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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
    Thinning or Bald Spot in the Crown/Vertex
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    10 years +
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    Norwood IV
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    Considering Surgical Hair Restoration

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    Dr. Koray Erdogan
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    Propecia (Finasteride)

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  1. Honestly man it could improve significantly, you may be at the start of another growth cycle so don't lose hope yet
  2. Hey man do you have any post op pics from your failed surgery? And did diep mention anything about scar tissue in your recipient?
  3. Hey man, great result that first time, why didn't you go with another FUT since you already had the scar?
  4. I'm not ignoring you, I don't want to unnecessarily bump the thread (like I'm doing now) as it's already spammed with a lot of unrelated posts causing the important parts of this discussion to be lost. I am going on vacation so will stay away from this thread for a couple of weeks and update closer to the 11 month mark, I have not yet made my decision on which clinic to go with though
  5. I haven't said anything derogatory about them mate, I've only questioned Asmeds assertion that they have five years of medical experience since they are so young and, at least during my surgery, didn't act in a fashion I would attribute to a focused and involved medical professional. Someone else made the intelligence comment and I tried to interpret their meaning, I still don't think he was intentionally being racist but I digress. If we can move away from Jean and the children's table for a moment, I really do think Gas and Mick are asking the pertinent questions here that need answering. These are the answers you should demand from him Melvin, don't allow them to release another generic self masturbatory pr statement where they answer literally nothing.
  6. Because it's mostly copy paste of his previous responses, except the part where he admits that he doesn't even do the incisions anymore, but it's "mostly for turkish patients" so I guess he will get another free pass.
  7. I really hope the irony isn't lost on you here, I'm still surprised you haven't been banned considering how many times you've been reported by others in my thread alone. Edit: honestly not going to argue with you anymore, theres nothing left to say really and it will only come back to you namecalling or making personal attacks, and me asking you for the n-th time to be civil. I'm genuinely glad you got the result you were looking for, I think the gloating is in poor taste though, best of luck to you
  8. You can't have since you are repeating my own points back to me. Again, my point was that his failure rate could be changed up or down depending on your definition of what a failure is, so really any statistics is completely pointless as they are grounded in your personal biases.
  9. Did you read my post? I said you could argue depending on where you begin to look from and what results you consider poor that his failure rate is even as high as 25%. I'm not pulling facts from thin air here, you can go ahead and ask any top tier surgeon what usually causes poor results, ask Dr Lindsey who specializes in repair cases, or anyone else really, in fact many realself threads have surgeons giving answers saying the same thing over and again, graft mishandling or poor extraction. Again it's laughable that you can blame the patient for not seeing how bad a hairline will eventually look from a marker outline on their bald heads.
  10. How can you not see your own obvious biases.. Does a 20% failure rate seem acceptable to anyone else? And why are you going back 3 years? Why don't you move the start time to 18 months back as it is only relevant to look at recent results and get back to me on those statistics. It really comes down to what you consider a bad result as well, for me an unnatural looking transplant (I.e low density or pluggy due to multigrafts) is by definition a failure, you could easily argue that for patient posted results his failure rate is even larger than 25% when looking at recent results alone, one in five is terrible, one in four is absolutely unacceptable. "Your body rejecting the grafts", honestly hard to take you seriously here mate, I'm taking the straightest and most logical path to my conclusions but sure, maybe tiny elves stole my grafts during the night as well. And how on earth did you manage to blame HT0416 for the hairline design? Who in their right mind would overrule the decision of a trained professional with thousands of surgeries and years of experience under his belt?
  11. Payam

    Dr. Nadimi FUE

    Hey mate can you send them to me as well?
  12. Come on man, timetodecide is absolutely not a good result for the number of grafts used, I would add him to my list of sub par Asmed results for sure. Shurikens is better but still questionable as he complained about density himself and wants a second pass and he is also yet to reveal his hairline, for 3000 grafts in that area and with his hair calibre he shouldn't have had to worry about another transplant for several years. Poor Hairdew got necrosis at Asmed and had to be repaired, really not very good examples. In any case, my point isn't that Asmed doesn't produce great results because they do, depending on the tech team and Erdogans level of involvement that day. I mean my techs were singing to turkish pop music and joking and laughing like schoolgirls, not acting like medical professionals performing surgery, what the hell? I mean I don't know what they were gossiping about but it sure as all fuck wasn't related to the task at hand. Imagine two people doing surgery on you while having a lively discussion about which episode of Seinfeld was their favourite.
  13. I would really consider an FUT in your case considering how advanced your hair loss is at 30 and your weak donor. Is your scalp laxity good?
  14. Honestly bro you seen like a really nice guy and you've been very civil in your responses so i don't want to cause offense, but try to see it from mine and other guys with subpar results perspective. You have some serious selection bias mentioning some of the better results, what about me, webhandler, rwethereyet, balderboulder, planetstephen? And those are just the recent unacceptable results, I'm not mentioning the sub par ones. I was unhappy about their methods yes because I was deceived into thinking I was getting a personal experience, they should have a disclaimer on their site saying they have multiple patients in parallel and erdogan only pops in for the incisions, the rest of the surgery he "monitors" on some grainy CCTV feed from his throne room.. seriously it's absurd people are giving him a free pass on this.