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  1. I'm in a not so bad situation because I still have a lot of hair and I need a single transplant, but I'd like to have a plan B in case I have to stop Finasteride/Transplant go wrong for any reason
  2. @Kruchie thank you for your feedback. I'm sorry you had a terrible experience. Did you try several hair systems?
  3. Are there recent updates of the forum oldest hair trasplant? I'd like to see how an hair trasplant age over time, I think that seeing how they get old can be useful to make the decision to get surgery
  4. Thank you very much for the articulated question. I had blood work done before I interrupted finasteride, T was in the high range of normality and prolactine was fine. A physician visited me and said I had nothing, even if for precaution he suggested me to make a pause. My chest is fine, as my areola, totally flat, I noticed only these nipples go erect more often, so that they would be visible under my tshirt. No itching, tenderness or other things. I had balls ache some months ago and so I began to be suspicius regarding side effects. I took some photos when it happened, I could attach them here.
  5. In the last times I see my nipples - only the nipples, no their halo - get erect often. I do not notice any nodule or other things. Is it normal or I have to worry? I have been taking finasteride since two years, I'm currently making a pause up to 3 weeks
  6. I think you should check an urologist. It's a common side effect, especially at the start, however it could be due to other causes
  7. How long have you been taking finasteride? It's common in the first month
  8. It was in a 2013 morning, I stayed awake all the night to study for a school classwork, then, while I was dressing to go to school I looked in the mirror and I noticed that my temples were receding. I was 17. However, hair loss didn't really bothered me much at the time until when I was 20 a girl I liked said that receding hairline and baldness were a deal breaker for her.
  9. @Mathew Washington and @grincher excuse me I have another question: what about sweat? Can it be a problem? Can you excercise at the gym, go running and do other activities that make sweating with an hair system? Thank you very much
  10. I always hope these claims are true, but the reality is that everyday there is an article promising an imminent cure for baldness and it never comes.
  11. It happens that transplanted hairs fall to some people, I have seen reports on other forum, but this is not the case. He had bad hair transplants and has used since the first day concealers. When he doesn't use them he seems balding.
  12. It's after the shampoo? What other hairstyles can show the weaknesses of a hair trasplant? I confess that I'd like to get a similar haircut, but in my case perhaps it would be possible to do it