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  1. Hair loss is progressive most should expect to loose more hair as we get older
  2. Wondering are H&W's listed prices in Canadian or US dollars? Hoping I could take advantage of the US to Canadian exchange rate like I can with Rahal ?
  3. Exactly last time I checked was about a year a go with both Rahal and H&W. Rahal said his quoted prices are in the Canadin dollar and that I definitely can take advantage of the exchange rate H&W said his are not and what you see is what you get . I was hoping maybe something may of changed with H&W so if anyone heard anything different please let us know I'd love to consider them but there prices are over the top for me and almost double what Rahal charges when you factor in the exchange rate
  4. Are you saying that H&W's quoted prices are in Canadian dollars and people living in the US can take advantage of the exchange rate ? If yes where you getting that info from?
  5. What is the favorable exchange rate your talking about ?
  6. With Propecia you need to be committed and just stay on the stuff for it to do its work I my case Propecia works very slowly seeing most of the noticeable results after a year and continued seeing even more benefits at the 2 year mark As far as the itching goes Minoxidil solution is well known to cause allergies due to an added ingredient called Propylene Glycol. So just use the foam as it don't contain that ingredient
  7. Not so easy to loose and gets harder as we get older Its almost all about diet need to eat less constantly weight yourself once a week if your not loosing need to eat less Maybe have your testosterone and accompanying hormone levels checked by a reputable doctor or clinic specializing in HRT Hormone Replacement Therapy. Stubborn fat around the mid-section can be a sign of low testosterone levels. I use Defy Medical
  8. Definitely can see what your talking about all you can do now is give it time and hope for the best hopefully it all fill out in the end
  9. Nice temple point restore will be interesting to see how it turns out Who did what and what part of the procedure was Dr. Rahal involved in ?
  10. It's hard to know whats best might subside it may get worse everyone is affected differently and it's also about whats more important to you having hair or getting hard Messed me up permanently
  11. When I did a consult last year with Rahal they quoted me $6 CAD for the first 2500 and then $4.25 CAD a graft there after including all future grafts. Please check it out and post your findings here good luck
  12. Last I heard once you been to Rahal he discounts all future grafts to $4.25 CAD Canadian Dollar (CAD) and that $4.25 CAD = $2.21 Irish Pound (IEP) Hows that for a deal ?
  13. Actually Rahal says in his post op instructions When can I dye my hair? Wait at least 6 months before dyeing your hair. Dyeing the grafts too soon can harm their growth and your results. You can dye the sides and back of your head (outside the recipient area) 1 month after your surgery. And his pre op instructions say If you dye your hair, do it 2 days before your procedure. If you have grey hair, it is recommended that you dye your hair darker to facilitate extractions
  14. What kind of non-disclosure agreement do they want to make you sign ? You might want to look into https://lahairclinic.com/ there located there in Ca and there main surgeon was supposedly also trained by Armani results looks similar to Dr. Baubac but at a better price There youtube videos look interesting to me I plan on doing a consult with them when I get a chance https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCREE_00jx5pHTgJZzzYGYWg/videos
  15. I agree I'd really like to see much more before and after examples of non-Indian patients It's not only the possible thinner Caucasian hair but also maybe more importantly the higher contrast between lighter skin compared to the darker Indian skin
  16. Joe Tillman says in this video that once you commit to a clinic and they know your serious that all clinics will ultimately negotiate with you on price Wish he'd do a how to negotiate video
  17. No idea was wondering about the clinic myself some serious before and after pictures https://www.instagram.com/hairofistanbul/?utm_source=ig_embed