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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
    Thinning or Bald Spot in the Crown/Vertex
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    10 years +
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    Norwood IV
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    Considering Surgical Hair Restoration

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    Dr. Koray Erdogan
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    Propecia (Finasteride)

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  1. I completely agree, don't know why certain surgeons get a free pass on this forum. Jonyny could you post an update? Will Erdogan pay the cost of a transplant with a hairline specialist or do it himself?
  2. I will use this as my reference, I also had mine done with Erdogan with roughly the same number of grafts in the same area and my 6 months is maybe 40% of your density despite having thick hair. Do you remember who your techs were? And do you remember how many other guys were doing surgeries that day?
  3. I assume it's me Farsan is speaking about above, I would look at the hard facts if I were you and the risks involved with doing a transplant at a clinic with heavy tech involvement and multiple teams of techs. You will get a lot of people on this forum completely ignoring the shady aspects of Asmed because they themselves got a moderately good result, or because they have scheduled surgeries and will knee-jerk attack anyone that critiques the clinic. I understand you are worried about your transplant but please don't give out false information. I know fully well you can sprout at 6 months, I didn't know you could sprout all the way to 10 months that's all. Fact is this: I have sub par growth at 6 months, Asmed does not know why and I am not surprised as they have several surgeries in parallel with heavy tech involvement and almost no supervision by Erdogan, so how could they know.
  4. Do you have any pictures from the 6th month? How would you say your progress was at that time? Was it still sparse or could you style it at that point? And how many % density do you think you got from 6 months to 1 year?
  5. This is true, but i really should have great density in the end with the number of grafts and my hair thickness. My scalp is very visible right now and it's quite embarrassing, although this isn't unusual for six months from what I've seen, in some lights it looks like I'm still strongly receding on the non-slicked side. I will wait until next month for updates as every time I visit this forum I keep looking at other peoples progress which can be soul destroying as you know. I am still seeing a couple of sprouts here and there but despite this it's more and more apparent that I've had slow/no growth all over until this point, its more visible now that some of the hairs are thick and the gaps are more obvious. I'm still hopeful for the next two months though as you guys with more knowledge and experience have said It could improve considerably during this time
  6. Man this makes me so sad, I am at 6 months right now after surgery with Erdogan and my result is horrible, you're saying most of the result comes at 6 months but most I've seen say it's about 60%.. I didn't find a single bad result from erdogan when I googled, only one from a spanish guy two years ago.
  7. Thank you for your honest feedback guys, both negative and positive. I think I went into this thing thinking I would be a knock it out of the park great result with my hair thickness and number of grafts used, anything else didn't even cross my mind and everything from the unexpected parts of the surgery to the fever and cracks and now late progress has just sent me into a negative spiral. Since the consensus is I should calm down and wait, I will try to be rational and do just that, and I will post similar pictures in my updates with my hair wet and slicked back as well as dry. Again thank you for the help and honest feedback.
  8. It does look similar, although my hair is probably quite a bit thicker than yours, what is your hair diameter? Very nice result in the end, did you see any new sprouts after 6 months?
  9. Like this? I cant slick the left side as you can see, would need wax or gel for that. This was after a shower, added a pic of the crown as well.
  10. Yeah I know, trying to keep it together mentally and not let it affect my relationship and work etc, I'm still hoping it will improve in the coming months of course. Afraid it will look worse if I buzz since the very front hairline is more dense than what's behind it up to the native hairline. Kind of like david silva.
  11. That picture was after combing it, and here is the other side, which is virtually uncombable as the density is too low. The front is fine though, I think growth there is as expected, but the temples.. best I can do is to hide it with my native hair, its impossible to comb it in any direction right now. If one side had good growth at least I would be able to slick my hair to cover the other side, what do you do when both sides are bad? I will take more pics from afar on the sides and front since the clinic is asking for it.
  12. I understand bro, sorry for hassling you I missed you said that, mine isn't great unfortunately but I'm still hopeful for the next two months, albeit less so, your attitude to the whole thing has really helped my own coping so thanks for that. Did you have any issues with folliculitis coming and going? Also how long did you see new sprouts appearing would you say?
  13. Hey mate, any updates? Did the clinic ever get back to you?