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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    Considering Surgical Hair Restoration

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  1. This could have been avoided if the doctor had done his job. This guy has a ravaged donor now and will likely have issues later in life when his midscalp and crown recesses, his career was ruined and he is now in debt just trying to fix what devroye did, but the Dr made a forum post so I guess it's cool. How about he addresses the main issues? 1. I seriously don't understand how his donor can look like that after 2500 grafts, what was the diameter of the punch used here and why? If it was below 1mm, why does the donor look overharvested? 2. They took hundreds of more grafts than what was agreed upon, no excuse for this. I don't care if it was free, this is seriously frightening. A 100-200 grafts extra is understandable, but 800? 3. The fact that he didn't make all the incisions himself is absolutely despicable, this alone should be grounds for exclusion from this community, how do you justify this?
  2. You will not be able to shave it off due to the white dot scarring. A HT is a life long commitment and the vast majority of patients have to go through several transplants as their hair loss progresses
  3. The Game is mental masturbation for incels and people who worship Jordan Peterson.. Just be yourself bro, the truth is the easiest thing to remember after all , you seem like a pretty funny guy with a good sense of humor, why are you taking tips from some charlatan bullshit artist.
  4. Clearly some clinics have a much higher rate of shit-tier results than others, and some clinics are absolutely superior to others based on % of successful cases. Poor yield due to some x-factor is bullshit as doctors such as Pinto, Couto, Konior and Lorenzo have proven. If your transplant is bad it means your doctor failed you, period. Never look at the clinic published results, even your local chop shop will look good if you do. Look at patient results exclusively
  5. Curious about this, can you please elaborate @Sean as I know Konior uses nape hair and his results look amazing.. Why do you say nape hair looks unnatural? I am considering using nape hair for my repair, is that not a good idea?
  6. But how should I as a prospective patient know that? Why do they have a section dedicated to their patient coordinator but not the people performing the surgery? This is what I am getting at. You might have seen them at some point but how do we know these are the same techs operating on us today and not some newbie in training?
  7. Threads without pictures should be locked or removed outright, completely pointless
  8. I can't find a single mention of them on the website, the closest is this: "If you are having FUE extraction, the extractions may be performed by your surgeon working with specific technicians, or may be performed by specific technicians alone. " Now if extractions is one of the most vital parts of the surgery, and these techs have supposedly been with them for years, then why aren't they more prominently represented anywhere? If the surgeon does 1/3rd of the surgery, it should be absolutely vital we know who does the other 2/3's? @Phil36fromaus I agree mostly, however i have read about HnW patients who were surprised at the level of tech involvement, I personally was as I thought the doc had to do every step of the surgery by law in NA
  9. This looks awful.. That is NOT shock loss, you clearly see it is stretched scar tissue, what is diep saying? I would consider konior for your scar revision, I bet he can make that scar dissappear without any hassle.
  10. Could you please elaborate? I don't think it's fair to call every tech run clinic a hair mill obviously, but what makes hasson and Wong any different from some of the Turkish clinics? Do you have any information to share about their techs level of experience and education?
  11. Nadimi has the shortest list, Konior is a bit over a year i belive, the other two are several years.
  12. I wouldn't go for this clinic if the surgeon isn't deeply involved in every single step of the surgery. If you have done your research you will see clearly that these types have nearly a 100% success rate, you will very rarely see a shit result from guys like Cuoto, Konior or Pinto because they are all extremely meticulous and involved in every single step of the surgery, their surgical protocol is vastly superior to the tech run clinics. Don't be stupid and try to save money, if it's an all or nothing type deal then the only name I would ever consider would be Konior, after that either Nadimi or Couto or Pinto if you are willing to wait several years.
  13. I would only consider a FUT and nothing else, the issue here is that with hairloss this aggressive at 21 you might be headed for a nw7. I know this is not what you want to hear but, don't have a transplant now, wait until you're 30 at least to see how your hairloss has progressed and then make the decision.
  14. You have very course hair, did he use nape hair in the front row? How do you fel about the front row density so far mate?