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  1. This is very good! IMO, the wax looks better than the gel, as gel makes it look wet (which, in turn, makes it look thinner).
  2. Month 5.5 There's been some improvement since my last update and I continue to see sprouts/maturation. The hair still looks a bit weak in direct natural light (like sunlight), but hopefully that'll improve in the coming months. Interestingly, improvement seems to come in brief, but intense, bursts. Things will be flat for like 1-2 weeks, with no significant changes, then suddenly the hair looks noticeably better, seemingly overnight (I'll literally wake up in the morning and look better than I did the night before).
  3. Thanks, Melvin. I'll look into setting up a page on the blog in the near future.
  4. Month 5 At this point, my hair looks good in soft/low lighting conditions. In direct light, it still looks a bit thin in front, but I know I have a lot of time left for improvement. Once again, I have attached pictures from a variety of angles and in different types of lighting. I've also included micro images that show that there's still quite a lot of hair that has yet to mature (i.e., lots of wispy, fine hair growing). I take this as a good sign, as I think I've mentioned before, given the fact that this indicates that the grafts survived and there's a lot of improvement likely to come just from maturation. Micro Images:
  5. Have you looked into Lupanzula at all? I think he does the entire operation himself...although, as others have mentioned, it might not matter. Hair restoration surgeons usually use techs because of the huge amount of labor required to manually remove and implant thousands of grafts.
  6. Month 4.5 Here are photos from my 4.5 month mark, from different angles and in different lighting conditions (as usual).
  7. I've made a couple of time lapses showing my progress over the past 4.5 months. Note that I do skip some days here and there.
  8. Kraistoff, try to keep in mind that progress looks a bit like an S curve -- to get a rough estimate of where you are, you have to multiply the percentage of hair popped with the percentage of hair matured. Maturation lags percentage popped by about 20%. Basically, I agree with what Melvin said. Yes, there are some people whose hair grows quickly and matures early compared to the average person, and those people see good density at 5 or 6 months, but I think it's a mistake for people on here to assume that everyone's results must follow the same trajectory (and that those fast growers are the model for what everyone should look like at the 5-7 month mark). The clinic says upfront that the most dramatic changes generally occur between months 6 and 12, so I think everyone needs to take a deep breath and chill.
  9. Yeah, I've been told by the clinic that the biggest changes usually occur around the 6 month mark (though the real "explosion" seems, from the posts I've seen on here, to start around month 5).
  10. 4 Months (Officially) Here are my photos from exactly 4 months.
  11. You know, for 7 months, this really doesn't look bad. The fact that you're still seeing "many newish hairs" is a very good sign. Personally, I think cutting hair short is a good way to go. I do this myself, as thin hair tends to look better when it's short (and I'd know because I'd been experiencing diffuse thinning since the beginning and had been struggling to find hairstyles that didn't look awful).
  12. Cool, so we know most of the grafts have grown. Now what I'd recommend is to take a similar image of a thicker part of the transplanted area (you can get a sense of scale by holding a ruler against it while you take the picture and then digitally drawing a circle or box of a specific dimension on the image); try to determine if the number of transplanted grafts per unit area is different between the thicker and thinner area, or if it's just a matter of the hair in the thinner area being finer (i.e., less mature). If it's the latter, you'll probably be ok.
  13. Hmm, alright. You might want to consider getting a digital microscope to get a better look. In any case, at 7 months, 70% of the hairs should have popped and 50% will have matured, so you might be only about 35% done and there's definitely hope for things to improve (it only seems to look a bit thin in certain areas in direct light). You don't look like an early grower, but you don't necessarily look like a slow grower either. If there are fine hairs in the thin areas, there's still good reason to be optimistic, as that would indicate that grafts survived but have yet to mature.
  14. Well, yes, that could be true. Both minoxidil and finasteride have that effect (causing initial shed but overall slowing or even slightly reducing loss), albeit by different mechanisms (finasteride by inhibiting DHT production in the body and minoxidil by unknown processes). The shed is usually the miniaturized hair. It probably wouldn't hurt you to use minox, though it, like finasteride, will only work as long as you're using it. Do you have small/fine hairs growing in the thin areas, or are the gaps bare?