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  1. Very sad to see, buddy. A touch up will be inevitable in my opinion. Asmed will most certainly offer you a free touch up, but you might just be better off with someone like Konior. It might be expensive, but it's likely that then you won't have to worry ever again about your frontal third. Anyway, lets hope for the best for the coming 5 months and some improvements that leave you with a better situation. Personally i haven't seen any new growth for months, so i doubt that we will be blessed with new hairs popping through this late in the game.
  2. 6 months post op (Hair in pics is washed, dry, took a nap so its messy, natural sunlight) quick pro/con: PRO: - feeling pretty damn well, only minor concerns - no sides on fin - got compliments from people already - when styled properly (messy in the pictures) it looks fantastic and i don't worry about it on a night out - 6 more months of improvement incoming! CON: - some doubles in hairline (asmed disappoints a bit in that regard) - low density / see through appearance in direct light - fin doesn't really improve anything IMHO - little anxious because of the poor recent asmed results All in all i think at 12 months everything will be fine. Want i want from the following 6 to 12 months: texture change in hair - so it is easier to handle, density improvements in hairline - especially temple corner left side and right side in general i doubt new hair will grow from now on - will the hair eventually provide enough coverage to block view on the scalp? surely hope so. COMPARISON PRE SURGERY (look at that poor balding bastard hahaha)
  3. Are you able to style your hair in the other direction now without issues? I recall that you wrote something about that a while ago and i am experiencing the same issue with "stubborn" hair and a lower density look.
  4. Due to your thin hair it might be that you will only really be satisfied at 12-18 months. So hang in there. I agree right now it is not looking too good, but there is still plenty of growth time left. I'd say get the top cut one more time.
  5. In no way does your hairline look fake, it looks perfect for your head. Although it can't really be judged from that early on. It is true that a lot of bad to subpar results seem fine from the get go right after the surgery. Poor growth and multi grafts that weren't noticeable at that stage make all the difference later on. Well i also consider HT's results to be pretty clean, although i understand what he means when he says it is unnatural. I just don't agree to that extent. He is pretty angry and furious in this thread too, which diminishes his credibility.
  6. Ok guys i couldn't stay away. Quick update from 4 month 3 weeks before my more in-depth update in about a week. things in my head: - i really get positive vibes now - i feel like ending up with a sub par result is highly unlikely at this point - hairline design is pretty natural and irregular to me - what do you think? i noticed 2 or 3 multi grafts but none of them in the first row, i still regard them as wrongfully placed although i can easily live with them. no real issue. - the fact that i still wear a hat most of the time when i leave the house is mainly due to the fact that i can't use product until month 6 according to ASMED. i hate it. i can't wait for month 6 or even the coming 2-3 months, it will get so much better i think! - in harsh light i still see some redness and the lack of density pretty clearly but you can see that my hair structure is waaaay different, all that maturing in the coming months will work wonders! a big thank you all to the community, this forum is really a pleasure to have on this journey. only got the right side for now, will post more in a week. (pics are dry hair, first is unwashed for 2 days - natural light, second is post hair wash dry hair - very harsh light) EDIT: also i have to say it is such an epic feeling to have hair on this side where there never was hair before since my birth, hahaha. I always had that huge forehead, now it suits me way more. I still went with a rather conservative approach and would never go for a Brad Pitt-esque low hairline since i am VERY tall and i think that would only look ridiculous. This way it just fits the sophisticated nordic style i am rocking. haha. 😂😋
  7. I think it is a very drastic change! You look WAY better with the lowered hairline, seriously. A lot of time for growth left, hang in there. I am at 5 months soon and know how hard it is to wait for that extra density to come about.
  8. post haircut pics, in natural light it already looks like an improvement (bad camera helps too, will get a new phone soon, haha) i am getting a little obsessed with the hair transplant and the forums now though, i should take a break. next update will be 5 months.
  9. - 4 MONTHS - can't wait to use product in my hair again , and i desperately need a haircut pros: - starting to get somewhere - no sides on fin - optimistic at this point cons: - expected a little more at 4 months (even though it is silly) - still have to wear a hat everyday - redness still there to some degree attached photos of wet and dry hair
  10. You are in for a top result! Very excited about your progress. A lot of time left for growth and thickening.
  11. This question might have been asked a thousand times, but what is ASMEDs answer on this? Did you contact your patient coordinator with these new photos? Good luck and strength to you man, I can only hope i have better luck. 😅 All you can do is wait it out some more i guess...
  12. i am a few weeks ahead and you look waaaaay better than me hahaha! better hair situation from the get go though. this looks like it will be a killer result. can't wait to see it!