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  1. I was just trying give you an option that may have not thought of, but any way good luck.
  2. Hey man, try not to stress now. Might as well wait it out and see how the result turns out. I think you should look into smp. You can smp the donor area and keep it buzzed at a 1 or 2 and have an undercut look. I am actually planning on doing that too.
  3. It definitely looks better than before. Only concern is that there isn't enough density in the frontal 1/3rd but it does still look good. Hopefully there will be more growth and thickening since it is only 8 months.
  4. From where you were to where you are now, this is fantastic. Also, I've read that the crown will take 18 months to show full growth so maybe it'll thicken up a bit more.
  5. Wow, incredible and its only been 6 and a half months!!!
  6. Hello everyone, thanks for the feedback and discussion but my goal wasn't to have a negative conversation about Dr. Diep as a Hair Transplant physician. Clearly he is a good doctor who is consistently producing good results otherwise he wouldn't be recommended on this forum nor would I have gone to him. As I stated previously, I would recommend him even after the results. Unfortunately we are a part of the percentage of people who sometimes don't get the result they expected but that doesn't change the fact that I was/am secure with the decision of going to Dr. Diep. With that being said, I still stand by my previous opinions about both of the procedures. I will pm Melvin and talk to him about the situation and we will go from there.
  7. He ended up not working on the temples like he planned to on the initial outline. He focused everything on the top front 1/3rd of the scalp
  8. Thanks for your input. Here is to hoping my next procedure gets me good coverage, at least at the front.
  9. Here are my father's results. I will be posting the pictures we sent to Dr. Diep's office, my father's pre-op pics, and his post-op pics. He received more than 2600 grafts places in his frontal 1/3rd via FUT. I was hoping that my father got a result similar to SWdan's since they are similar in age (62y/o) and had almost the same amount grafts done by FUT One thing I will say I've noticed is that physicians who were surgeons before they became hair transplant docs definitely seem to suture the scalp skin more seamlessly after a FUT. My father still has an indentation along his suture line. I am just comparing this with all the work I've seen from Dr. Lindsey and his FUT suture lines. My father's scalp could be a 1 off for Diep and maybe Lindsey would create the same indentation, I don't know, but I am just stating what I've noticed. Not here to trash any physician but I just want to give honest feedback so other people have an idea of what they may be getting. (My father is a physician and I am a 4th year medical student, if that means anything to anyone.) This picture looks a lot better because its taken in very low light and he dyed the heck out of his hair and scalp here. Pictures of his scar about 2 weeks after the surgery. I think there was lot of shock loss around the scar which makes it look worse than it really was. The hair seemed to have grown back now but there are more noticeable indentations to the touch at the beginning and the end of the suture line above both left and right ears. I don't have pictures of the donor area right now but you can't notice anything unusual visually so its safe to say the all the hair grew back. Also from the last time I saw my father, it didn't seem like the scar was wide, so that's a positive, but I'll have to check again when I see him next.
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