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  1. I really hope that I'm a slow grower, but it is hard to believe that after I saw some cases here and in other forums. To be honest ... I had a implanted density of 50 grafts and now I'm seeing at much spots (especially temple area) <15-20 grafts. To reach the basic goal I must have a growth explosion in the coming months. Of course I will give it the the full 12 months and I try to be positive even when it is really hard.
  2. If you would see much more growth by any other forum member then you would feel anxious too. I saved money more then 4 years only to have my surgery by him. Cases like from HairDew shows me that it is possible to reach a good result after poor growth at the 6-7 month stage.
  3. Incredible result 🙌. Do you use rogaine or any other products? Hope my result turn to a good one like yours.
  4. Took this picture of my left side and I'm very shocked how low the density is. Nearly no growth after 7 months in the temple area. Slowly I am losing hope and searching for an repair. My case remind me very strong at Payams.
  5. @CosmoKramer Hopefully you are right. I saw your progress and it makes me hope for my result. At this moment I would suggest that only 40% popping through the scalp. Unfortunately my left side shows nearly the same density like the right side, but I can comb the middle part to hide it. @Kingbilla Infact we should not expect a perfect density at this stage, but it makes me worry that many asmed patients shows this year the same pattern. I haven't seen it by other surgeons.
  6. Great Result. 🙌 Even your progress at the 4 month stage is amazing. I'm using Rogaine since 1 month too(Start at 6 months) and hoping it will increase my low density.
  7. In last time I saw more bad then good results from Asmed... not only here in this forum. Don't know what happened that this consistency ended so abrupt. Asmed offer a 90% warranty of growth rate, but the last cases showed horrible growth. Do you think that asmed can not reach the 90% in average and calculated the "free touch up" in the price ?
  8. Hey Guys, in few days I will pass the 7. month mark and I would like to show you my progress. Actual I'm very disappointed and I hoped that my 7 month status would look much better. I notice a very low density in both temple areas. It could be lower than 15-20 grafts per square centimeter (Implanted density was ca. 50 grafts per sqcm). Another thing which disturb me are that there are many multiple grafts in the hairline. I think it tends to be a failure, but I would like to hear your opinion to my case. PS: Sorry for my english 😀
  9. Dr Koray uses different tech teams for different hair types. So I think it would be difficult to ask for the name of the "good techs", but you should talk with him about your thoughts. The work of him and his techs is every time very clean and professional. Good luck with your procedure.. keep us informed.
  10. I know how you are feeling, but lets wait the full 12 months. Did you contact asmed with your current pictures?
  11. Don't think that it is a coincidence and I really don't think that so many asmed patients are slow grower. Maybe we had the same tech team?
  12. Have not made a thread but I try to make one when I find a little bit more time. Hair diameter should be 57. Yeah it is by asmed
  13. This is how my hairline looks after 6 months and 3 weeks. Have the same problem like you guys. Density should be about 50 grafts per squarecentimer. Actually I measured under 15 in the temple area.
  14. It doesn't matter that he shows the bad part in the video. If a half side of his head looks like this it is obviously a bad result. @Payam did you share your pics with asmed? It would be interesting to hear Dr. Korays opinion to this..
  15. Hey Payam, could you please send me some progress pictures,too? I had my hair transplant with 3000 grafts also by asmed and my 6 month status looks similar to yours. My complete right Side shows very poor growth and the density in the frontal third is in some areas smaller then 10 Grafts per square centimeter.