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  1. No problem, and thank you. Just out of curiosity, you don't think using the two DHT inhibitors together is a bit redundant? My impression was that dutasteride does the same thing as fin, but more effectively. You're really lucky not to have any sides and I'm glad to hear it. Yeah, I generally agree with you that the use of fin would've likely improved my result somewhat. Back when I did use it, it definitely helped "hold the line," and my hair only degraded very gradually back then as a result. Here's how I generally look at finasteride and other similar medications:
  2. I can answer this directly. I do not use finasteride, and have not used it since my procedure, because I had significant side effects when I used it years ago (between 2010 and 2014). I did use Minoxidil for a time...can't remember the specific time frame, offhand. I think it was for a few months starting around 6 months or so. That said, minoxidil has appeared to be pretty ineffective for me; I've never noticed a difference when using it.
  3. Thanks! So, to answer your first question, the changes resulting from the procedure have made me feel a lot less insecure about my looks. I was a relatively late bloomer as a kid and thus didn't have a lot of time in my "prime," so to speak... so when I realized I was balding at 21 years old, I was pretty devastated and thought about it almost every day for years. I resented having my good looks, only recently obtained, suddenly stripped away from me again so abruptly. Every time I'd see myself in the bathroom mirror, or in a photo from vacation or with friends, the appearance of my hair w
  4. 18.5 Months Post-Op: Final Update (Probably) Well, I've finally hit the 18-month mark (a little more, in fact) following my surgery and am ready to submit my final thoughts and photos. First, I'll list a few caveats to keep in mind when looking at these pictures: 1) I've been cutting my own hair for the last few months due to COVID quarantine, so the general appearance of my hair may or may not be all that flattering. 2) As stated in the beginning of the thread, my hair caliber is relatively fine (55 microns). 3) It's extremely hot and humid outside (about 95 de
  5. So I think I can speak for all of us here when I say we know how you feel. I started balding at 20 and it was f***ing terrible, so I totally get what you're going through. Hair loss is a slow, torturous, and emotionally exhausting experience that takes a massive toll on confidence as your appearance seems to erode before your eyes. I'm sorry to hear that you're going through this as well. Now, concerning what you mentioned above: - If you're not experiencing any negative side effects from finasteride, you may as well stay on it. If you stop, you'll definitely lose a lot of hair. F
  6. Thanks, Melvin. Appreciated. Truthfully, I can't even remember what it was like to have full density...it was so long ago. My goal going in was to dial back the clock at least 6 years (to the point before my forehead really began to expand) and reestablish proper framing of my face... this goal was achieved. I no longer feel that sense of panic when I look in the mirror, and that's really what I cared about most.
  7. 15 Months (+8 days) Here are my 15 month and 8 day photos. Apologies for the delay, but, to be honest, I wasn't sure if I was going to post again; I've been feeling pretty good about my results lately and didn't really want to jeopardize that by subjecting myself to possible negativity. That being said, I prefer to finish what I start and didn't want to leave people hanging. Also, I thought it was really important to show proof that slow and steady improvement, even past the 12 month mark, is plausible (this is how it has worked for me). I feel like I've seen some continued thickeni
  8. Thanks. Yeah, I think that's a good tip and plan to do these things; I'd actually been doing them prior to my procedure but hadn't been doing microneedling or nizoral since... But yeah, the baldness is fighting tooth and nail. This is like some WWII, Pacific Theater, fight to the last man sh*t on my scalp...
  9. Here are some pics fresh out of the shower, wet and dry (I'm at about 12 months and 3 weeks). I'm generally happy with things at this point in the transplanted area, and I'm still seeing improvement. I think my biggest concern right now, however, is continued thinning of my native hair in the midscalp and crown -- these two areas had not been transplanted yet. I was hoping to squeeze in a few more years without having to do any more procedures, but unfortunately I may have to take further action in the near future.
  10. 12 Months Here are my 12 month photos; I used some styling spray.
  11. Thanks. Yeah, I actually think my progress isn't quite done yet. I've seen a bit more improvement in the front since my last update, and the area behind the hairline has filled in relatively nicely. There are more days now when I feel like it looks good (especially right after I get out of the shower and it dries). Also, the clinic told me, based on some pictures I sent them, that I should expect more thickening. It should be noted that that Hasson and Wong patient had 3462 grafts -- about 13% more than I had (3051), and in a smaller area.
  12. You look great, dude. Just out of curiosity, do you think you've seen any improvement since the 12 month mark?
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