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  1. The latest asmed trend is really not good, but it doesn't mean that they can't produce good results. I think it depends on what tech team you get. After 6 months I noticed that I get very uneven growth and only the hairline has grown. Now I'm reaching the 9 Month mark and compared to the 6 Month I got probably 10% regrowth.
  2. yeah bro i hope we can laugh about our problems in the future, but the chances aren't high. I was a absolute fan of Dr. Koray and saved money 4 yours only to get my hair transplant by him. Asmed was my absolute No.1 choice. I wish i could say another things, but the current results aren't the money worth.
  3. Of course i try not to wear my hair like on the photos, but I have to leave my hair long to hide these huge gaps. Dr. Koray promises a density of 50 grafts per sqm. Why should I be satisfied with 10 grafts per sqm? The problem is even with styled hair you can look through my hairline and this shouldn't be after 3000 grafts. Moreover i try to show you real photos of my problems. Nothing with hair fibers, dark light or concealer to fake a result for nice comments.
  4. Hey guys officially I will reach my 9 month mark in 3 days, but think that I can give you now a short update. As you can see from the pictures before there is nearly no progress in my situation. Both temple areas are very sparse and I don't think that there will be much improvement in the next 3 months. I'm very angry and dissatisfied about the current result and estimate that only 50% of the grafts have grown. Of course there is a improvement to the pre op status, but for this kind of result I could choose every clinic from the turkish hair transplant mall. Slowly but sure I'm looking for other clinics to fix it. How are you thinking about? First picture is my left side..the second the right side..
  5. Is it possible to get a refund? Not the whole sum but maybe a part of it?
  6. In my opinion is H&W the best clinic in the world, but please wait to the 12 month mark.
  7. hey cali ..thanks for your update. The top of your head looks very good and much better then pre op. The side peaks looks also very nice and frames your face well. I think that the hairline should be denser, but you have some months left for thickening. If it doesn't help a small touch up could it make perfect.
  8. Hair is a lil bit messy from getting out of my bed, but on this picture you can see my problem with my hairline. You still can see through to the middle of my head. The left side isn't better. I will wait to the end of my 10 month mark and check my options if there won't be a improvement.
  9. I don't think that this was the main goal. if yes then are 4500 grafts for the frontal third definitely to much. Especially the hairline should be denser.
  10. Sorry it sounds very hard but in my opinion there isn't a huge difference to your pre op status. 4500 grafts should definitely looks like a full head of hair. I hope that your hair get thicker and leave you in a better position.
  11. Very good growth for only 5 months. Your hairline looks much better then mine after 8,5 months .. This will be a absolute nice result
  12. Its very sad to see this buddy..in my opinion a touch up will be unavoidable. Nobody can explain why a transplanted density of nearly 50 grafts per sqm will end in 20. Its sure not the end result, but I haven't seen a growth explosion after 9 months. I really hope you get some improvement. Stay strong