asmed needs to criticize its own work and find out where they fail and fix it.
  5. Hi TempleRunner, I am sorry to see the mediocre yield. You are not the first one getting subpar results with Asmed lately. Did they explain why your yield was low? Any guarantee on second procedure not resulting like first?
  6. OP means original poster, it would be you in this case. Angel, did you ask the doctor following questions before the second operation: - Why did the first HT go wrong? What was the cause of low yield (max 50%) - What will you do differently in the second operation so I don’t get similar yield?
  7. Can you please provide pictures of your hairline and vertex under daylight?
  8. You are lucky to have curly hair which has better coverage compared to straight one. Do you have any picture where you comb up and show your hairline where camera will be looking to your face straight instead of down on to your hair? Pretty much like the ones below but comb up to see the hairline/roots?
  9. Looks good. How old are you? Can you please provide your preop pictures? The recipient area looks not too large in the first 2 pictures but postop pictures show the other way around.
  10. Yep, that's why I updated my post right away A few gaps is not a concern at this point. You had a huge area to cover and this density on that area in about 6 months is the best you can get in HT world
  11. Excellent result! It will get a bit better from here since it has been less than 7 months.
  12. Good yield for 5 months Portugal, it will be better by time 😊 I would suggest you to go back to Pekiner in about a year for another round. Let him harvest all of your beard under your chin (probably 1000-1500) and another 1000-1200 from your donor and place it to the same area. This way, you will have at least 6000 grafts on second and third area.
  13. Why do you want to delete? You got some kind of refund?
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