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Your Hair Loss Story

Up until the age of 18, I had very thick, dark hair, and a nicely shaped concave hairline.  At age 20 (2008), I started noticing something weird about the appearance of my hair in photos, but couldn't put my finger on exactly what it was.  

When I turned 21 (2009), I came to the horrifying realization that I was beginning to recede (though the hairline was still thick).  It honestly never occurred to me that this could realistically happen to me, given that my father's side of the family all had their hair and I barely knew my mother's side.  I was completely freaked out about it. 

Around the time I turned 22 (2010), frontal thinning began, and I went to a dermatologist for help; he diagnosed me with MPB and prescribed Propecia.  The medication seemed to work somewhat, and while I noticed some continued gradual erosion of the frontal hairline, the top stayed thick and progression of the condition seemed relatively slow (in fact, I may have even thickened a bit at the top). 

At nearly 26 (2014), I stopped taking finasteride, as I noticed some negative side effects.  I didn't notice much catch-up hair loss for the first year off of the meds, as I had expected to. 

My hair didn't seem to change much until I was 28 (2016), when things got really bad, really quickly.  I noticed severe frontal thinning, moderate thinning at the forelock, and slight thinning at the vertex, and figured I had two choices: surrender, and shave my head, or go nuclear and get a HT.  I'm not the type to surrender, and thought I'd look awful when completely shaved (like a slim Dr. Evil), so I ultimately decided on the latter option.  I started saving up and researching hair loss clinics. 

By age 30, my situation had deteriorated enough that I couldn't take it anymore and chose to finally pull the trigger on the HT.