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  1. Month 1 I experienced significantly heavier shedding since my last update, and it only let up around yesterday; my hair's quite a bit thinner now in the recipient area.
  2. LordBaldwin

    Graft Survival Indicators?

    Alright, so based on a conversation I had with the clinic where I had my procedure, plus a bunch of internet research, it seems that a newly transplanted hair pushing out of the head about 4 mm and then shedding is not necessarily indicative of graft survival, as the follicle might not go into anagen again (and this is true for up to 10% of the grafts, even with perfect extraction and implantation). I've noticed that my transplanted hair, which has mostly shed, is all about 4-7 mm long, which seems to corroborate the idea that this isn't new growing hair, but rather the part of the hair that was beneath the scalp pushing upward as the follicles go into the catagen and telogen stages.
  3. This is already a really good result...so you're most likely on your way to a great one.
  4. Thank you! Yeah, I'm pretty happy with the hairline so far. Yours looks pretty great, too. Hmm, well, I was at the clinic in the morning on the 18th for my first wash, though I didn't come back for one of their dinners until the 19th. Not sure if we saw each other there. Yeah, I've seen your thread and your results look great! I'm sure you'll get a great result this time too. On my end, I'll be updating regularly.
  5. Thanks. Yeah, the shedding's been slow so far, but continuous, so I expect the hair to thin out a bit over the next couple of weeks. Hopefully you're right, though, that I'm a fast grower.
  6. I did read your post, and that statement is logically meaningless. From a certain perspective (like if we looked at every patient's head with a microscope), 100% could be considered "failures." Again, with every procedure and every surgeon, there is a distribution curve. Some people have poor results, some people have great results, and the majority of people lie somewhere in the middle (in this case, somewhere between "good" and "great"). Do you think any surgeon would come online and say "yeah, my practice sometimes has poor results, too?" Of course not. That would be bad for business. But then again, they'd be right about *usual* (i.e., common) causes of poor results. Usual causes...not the only causes. Yes, the patient has a responsibility to tell the doctor what he/she wants. If a woman went for a breast augmentation surgery, told the doctor to do whatever, and then got mad because he gave her DDs and they were too big, she shares some responsibility for not telling him what she wanted. I'm done responding on this thread. It's clear that you're not able to be objective or reasonable about this. I've given my 2 cents.
  7. Do you seriously think any surgeon has 100% great results? This is delusional and clearly not the case. No surgeon on earth has a 100% success rate, no matter how skilled they are. Also, a mediocre result isn't a "failure," nor is it a success. It's partial progress on a hair restoration journey. Is it the desirable outcome? Of course not, but you keep throwing around the word "failure" like you had Sanjar41's result. Some people don't assimilate their grafts properly. It's a medical fact. That being said, my point was only that you were drawing conclusions without any supporting evidence. You don't know that it was because of the technicians; it could have been one or several of any number of factors, including your own physiological response. To compare this, flippantly, to elves stealing your grafts is ridiculous. Regarding the hairline, it is your hair on your head. Therefore, you always have a say. It isn't about "overruling a decision;" it's about working with the doctor to produce a shape that you like, since you're ultimately the one who needs to be happy with it. Also, where are you getting 25% failure from? You just made that number up.
  8. I've tried to hold my tongue on this thread, as it seems to have devolved into a hysterical, hand-wringing, anti-Erdogan frenzy that I didn't want to indulge. However, the claims on here that no one has gotten good results out of ASMED recently are flat out dishonest. While I didn't originally want to name names, I felt I needed to do so in order to make a credible point to those who are lurking here (including newbies) who may be influenced by what's been said, about the clear distortions that have been made on this thread. For great results from ASMED in this forum from surgeries that were performed since the end of 2016 (i.e., no touchup was necessary, whether or not the individual decided to take another pass anyway), look at Alexmczane26575, DEB1982, JeanLDD, Jammerz, Vchorro, Sk78, Artofeden, HG1, Vainism, and Ediee. For good results since the end of 2016 (i.e., there was a major cosmedic improvement the first time around but a minor touchup was needed to achieve a perfect result), see Jonyny (who says he is happy now), Pancake, Shuriken, Nathd911, HairDew (who specifically says he is very happy with his hair), Bloodshoteyes, Handski, Ponchik, Scotty9107, Hamburger, and JustJax. Only five people -- you, Webhandler, Planetstephen, Boulderbalder, and Rwethereyet, showed results that could be considered "mediocre" (i.e., they need another procedure of comparable magnitude to the first to achieve the optimal result, by their own account). I did not include HT0416 because his surgery was over two years ago (in other words, outside the timeframe in contention). That means, in this forum alone, and at the time I did my analysis in the beginning of December, there were 10 great results since the end of 2016, 11 good results, and 5 that were "mediocre." So let's do the math here....21/26 = 81% good or great and 5/26 = 19% that were mediocre. None were poor (poor being defined as the hair looking the same or worse than it did before surgery). For a good example of what "poor" looks like, see Sanjar41 and Sufferer12, who went to a clinic in Colorado and had truly awful results, by their own account. When combining results from the French and Italian forums with those of this forum, the results were essentially the same -- 48% great, 33% good, 19% mediocre, and 0% poor (so, doing the math, 81% good to great) -- but with a much larger and more statistically significant sample size. In this forum, it also looks like grantleebuffalo and cali101 will soon be in one of the top two tiers (although I had initially rated them as inconclusive, as their procedures were 5 months ago or less when I did my analysis); we can also add Panos1982 to the ranks of "great" as well. I hadn't included Panos in my initial analysis since his post was put up afterwards. I understand you're upset, as the numbers above would be of no solace to someone who is in the unfortunate minority. However, you clearly are in a very vocal minority of dissatisfied patients. Furthermore, there is plenty of evidence that the clinic reached out to those that were dissatisfied to try to help those patients. Planetstephen is going back for a touch-up this month. HT0416 was offered a repair but declined. You have openly stated you won't go back there, and you're not even at 10 months post-op (when everyone repeatedly told you you need to wait 12-18 months), so what exactly do you expect from them? The clinic says they offer a 90% regrowth guarantee, which means you wouldn't pay a cent if you got a yield lower than that. As far as the technicians are concerned, you make a lot of assumptions about their level of experience and the idea that it was their involvement that led to your mediocre results. You have no idea what caused your results. Your fever on the first night may have been your body rejecting your grafts, for all you know, but you chose to assume that it was the technicians' fault. You have no evidence of this. You make several claims that you were misled about the surgeon's degree of participation in the surgery. Nowhere on the ASMED website, or anywhere else, does Dr. Erdogan claim to carry out the entire procedure himself. Once again, you made an assumption which could have been easily clarified with simple research or questions posed to your coordinator. I asked my coordinator these questions prior to my surgery and she explained every aspect of the process to me, in detail. You weren't mislead....you just didn't ask questions and made unsafe assumptions about what the experience would be like. Finally, with respect to HT0416's hairline shape....buddy, you really need to take some responsibility for this. Why didn't you ask Dr. Erdogan to change the hairline before surgery began if you didn't like it? I asked the doctor like 3 different times to modify my hairline before I gave them the go-ahead to proceed, and he was happy to make the adjustments for me each time. You are responsible for taking an active role in your own hairline design. Don't just leave it up to the doctor to make that determination and then whine about it later, when you had ample opportunity to make a change.
  9. Day 21: There's been some gradual, moderate shedding since day 16, but, thus far, there hasn't been a single intense shed.
  10. Do you recall if there was any hair transplanted in those gaps originally? Do you have pics from the immediate post-op period showing whether or not there were hairs placed there?
  11. At 16 days, and with a bunch of hair suddenly shedding, I can safely say I've begun my descent into the Ugly Duckling Phase. 😬
  12. LordBaldwin

    Graft Survival Indicators?

    Ok, so let's say, hypothetically, that a graft did not survive after it was transplanted. Are we saying, then, that it would go through the same catogen/telogen phases of pushing the hair upward that it would if it survived?
  13. I wouldn't worry, dude. According to the timeline the clinic provides (as well as other sources), growth doesn't even usually *start* until around month 3. As far as the negative reviews are concerned, it's a very small percentage of cases...two guys, in particular, have been very loud on here, but they don't even come close to representing the majority.
  14. Thanks. So far, I agree. I'm kind of dreading the "great shed," but if I get a final yield that looks anything like this, I think I'll be in pretty good shape.