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  1. Are you kidding me mate! Seriously this looks good to you. Am I blind or you looking someother thread. Dry hair will make hair look denser specially from top down view which you specifically asked for! And what about the pictures posted before. Don't you see thin gappy hairline there. Really curious what's your opinion about it. Should this be the expected result after 4500 grafts and year of finestride use. I genuinely think you guys need to take up these poor results with asmed rather than telling guys not expect fwhat they paid for and consumed their time and energy for. I am growing tired of this pattern of shit results from asmed and ppl being told silly stuff. He probably would be told 800 more grafts or to wait 4 more months like many others. ridiculous stuff going on here.
  2. What is normal lightning ? What if pics taken in "normal lightning"/one specific lightning look bit better? Does it mean ht is all of sudden success and we should ignore how it looks throughout the day. I don't think it should matter as pictures taken before the ht are under harsh studio lights.
  3. It does look denser. How does it look like when you style it? Is there a difference ?
  4. No hairline should look like this at 9 months. If there is already a talk of minor touch at 9 months so it means it's a botched result? "Minor touch up" with 800 to 1000 grafts would mean 4000 grafts used jus around the hairline. That's ridiculous ! I really hope things improve for you. Good luck.
  5. Finestride rarely causes rashes etc Yes it will mess up harmone levels if you take it irregularly or keep on changing doses often. You are taking it above recomended level. Reduce it to 1 mg and see if skin get better. topical retinoid would help aswell.
  6. That thining at midscalp is very obvious, it shouldn't be there at this stage. Hopefully it will fill up in coming months. Good luck!
  7. Thanks. Yeah definitely. Hairline do look better. But its not what It should be I think. Very few hair with low density.
  8. Thanks . I don't know why asmed recommends waiting 6 months til one can use minoxidil. Every clinic has its own recommendationsso better stick to it. I am actually thinking of using it. It might help I guess.
  9. Thanks mate. I really hope things improve coz I really don't want another procedure. Ye I do feel like density might improve and give that so called illusion people so often talk about.
  10. Here are the pictures in natural light. I don't understand how u call it a good result for 7 1/2 months. If having few more hair strands than before is a good result than maybe yes it is. I would be great if any of moderators would bother to comment and give their opinion on this.
  11. Yes, i did follow post op regimen thoroughly. From what I have read. This kind of results at asmed became frequent after they started taking in more patients a day and after they hired new techs. Tbh I can't say anything on ability of the techs. The new techs might be very experienced . But it does seem like there is more focus quantity than quality. Might be due to the no. of patients who want to get their HT done at asmed. But there are alot of factors that affects the final outcome e.g age, graft quality, the way techs handle grafts, how long they been out, no of grafts etc. In my case grafts just failed to grow. Don't know why they didn't survive. My graft quality age etc was in my favour. Graft handling might be the reason, but it's just a speculation. As for your question if you should go a head or not. I would suggest you to talk to asmed about your concerns and only after that decide what you want to do. Asmed did produce some good results recently. It's your call in the end of the day. Good luck!
  12. Wow that's alot of grafts and money. How many graft capacity did you have.
  13. Hey don't worry this is not the case with everyone. Asmed has produced good results recently aswell e.g redlord I think has a great result.