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  1. It's because of me, at first the estimation was 4500 grafts. It was too high for my budget and I have requested a more conservative hairline. Thanks to Dr. Erdoğan he accepted. On the other hand final result cannot be explained by this since the survival rate is much less than transplanted. I assume it's below 1000. So we have to analyze and find the root cause behind this.
  2. I believe it's very cost effective in the long term since the ability to identify a problem regarding a bad result and fix it isolating the root cause is a distinguishing factor choosing the right clinic. Also if you can find the root cause and identify the problem then the intellectual property will be yours until forever and knowing what can go wrong throughly will eventually increase your yield.
  3. The clinic is very supportive and states that they will take required measures to make me happy. We are still trying medical treatment and an official decision is yet to be made. In terms of interest and kindness Asmed didn't dissapoint me. On the other hand, the solution part is yet to be seen. The problem is I wanna know the reason behind this and there is no explanation found thus far. If I am to live this process all over again, I need to know that a failure might not happen this time. And I wonder if there is nothing wrong with the procedure, how come thousands of clinics and forums can state that an hair transplant procedure has nothing to do with luck and a guaranteed result can be achieved ?
  4. I've been using Finasteride, Dutosteride and Minoxidil by the way. Trying everything that's out there but no significant change thus far. It's been devastating the psychology of this.
  5. Result after Month 11, at this point, with this result, can I expect a miracle to happen ? Can anyone explain why this happened ?
  6. Dear Melvin, I hear your request but this is the only post that I can find a collected information about what's going wrong with latest results. With all my respect to Dr. Koray Erdoğan, I am losing my hope on my result since it's been 8 months from the op. My hair looks like below and unfortunately noone is discussing possible failures on those personel single posts. At this particular moment, I'm in a desperate need for a reasonable explanation why I'm looking like this. No significant change since 5 months and now I'm wondering is it possible for the remaining grafts (approx %60-%70 of total) to popout suddenly and all together after they have slept under for 8 months. And what are the odds for that ?
  7. Hoping it too but as you've said, odds are not that great. It was not easy to decide for an operation and I have spent several years to set my mind into this. It's really sad and dissapointing to watch so little happening in my head for the last 3 months. Trying to keep my hopes up but it's getting harder and harder as time goes by... Thank you for your comments.
  8. Hi Munich, 3000 grafts in ASMED and this is me after 7.5 months. I'm in a much worse condition. I can even say that I am the worst result I have ever seen by ASMED after 7 months. Waiting for a miracle here...
  9. No, there is only the sudden feeling of small needles are being inserted into my head here and there and those specific points are getting itchy for a couple of minutes. I see those as a sign of new hair coming out and I hope that is true.
  10. Thank you for the replies. I have talked with the clinic and they say everything is normal and I am just a slow grower. I am keeping my faith in ASMED, they've been very kind throughout the whole process so at this point all I can do is to trust them, wait and see. I am also aware of the fact that chances are getting lower as the time goes by with so little improvement. I am on finasteride and I have used dermovate two times for a period of 15 days to get rid of the redness but it is not gone completely.
  11. Diameter is 68 Microns. Been using finasteride since a month before the surgery. I was hoping to be in a much better state as of now. However I'm keeping my hopes.
  12. 6 Months Post Op - Still not promising but clinic says it's normal and I am a slow grower...
  13. Actually it was between 4000 - 4500 in the first quote but final evaluation ended up with 3000 since i have stated that the hairline shall be compromised if there are ways to lower the number of grafts. Thanks to Dr Erdoğan, he accepted to re-evaluate and afterwards he was assured that 3000 will be enough to meet my expectations with minimum compromise.