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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
    Thinning or Bald Spot in the Crown/Vertex
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    10 years +
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    Considering Surgical Hair Restoration

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    Dr. Koray Erdogan
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    Propecia (Finasteride)

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  1. You have very course hair, did he use nape hair in the front row? How do you fel about the front row density so far mate?
  2. Looks great so far mate, out of curiosity what does she charge per graft?
  3. Honestly looks pretty good mate, considering your entire head + temple points were implanted, how do you feel?
  4. That 4 month progress is great bro, I think this will be a really nice result, I really don't think you need to worry about any additional transplants for quite some time as you have zero crown loss and your entire frontal third will be set after this.
  5. Don't know about Mohebi but Konior is probably the best you can get in terms of hairline aesthetics and graft yield, if you can afford him there is no question in my mind that you should pick Konior
  6. You should read some on what a clinic trial consists of and how heavily they are regulated and monitored by the FDA and institutional review boards, it's pretty much impossible to get skewed data past these entities as you are insinuating.
  7. The difference is minoxidil and finasteride both have several peer reviewed studies proving their effectiveness.
  8. It's not really subjective though, for a certain number of grafts you expect a certain progression and result, I see nowhere near 4500 grafts in these pictures. Whether or not op will be satisfied should not stop us from objectively discuss the facts at hand correct?
  9. It shows the lacking density behind the hairline, when he styles his hair it will look see through and pluggy because of this.
  10. I looked at your thread and I'm sorry bro, I know how it feels, you won't get a refund though. I have not spoken with a single person who managed to get a refund, best you will get is a free touch up and hope to God they don't screw it up again, but who in their right mind would take that risk? Especially with the recent results from this clinic. You are better off posting your result, not only on this forum but your native language forum as well if you have one and start planning for a repair at a clinic with high doctor involvement.
  11. @Melvin-Moderator thanks bro, we don't always see eye to eye but I can tell your heart is in the right place, I will for sure document my repair here @Greg_Swansonthank you mate I appreciate it, it's sad really, this level of servility in grown men. I'm sad my hair isn't great, but all the happier I don't have a personality defect, in the end that's what matters most to others in your life @Mick50 i have accepted it and frankly am looking forward to my next transplant so I can finally put this ordeal behind me, I would say it looks quite a bit worse to the naked eye but in the end I can cover it relatively well with a comb-over, it's the lost grafts and time I am most saddened by, thanks for the support from the very start mate I truly do appreciate it @Baldrick101 from what I understand transplanting into an impacted area will have less growth due to scar tissue, so they are forced to compensate by exaggerating the number of grafts needed to ensure a good result. I have 100% trust in the clinics I have consulted with in terms of ethics, I know they are looking out for my best interest and not their wallets. @Sean I really hope your situation improves bro, no one deserves to go through this and I realize my case is not as bad as yours. I think you should look towards Konior and no one else, you need a specialist in every sense of the word and that man is a wizard when it comes to transplants, at least go for an in person consultation to see what he makes of your case. @BjornBorg I agree bro, it is a failure but not a botched horrorshow by any means, i realize it's unfair to those poor bastards that were butchered to call it that so for that I'm sorry. I am very disappointed though and unfortunately I am far from being alone in this. Luckily we're at a point now where more people are realizing something is wrong with this clinic, it feels good to know the negatives aren't being successfully suppressed by ASMEDs marketing team and sycophants.
  12. I'm sorry bro, I know how it feels and you're not alone, even outside this forum I've been contacted by many dissatisfied guys who had their surgery at ASMED. I would start looking at other clinics right away if I were you to fix this.
  13. Hey guys, here is a month 15 update for those still interested, really sorry for the delay, as I said I have been going through a rough patch in real life and have had to focus on that, I've been reading the forums though and other ASMED cases in particular. I recently have had consultations with two of the worlds top clinics and have another one in August with another leading clinic, I have been quoted 1500 grafts to fix this by both, we will see what the third one says but I expect it to be similar. Photos are after a shower with hair blow dried. Here is a summary of the issues: Image 1 Left side: this is the same side as my videos, density is bad, so bad that my hair falls flat when I slick it that way as if I have a hole in my head, I cover this side by slicking over it as in image 2 and 3. Image 2 Right side: density is better but not good enough, looks quite pluggy in person, the camera does make it look softer, this is the side I reveal when I style my hair as In image 2 and 3. Image 3 front: growth was better here and I am relatively happy, pluggy due to doubles and triples but I can live with that, it's not noticeable if I feather my hair forward as in the picture. Crown: I will make a separate update with pictures for my crown, when wet it looks roughly like pre-op, when dry it looks better. I don't know what to expect in terms of cosmetic improvement with only 800 grafts here but I can at least make it look good with toppik which is good enough for me. The takeaway from my consultations were that: 1. I have fantastic hair quality, strength and caliber 2. There is nowhere near 2800 grafts growing in my frontal third. 3. I have healed very nicely and my donor looks to have the capacity for a few thousand more grafts, also with my level of hairloss and its progression at 35 another procedure is not a big risk. So there you have it, I'm not going to respond to the ASMED patients gloating about their great results, I think this type of behavior really speaks for itself. As for me deliberately trying to disparage the clinic, I only ask you to look at the recent results from this clinic and ask yourself if you with a clear conscience could recommend ASMED to a friend or family member. To the other guys with lackluster results from this clinic, pm me if you want to talk or want advice on your options looking forward, thanks fellas.