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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    Considering Surgical Hair Restoration

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  1. Fair warning: If you recently had your surgery with Asmed then do yourself a favour and stop reading this thread as it will only cause you unnecessary grief and these are just my personal opinions based on my own research. (Not to you Farsan just other guys that are reading this) I personally didn't pick Erdogan because of the price as it wasn't an issue for me, but if you do very little research like I did previously you would think Erdogan was the FUE god when the reality is very different. I think it's a travesty what is being done in turkey at the moment, and forums like this are enabling it. There is a reason why Erdogan will quote you 40-50% more grafts than any other surgeon. And people with extreme personal biases on this forum are quick to severely criticize other clinics for the smallest missteps, yet when this clinic uses several teams of unnamed techs, has several questionable to downright awful results in the past two years, are opening a megaclinic next to radisson (how do you think they are training these new techs?) and the doctor is barely involved in the surgery as is.. these same people pretend like nothing is wrong.
  2. I'm sorry this was done to you mate, I am in the same position from this clinic. If those two last pictures were pre-op I think you should demand a refund, and start looking at other options in Europe or the US, get some second opinions.
  3. Looks really good for 3 months bro, i would be very happy with your progress at only 3 months, i mean you can already see the new hairline. I predict it will take off exponentially in the coming months
  4. No problem, this is the point we are discussing, since Asmed uses several teams of techs for the extractions it is not business as usual as you said, doctor error is removed completely from this picture since he is barely involved in the procedure except for making the incisions. I personally thought he would do the extractions because i had not done my research as i thought that it was him and Dilek that did the surgery. In the end i largely agree with Melvin, obviously i'm not botched when compared to the example he posted in the other thread of Sanjar, i can't believe what was done to him that poor guy.. But i don't think i am wrong to be unhappy at this point knowing i will need a touch up in the future to make it presentable, not perfect but presentable. I also completely disagree with Melvin saying i would never have been happy, i resent that, just because i am unhappy now doesn't mean my expectations are too high, i want a natural transplant that doesn't make me look like a bald guy, not brad pitt hair.
  5. This is only 4 months on a slick bald scalp and only 1500 I'd day you are looking fantastic man, Naidimi seems really talented in making the grafts go a long way, and I think it is way more ethical going conservative than cramming as many grafts in there as possible and hoping for the best
  6. Well the right side at least has had some ok growth, i still have some hope for that side and i really think it can improve in the coming months, but i think i need a miracle for the left side. I could see myself only touching up the right side with some added grafts later if needed, then covering the left side by slicking it over, i could live with that. What do you think of minoxidil? Should i wait until month 12 so i know the final result or start earlier?
  7. Really sorry about this man, have you reached out to other FUT specialist like Konoir? Did the clinic manage to tell you what went wrong? How many grafts do you have left?
  8. Really amazing result man but I don't understand where they are putting all those grafts, is it mostly in new temples and the crown? And what is your hair diameter?
  9. Thanks for the summary, just one comment, It was only 12 days after the transplant that I thought the hairline was too low and aggressive, I have not thought so since then obviously just wish the density was better, thanks https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SVy9QXSlU5xDdFOTMz7jPeZwZZneZyPk/view?usp=drivesdk
  10. You are wrong, even though your result still requires some maintenance it looks natural in the hairline, that is the most important part.
  11. I mean 4 teams of 8 techs, two per team, at least in my surgery they were two in surgical gear but I'm not sure if they were both extracting or just one of them.
  12. Would you be happy with my results? I would be over the moon with yours so i think it is completely unfair of you to claim i would not have been happy regardless
  13. You are wilfully ignoring the core of the criticism and focusing on the techs. Which Canadian, Belgian or Spanish surgery has 4 patients a day and the doctor only monitoring it via cctv? Is it unreasonable to think that 4 teams of techs (8 in total doing the extractions) have different skill levels, and that is why we are seeing inconsistencies? I am genuinely asking and would like to know if i am being unreasonable
  14. I haven't said any false statements at all Jean, i have mentioned a number of recent Erdogan cases that have been sub par and raised worries over how disconnected he is from the surgery, where have i ever made a false statement? I have not PM'd anyone and i have not tried to disuade people from going to Erdogan, we should be able to discuss their methods and recent results without being banned or subjugated to childish attacks like this..