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  1. Yeah, I still feel relatively confident there will be significant improvement in the coming months and plan to leave things alone until the 18 month mark. That said, needing to go in for a second pass for a little added density wouldn't be the end of the world, especially since I need to go back anyway, in the next couple of years, to do my crown (which wasn't touched during this surgery).
  2. Yeah, many credible sources (including the clinic) say it often takes up to 18 months to see the final result. The clinic also said that I'll likely be slower to mature because I'm not on finasteride. Not sure why that would have any effect on DHT-resistant donor hairs, but perhaps it's true. Also, if Bloxham's estimates for growth (and, by extension, my model) are right, growth actually accelerates on the average grower up until 10 months, so I should theoretically progress from being 64% complete to 90% done in the next two months.
  3. And just to prove my point, @CosmoKramer, see the pics I just took with my microscope. Still looks like there's plenty of immature hair. If all of the fine, thin hairs in the pictures are transplanted hairs, I have a lot of improvement ahead of me. On the other hand, if they're actually miniaturized native hairs, then I might be f*cked, but I don't see any reason at the moment to believe that's the case.
  4. Yep. It's not an illusion when you have more density than you did before the procedure in the balding area. I think what they're trying to say is that you have less hair on your head, total (taking into account harvesting of the donor area) and you still don't have the same native density you had before your hair loss started. The art of the successful transplant is balancing donor and recipient area densities enough so that neither appear thin.
  5. Thanks. Yeah, a lot of the hair "popped" early, but it's taking its sweet time maturing, so I guess one could say I'm probably a slow maturer (and I also have relatively fine hair -- 55 microns). In any case, I'm not too bothered by it. It looks good enough at this point that I don't feel insecure about it anymore. It's refreshing to actually have a normal hairline shape, even if it could be a little thicker.
  6. Month 8 I've seen some additional sprouting and maturation since my last update. Since density has improved, I decided to start posting wet pictures in addition to dry, as well as pictures of my hair brushed back (which I couldn't do before). I know there are a lot of pictures here (maybe too many), but I wanted to capture all reasonable scenarios. I should be about 64% done at this point. Date of Surgery Speed of Growth Day Display Month Display Predicted Current % Complete Predicted % Remaining 12/17/2018 Normal 243 8.0 64 36 Indirect Natural Light, Dry, Unbrushed Indirect Natural Light and Flash, Dry, Unbrushed Harsh Artificial Light (Mirror Selfie), Brushed Soft Artificial Light, Dry, Brushed Soft Artificial Light, Wet, Brushed Soft Artificial Light and Flash, Dry, Brushed Soft Artificial Light with Flash, Wet, Brushed Direct Sunlight
  7. Yep, that was exactly my point. He's only a small fraction of the way through his journey and appears to be on track or ahead of the curve.
  8. See, here's the thing, though. There's a major difference between coming onto someone's thread in an attempt to provide support (since, as we all know, hair restoration is a stressful journey) and joining in the conversation with inflammatory language to make them feel worse. Kraistoff was uncertain and needed support and guidance...not for anyone else to use his result as a prop to bash a clinic against which they have a personal vendetta (these people know who they are). Obviously, we should be honest, but there are constructive ways of telling the truth that show sensitivity to the struggles of the individual/OP. The old saying "if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all" seems to apply. Basic rule of thumb? Use the same social skills you'd use if you were talking to the person face-to-face. If someone's result looks good to you, tell them, as I'm sure they'd appreciate it. If they don't look good to you, stay quiet and only make this opinion known if the OP asks for it (and do it in a way that's helpful, like a suggestion about how to improve the situation); for the purposes of determining whether or not a clinic is outputting good results, let the pictures speak for themselves. If people on this thread had been more sensitive to Kraistoff's needs and not their own, he wouldn't be asking to leave.
  9. Kraistoff, I think you look really good. It's evident that the change from pre-op was extreme and there's been a major cosmedic improvement. Frankly, if you hadn't pointed out that one spot to everyone (and shown it under harsh conditions), I doubt anyone would've noticed. Also remember that people here examine results very closely and notice small imperfections that the average person would not (especially from a normal distance). Let me ask you....forgetting what anyone has said here, try to remember what you looked and felt like before....how do you feel about it? Also, you should remember that thickening can occur through the 18th month (ask jonyny about his own case). If there are thin hairs (i.e., thinner than surrounding hairs) in the thin area, there's a good chance they'll still mature and make that area look better, ultimately. I'm experiencing the same thing, currently. Maturation is dragging a bit, but it isn't finished yet and won't be for a while.
  10. Not really....yet. If I were you, though, I'd keep my eye on Histogen, RCH-01 (by Replicel), and RT1640 (by RiverTown Therapeutics), which are currently in, or are entering, clinical trials. You could also try Trinov (aka Brotzu Lotion), which has already hit the market; I think it's being sold in Italy, so you'd need to order it online.
  11. The same logic could be used even if they had a 99% success rate. "Why praise them for doing what they're supposed to be doing when the 1% had absolutely shit hairline work?" Only addressing unsatisfactory results and "piling on" paints a false narrative, giving the impression that most/all of their results are unsatisfactory even if you don't explicitly say it. This is a textbook case of confirmation bias.
  12. We'd need to conduct a poll in order to do this...no other way to derive that info. Let me be clear...it's not my goal here to blindly defend the clinic. I'm simply trying to give viewers (those who are looking for information in order to make a decision) an accurate understanding of their options in terms of costs, risks, and likely outcomes, using real numbers and not my feelings. I don't necessarily agree with the clinic's decision to operate on 6 patients a day, with limited surgeon supervision during extraction and implantation. That being said, the way in which surgeries are done there was not a secret. Each prospective patient could've asked their coordinator in advance about the details, as anyone who's about to shell out thousands on a surgery ought to do. It's dishonest to imply that people were deceived.
  13. And that's irrelevant. A sample being examined is almost always smaller than the total population.
  14. No, I'm saying that I only called out people I had ranked as 3s or 4s (good or great). I didn't want to call out names of people who were ranked lower without their permission to do so; I know I'd be annoyed if someone judged my results negatively here, for everyone to see, without asking me first for my opinion and permission. I included real names for credibility (so you could go and judge their results for yourself if you doubt my ratings). If I made up aliases for the 1s and 2s, it would defeat the purpose.