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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    In the last 5 years
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    Maintain and Regrow Hair
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  1. I dont get it. If you reduced the no. of grafts from your crown area why would that affect your hairline. No. Of grafts transplanted there were according to initial estimation.
  2. Thanks payam. I really hope so. Things are looking good so far but it's a long wait.
  3. Thank you, i think the diameter was around 65 microns.
  4. haha thanks, Hope that you get a great result. Started following your progress. keep updating.
  5. Thanks, Yeah really looking forward to that. hopefully it will turn out to be great. Waiting for your update.
  6. 3 months update. So far satisfied with the progress. I don't see any new hair growth. But transplanted hair which never fell have started to grow thicker, and propecia has started to kick in as i see my thining hair getting thicker. Surprisingly I never had a ugly duckling phase. I guess I am one of the lucky ones. But I did had loads of hair shedding but obviously not as much as other on this forum. I still see one or two hair shedding here and there which are tiny compare to rest of hair. Most people see alot of positive changes in 3rd and 4th month. Really looking forward to that. Hopefully I'll see some new hair growing. Would be great if guys can let me know what you think. regards
  7. So you think below average is acceptable? With 3600 grafts his head should be covered with hair at this stage. Hair line is weak and density is poor. See the video. What do you consider a normal distribution? Find me one case who had this poor growth at 8 months and ended up having drastic improvement in following fee months. When you say slow grower. How much slower the growth has to be. Unless the grafts underwent hibernation I don't think it's the case of slow growth. But I really hope I am wrong for payams sake. There's a major room for improvement and only time will tell how it will end up. This is just my opinion and I could be wrong.
  8. I have been seeing your thread for some while now and to me it seems like your HT failed. It yielded below average results. But I really hope you get great result at the end of the day. This makes me anxious because I had my HT just few months after you and I really hope same tech. team didn't work on me. I'll advise you to stay positive and hope for the best. Asmed is a good clinic and I am sure they will help you out anyway possible .
  9. wow they actually did a really bad job. Actually feel really bad for you. All the time and investment gone to waste. Really think clinic should be more clear and honest with you. Its not a easy decision to go under the knife again. Good luck!
  10. The point here is not to show the hair style. One wants to show the growth and density of transplanted hair. Don't think hair style matters much .
  11. Thanks mate. This makes me very happy. Fingers crossed
  12. 2 months update: Some transplanted hair fell out but some of them just started to grow. One can see the thinning on sides. Haven't experiend any new hairs growing. Hopefully next month Ill get some new hair popping What do you guys think.?
  13. Very informative post. I had a similar experience. Good luck! Keep updating..
  14. It looks good so far, zero scabs. I feel like your line is very similar to mine. Looks great!