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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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  1. I am at 6.5 month mark and my density is similar to yours. My left side is weaker and infact I had same amounts grafts implanted.
  2. I think your hair growth is on right track. Looks denser than before .
  3. @FarsanUk What doctor meant was that these might br transplanted grafts shafts that have not shed or are stagnant (acting as foreign body) and could be blocking a new hair from growing. You can tell by tweezing them. They should come out easily . I think he genuinely gave you good advice. You should look into it, might be the reason crown is behind.
  4. Did you make any thread. If not can you please show us your pics.
  5. Thing is this might be the case for some individuals. I really doubt that it is same thing for every Asmed patient with poor growth/density in recent past . Really wishing that things get better. We just have to hang on to every little hope we get
  6. Hey @Payam Any update? Really curious especially after how things turning out with my procedure. Any ray of hope
  7. @Kraistoff Ye your scalp is alot more visible . Maybe it's because we dont have the same hair loss pattern. Latest results from asmed got me worried tbh.. really hoping I don't end up like that. Hopefully it will keep on improving. Not much one can do about it. Just have to wait and watch.
  8. Not what one expects at 6 months. Be positive . Hopefully it will get better.
  9. @Der3k7 I just saw your post . Not much growth yet but you have few months of rapid growth. Hopefully you will see drastic chang in next few months.
  10. 5 1/2 months update. So things are not much different from last time. Hair line is thin and has poor density. Can easily see the scalp. Looks like I have receding hairline. I have to comb over to make my hair look decent, which I use to do prior the transplant. After seeing couple of latest results with poor density it's getting me anxious . I am hitting the 6 month mark in 2 weeks and I feel density should be much better at this point of time especially with the no. of grafts I had with relatively high hair line. Feel like not many grafts grew on my left side. I take propecia daily and it must be adding to the density. If I stop taking it don't know what to expect. Btw I took pictures after I blow dried my hair. It's adding some volume to it . Normally it doesn't look like this. I am trying to be positive and hoping for the best. Hopefully hairfiber would help and I won't have to comb over after 6 month mark. Let me know what you guys think and any tips would be appreciated.
  11. 4 1/2 months update: Hope everyone is doing well! Well i have not seen any improvement in last one and a half month. I feel like my progress got jinxed xD. In fact i am very concerned about my hair. I feel like hair line is very weak and there are major density issues. Hair on right side are some what better but hair on life side are thin and i have not seen any growth there. I know its bit early but i dont see much happening either . I will update again in 2 weeks at 5 months mark. Let me know what you guys think! really stressed now.
  12. I dont get it. If you reduced the no. of grafts from your crown area why would that affect your hairline. No. Of grafts transplanted there were according to initial estimation.
  13. Thanks payam. I really hope so. Things are looking good so far but it's a long wait.
  14. Thank you, i think the diameter was around 65 microns.