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  1. A few have asked me to post a picture with wet hair so here you are.
  2. Thanks upshall! It has changed massively. It’s great going through life not worrying about it anymore!
  3. I’ll update this thread each month with my result. Cheers again everyone for the messages! 🤙🏼
  4. Thanks everyone! 👌🏼 Apologies PlzRespond, I have replied now
  5. Yeah mate i’ll Have a look and follow your thread closely. 👌🏼
  6. Yeah I have some but i’ll Need to go through my photos and see when exactly they were took just to make sure I get the right months and I will post them for you.
  7. I would say probably about 3 and a half months Craig but i would say I seen the most significant change around the 4 and a half 5 month mark.
  8. I can’t actually remember cosmo i’ll Have to have a look at the paperework with all the stats on it that Asmed provide you but I’m pretty sure it’s round about what Craig said.
  9. Cheers lads much appreciated! No Munich I’ve never used rogaine before used fin for the first 4 months but was forgetting to take it all the time and eventually just came off it! I’ll be following your topic Munich. Thanks Cosmo I’m glad I invested some grafts into the temple triangles, think it shapes your face well.
  10. This forum helped me a lot in making my decision and gave me a lot of invaluable information so I am going to share my results and hopefully help someone who was in the same position as me. I’m not going to get into the whole process at ASMED as I’m sure everyone has heard it a hundred times but I will say that the whole experience was phenomenal from start to finish, they made everything so easy and all staff were incredibly friendly and helpful. This has been genuinely the best thing I have done and could not be happier with the results. Here are my before and after photos at 7 months. I have took many from different angles with the flash on and off and in natural light to give you a good idea how it looks in all different levels of light. Happy to answer any questions anyone has.