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  1. Thanks for the detailed feedback. Everything you said is what I am pretty much thinking. I am also following a lot of Dr. Erdogan's patients and more than likely contact them for a 2nd large transplant. But I'll wait at least until the 12 month mark before I do anything.
  2. FrontalHT12

    what do you think

    Your result looks really good!
  3. Whats up everyone, here is my 8th month update. I really don't feel like much has happened since last month, other than the hairs getting longer. As usual, tell me what you guys think.
  4. Excited to see your result. Good luck!
  5. Your result looks great! Hopefully I can look just as good in my mid 50s!
  6. Result looks amazing so far! Cant wait to see your final result!
  7. Fingers crossed. Thanks for taking a look.
  8. Your result turned out well. Looks even better at 17 months. Congratulations. I also went to Dr. Diep and I am almost at 8 months but unfortunately, I look like you at 4 months. Still a nice improvement from where I started but I was hoping for more density. Check it out and tell me what you think.
  9. FrontalHT12

    1700 Grafts with Dr. Diep

    Happy growing bud! I will definitely be following your progress.
  10. Recipient area looks nice and thick. Hoping you have a great result. I will be following your progress. I am almost 8 months out from getting 2,381 grafts done by Dr. Diep in the frontal 1/3rd. It is looking like I may need to get another one done in that area but I will need more done everywhere else since I am diffuse thinner. So hopefully you choosing H&W was the perfect decision.
  11. Your results are incredible. I'm at a loss for words.
  12. Yea let's hope something happens, if not, then it's time to plan for another one.
  13. Yes, could you please move it. Don't worry, I won't. That's why I asked. Yeah, that's what I feel too. But hopefully I get lucky and get more growth and thickness in the next 4.5 months.
  14. Thanks. Do I have to create a whole new post or can i re tag it in one of those forums. Not sure how to do it since this is the first forum I have ever created on any website.
  15. Have I posted on the correct sub forum. Doesn't seem like many people have seen this topic. I have noticed a lot more opinions on other peoples post. Just wondering.