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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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  1. I choosed on the first ht, doctor and I together decided on the second one.
  2. Yep, only strengthened though. They blend in just fine with the existing hair when I keep it this long. Check my preop pictures on the fifth message on this page. You can see how much they differ from original temple hair when it’s short. This will be more prominent if I get my temples done meaning pushing out temple hairline about half an inch further. That area has no hair right now and transplanted hair will look way too thicker and darker than the original temple hair. I am getting very positive reactions from the ones who know I had HT. Others can not even tell.
  3. I am very satisfied. Honestly, I was expecting my second HT to turn out this way by looking at the result of my first HT. I am done with my hair unless my vertex becomes thinner later on. I also thought about having my temporal points done but did not go for it since I don’t have fine hair, plus I am yet to see a natural looking temple HT on any forum.
  4. Sorry guys, I have been busy lately. Keser uses 0.8 and 0.9 punches depending on the caliber of the hair. He used 0.8 harvesting mine. He charges 3.5 euro per graft. You can reach his assistant at +90 505 467-0842 on whatsapp.
  5. Definitely lacking density. Can you please post 10-15 day pictures?