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  1. My hair transplantation was 2 years ago and my hair is still curly. My whole donor area has straight hair. Could it be because of the angle of the incisions?
  2. Incredible Result Did you have curly hair before? I am 20 months post surgery and my hair is still curly even though my donor area has straight hair.
  3. typical asmed tactics. They will always claim that everything is fine. In my case they also tried to present my bad result as a good one. Only when I showed them a photo of a square centimetre with 12 hairs was I offered a free repair. But back to the topic...I'm really sorry but if it was shock loss, it would have recovered by now.
  4. Dr.Koray and his clinic was in the past one of the best in Europe. Unfortunately, he decided to expand his clinic considerably and hired a lot of new staff. Many of them do not have enough experience and skills to work at the old familiar level. Now they operate 8 patients per day. If you are lucky you get the good techs. Dr. Koray just draws the hairline and makes the cuts. They promise a growth rate of more than 90% but they can't keep this promise anymore as you could see in many cases here in this forum.
  5. By the way .. I find your hairline suits you very well. Your donor looks after 5k grafts unbelievable 🙌
  6. One of the best results I've seen from Dr.Koray in a long time. Unfortunately such great results have become the exception rather than the rule.
  7. asmed is actually known for very good donor management. I've seen a lot of Asmed reports, but this is the first time I've seen it. I hope it's just a temporary shockloss.
  8. In my opinion this is a result which unfortunately also confirms the last asmed trend. If you are satisfied then everything is fine. For me the density behind the hairline is not sufficient. You seem to have thick curly hair. If you let the hair grow longer you will be able to hide the leakage well. But a 90% growth rate of the 3051 grafts I strongly doubt. You still have a few months where the hair gets thicker. This will definitely improve the look.
  9. I have to comment on this contribution because I do not support these statements. In my consultation with Dr.Koray he confirmed that my hair thickness of 57 micron is European average. It was not said that it is very thin. Although I have been taking Finasteride for several months he also said that the final result does not depend on it. Despite Finasteride I also suffered a shock lock in the first 3 months. Of course taking Finasteride should have a positive effect, but a good result should not only depend on it.
  10. You really want go back ? I mean your donor reserves aren't infinitely ...be careful about future loss. One more failure and it will be very difficult to rescue the whole situation.
  11. hey guys in my next procedure I would like to correct my failed hair transplant (hairline) and fill grafts in my tonsure. What do you think? How many grafts should be implant in my tonsure? Is there something important that should be considered?
  12. Hey guys in 3.5 weeks I will reach my final 12 month mark and share some pictures and a final feedback with you. Today I tried to measure the density in the recipient area. I know it isn't a professional method, but it's still sure that the implanted density doesn't even come close to the 50 Grafts per sqm. In the picture I show you one of my measuring points in the left temple area.
  13. Now I'm 10.5 month post op and it is sure a failure. I haven't got a hairline and my temples are empty like pre op. Can't style my hair and have to wear it down. If I would have the choice again then I wouldn't go to asmed. Any ideas what I can do? A touch up by asmed isn't a option for me.