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  1. People saying that this doctor can't be recommended due to techs doing most of the work What about Dr. Koray Erdogan 'one of the best FUE doctors in the world' who uses techs also? Just saying
  2. Hello mate, Great look! Considering this surgeon myself Can I asked how much you paid please? Kind Regards
  3. Thought I would upload 3.. So as you can see, very similar to the unsatisfactory results posted on here. N.B. all photos taken direct from Asmed website. Matthew
  4. Hi again everyone, After much thought and researching further into the work of Dr Erdogan at Asmed Clinic, I thought it was only right to create this new topic. So my original post yesterday (below) titled 'Alternative to Dr Koray Erdogan at Asmed Clinic in Turkey?' was written in response to all the negative reviews that I had came across on here - something I had never came across in the past year of researching his work. However, after further inspection all of yesterday and throughout the night, thought it was only fair that I share what I found. Several reviews on here are saying how 'pluggy' their HTs are from Asmed, and although I do agree, must say that these results are no different to the work that Dr Erdogan and his team have performed for many years, or at least that's how I see it. I urge people to look at results on google and his own website, where you will see for yourselves similar results. I was going to take a few screenshots, but thought I would just let people go away and see for themselves. I guess the conclusion of all of this, is that his results (both current and past) are not perfect, but this is rarely the case with any surgeon and that his results are pretty good nonetheless, with some outstanding. For this reason I would like to retract my original post below and proceed with Dr Erdogan as originally planned with the confidence that I will be satisfied with his work. So please do take a look at his past results and let me know what you think and hopefully you will agree that Dr Erdogan's work is no better or no worse than it has been over the years and therefore feel it is unfair to wrongly suggest this. Many thanks, Matthew
  5. Thanks for this, will certainly continue to do my research. Why can't Erdogan just be good again, so my mind can just be made up ha!
  6. Hello everyone, Hope you can help - so after a year of doing my research on FUE procedures in Turkey was almost certain that I was going to go with Dr Koray Erdogan at Asmed Clinic. However, due to recent reviews on this clinic am now no longer convinced. Not really sure what's happened here, as I once struggled to find any bad reviews on this clinic up until recently. My guess would be that due to the growing popularity in this clinic, that they have now dropped their standards, which is a real shame. Anyway I am now back at square one, and am looking for recommendations of who are the top surgeons are in Turkey with consistent results, just like the results of Dr Koray used to be. And I only hope that Dr Koray is reading all the negative reviews out there (including this), with the view of bringing back that gold standard that we all once knew. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Kind Regards, Matthew (UK)