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  1. Almost forgot. >>> There is a vitamin booster for men that actually boosts their healing and immunity. Perhaps this is the thing we need to recover faster from procedures? I will look into this more and report back. Hope the FDA cleared this for guys like us who need it!!!! Will report back!
  2. Also visited a site by dr. diep that was mentioned earlier in this postings. Hes very good from what I've seen. I thik hes in california san fran area. When i visit there next month I'll be checking his work out and visiting his office. He did this procedure on a man in his 50s that looked stellar. Which comes to my next point. Even though you may be healthy I believe that you need to be very healthy to get the best treatment possible. Eating right, veggies, protein, your greens, vitamins and exercising. I read somewhere that people who dont take care of themselves wont experience a good procedure. Young guys may be able to get away with it but may still be prone to getting less than great procedures done. Maybe vitamin injections could boost your system and will help your body cope more from the ill effects of hair transplants maybe? Would anyone like to chime in about this and oiffer their opinion?
  3. You must be of your meds and trying to start trouble with this fable. Go ahead if you think i'm this risen person. I dont know who david is. Another made up imaginary friend of yours Ill bet. Incredible people this site has. geeeezz!!!
  4. I agree with you. But in general anyone's top 10 list of docs will contain a mixed list of similar docs, give or take a few. Dr. Diep is cool. I saw his videos and pics. Only wish he and the other best docs would produce consistent work. Meaning, you always have that stubborn uncontrollable issue with shock loss that can occur with anyone at any time. Wish they'd eliminate it completely from human existence! If they did the hair transplant industry would be far more trusted.
  5. H&W is amazing at what they do. I like Lorenzo's work. Lorenzo has produced the most dense work I've ever seen in a patient. And the patient was a norwood 3 or 4. Dorin does great work too. Too bad his practice is far from me! Recently I've looked at work from Turkey and its scary! I seen a video where a Turkish doc packed so many follicles on the scalp that I almost caught a heart attack. I wouldnt trust those guys.
  6. This user doesnt believe that a dense hair and hair line are possible with the top 10 docs. I think he needs to get in touch with reality.
  7. This user obviously thinks his opinion is the only one that matters even if hes lost touch with this medical field in his advanced age. Everyone agrees that any of the top 10 docs will produce similar quality work.
  8. Well then you should follow my logic and you should expect a great transplant from the top 10 surgeons. You would save lots of money too. You should also expect dense hair no matter your age since you agree with my logic and are confident with my expertise. But seriously, its obvious you don’t know squat about hair transplant procedures, not even from the top 5. Its normal but weird that you think you know more than the doctors themselves at your advanced age knowing how out of date you are with the latest in hair tech.
  9. Are you trying to troll in a thread that you obviously know nothing about? Or are you bored and unemployed? No offense but you sound like a youre on serious psycho on meds.
  10. I'm not trying to cause an argument. Whats wrong with disagreeing with someone? Youre trolling here and I believe thats against forum rules. If you really dont feel comfortable with this thread youre always free to leave.
  11. Disagree all you want but the results in quality are the same. Proof is in patient's pics.
  12. No offense but something about your post doesnt resonate with sense. If you had a user troll you, you couldve easily reported it and that user wouldve been banned or at least given an infracture. Being many in number I'm also confused about your transplant procedures. Looking at your thumbnail pic, you dont need any more procedures. Why would you need to get another procedure done then? Something doesnt sound right here. Btw, Lorenzo of Spain is definitely in the top 3 when it comes to hair transplants. Again, no offense but something about your story isnt flowing right.
  13. When we're talking about top 10 or 5 or that matter theres no such thing as discrepancies. Skill and experience being high will produce indistinguishable results.