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  1. 4 Month Post Op Not a huge amount to report. My hair is back to where it was prior to the second transplant in terms of density although I still think the donor looks a little patchy if I let it grow out a bit. I haven't seen much growth yet but I have been told by the clinic that it's harder to judge when you transplant around existing hairs and that second transplants can grow in a little slower. I can see a few new hairs and some that are very translucent as well so I'm sure something is happening. The crown looks like it's filling in nicely but not seeing much extra density at the front. I'm very early days though so not worried at this point. Will update at 5 months. I've attached photos under different lighting conditions.
  2. Has to be one of the best hairline transformations that I've seen coming out of Asmed. Brilliant work.
  3. Agree completely with the principle but anything the Daily Mail has to report in is mostly inaccurate
  4. Bear in mind all of those hairs will also thicken up to massively create the illusion of density as well. At only 5.5 months, I think that is a brilliant improvement on hair count. My crown took the full 12 months to reach it's full potential.
  5. 3 Months Post Op Always a nice stage to get too as my hair is back to pre-transplant thickness and also to a length where I can start to style it a little. I have also started to feel some itching / tingling in the recipient which is a sure sign that hairs are beginning to break through. I've also had random spots come and go just like last time. It's going to be much harder to judge this time round as no new clearly defined hairline to watch grow, it's all about the density. I can't see too many new sprouts but it is very early days. As you can see from the pictures I've had the donor shaved at the weekend to a 0.5 grade and you can see a little scarring at the back of my head. Nobody ever notices, it would only be people who knew what they were looking for. Hopefully when I report back in another month there will be lots of new hairs coming through. I contacted the clinic last month to inquire how many grafts I had left in the tank and they estimated about 2000. As much as I would like small temple points, I'm best served holding on these for any potential future loss.
  6. Looks brilliant. You will be happy about having the temple work completed. It's an area I wish I had looked at. Frames your face so well. Take good care of those grafts for the next few days.
  7. I think we all believe Payam has a right to be upset. We just would like a more thorough overview of his current situation so we can all assess the full final result. All we are being shown at the moment is the one temple area parted in a harsh light. Nobody is saying that they would be happy with that result or density but his transplant was for the entire front of his head and the other temple area. Before we can assess the outcome surely we need to be presented with the full result. I think that's fair enough.
  8. Look at his pre-op photos and then look at the thickness of hair that is swept across in the video. It looks really dense. I'm not saying that area he shows is satisfactory but I'm asking if this is the only area that he is unhappy with as it is the only area he presents on his video. So I don't see what you are getting at? If I was showing the results, I would show different angles of my whole head. No?
  9. If you look at your pre-op photos it looks like you have substantially more hair. The middle part of your head looks really thick in the video. If I was to part mine the way you have I would also be able to see my scalp. Perhaps not as much as yours and I'm not saying you should be happy if you aren't. It does seem that you are just focused on that specific area. Does that mean you consider the rest of the transplant a success and just this area a failure?? Be good to see a video of the entire head so we can see how it all looks.
  10. 4 months is the stage I really started to notice lots of new hair popping.
  11. Don’t stress yourself the crown is very often behind the hairline. My crown took the full 18 months to really mature. As others have said for 4.5 months you are well ahead of the curve which is very indicative of an excellent result!
  12. 😁😁😁 Cheers pal, appreciate it. Thanks Jax. It really was night and day between the first and second procedure in terms of impact and recovery. If you think a little touch up would be of benefit then I'd go for it.
  13. 2 Months Post Op Pretty happy with where I am now in terms of my appearance considering this was the worst stage for me following my first procedure. I don't think I have experienced much shock loss in the recipient areas but I do think the donor looks a little patchy. I remember this being the case for the first 3-6 months last time so hopefully this will improve again over time. Even if it was to remain as it is then I still think it's fine for everyday life. Nobody has ever said any different. The second procedure for anyone considering it has a significantly smaller impact on your life. I think the smaller size of the procedure helped with the recovery time as well. I've not worn a hat once and was back exercising after only 3 weeks. Playing football and heading the ball now as well. Had no pain, itching or loss of sensation since end of week 4. I can't see any growth yet but it's so much more difficult to tell this time as the hairs are surrounded by other hairs. There is no new hair line to watch grow in which makes it hard to guage. People at my work have told me it looks thicker at the front so perhaps some of the hairs have remained and continued to grow as last time. One more month to go and then the fun should begin anyway.
  14. Wow that’s a lot of growth for only 2 months! Amazing!
  15. Hey guys, will be two months this weekend so will post a full update on Sunday but wanted to let you guys know that the recovery period for a second transplant is so much easier and has little impact on your appearance. At only two months I can already style the hair and have had no need to wear a hat or hide away like I did first time round. A few of you messaged me asking about this and as you can see all of my pre op hair is growing as normal. Can't wait to see what it looks like when all the new hairs start to sprout.