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  1. Hi, so i have been quite worried about my growth so far as it looks extremely sparse in the front. Im still early (17 weeks) in my HT so i am not panicking (too much) quite yet. I figure it is looking like this because the doubles and tripples have not come out yet as i can only find a few doubles in the front and zero tripples using a magnifying mirror as well as high resolution photos. I asked the clinic about this and their response was that multi-hair grafts have slower growth cycles than singles, but i can't find a source on this online and in the link below concensus is that this is not the case? I know that grafts have different growth cycles, but why can't i seem to find any tripples and very few doubles in my recipient? Do these grafts receive more trauma due to harder handling than singles? Surely if all grafts have different growth cycles, but not based on hair/graft, i should technically see a uniform distribution of singles, doubles and tripples in my recipient right now? https://www.realself.com/question/los-angeles-ca-double-triple-hair-transplanted-grafts-grow-slower-singles
  2. The dream right here.. I was wondering though, why did you opt for Keser over Erdogan? Also do you have links to your first two procedures?
  3. You are very early to see any growth at all, considering hair growth phases you will start seeing growth at the 3 or 3 1/2 month mark.
  4. Here is a link to my thread. Worried about my progress so far, perhaps a miracle will happen in the next two months. Either way I will update the thread with detailed pictures every month. https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/50882-3600-grafts-dr-koray-erdogan-13th-march-2018/
  5. I did mine just a few days after yours and its like night and day, your growth looks very uniform and your day 10 pics look very clean in comparison.. do you remember who your techs were?
  6. Yes, but i was more referring to the post operative wash done by the clinic. I was at a specialist today for a consultation on PRP, she said there was no growth at all in my crown, but I read the crown can be really slow so not worrying about that yet. PRP is scheduled for next month. She said my donor is looking great so I'm relieved about that
  7. I have these spots with absolutely NO new hairs.. hard to not be worried when its like this. Also I'm sure these bald spots line up to the large cracks I had early on due to the shitty post op wash they gave me. I will post pictures of the cracks and bald spots when I get home.
  8. Tomorrow I have a consultation and probably the actual prp next week. To be honest I am gutted over my progress so far.. unless some miracle happens in the coming months I just don't see how this will turn out good.. the comparison with my native hairline is jarring... I try to find new hairs between what had already grown to no avail. Would you not be concerned if your 4 month result looked like this?
  9. Looking good buddy, you seem to be healing really well, almost no redness left!
  10. 4 months Hey guys, I am four months in now and figured I should update. I have to admit I was hoping for a growth explosion but maybe I am a slow grower, holding my thumbs for the fifth month.. There are some spots that have no visible hairs still, they are fairly obvious in the pictures and seem to be where I had those huge cracks, what do you guys think? I had expected the hair to come more uniformly, perhaps this is not always the case? I will be doing my first PRP treatment in the hope of stopping my shedding and waking the follicles, hopefully also reviving some of the miniaturized hairs but I'm not holding my breath for that one.
  11. Payam

    FUT result- Dr. Feriduni

    What about BHT combined with FUE for recipient and SMP in the donor?
  12. If that is the case this absolutely should be considered a failed surgery. Like i said 3200 grafts in that area should produce fantastic results if the expected number of grafts survived, if they didn't the surgeon must be held accountable and explain themselves. In any case since OP is being patient so should we, density could improve.
  13. Payam

    FUT result- Dr. Feriduni

    Pretty appalled by how this guy was being treated.. it is completely understandable why he wouldn't want to share his contract information. Also where is the response from the clinic?
  14. No question mate you look infinitely better than pre op, holding my thumbs you get more density in the coming months, also you seem to be the perfect candidate as you are receding with no crown loss. Are you taking finasteride?