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  1. Hey man, Thanks for the detailed response, and congrats on your op. I've seen pics, and I honestly think your hair looks great. The shock-loss and the growing out phase sounds torturous. Like you, I too am pretty neurotic, and am prone to worrying about everything lol. I can only imagine how rough the first half a year is. I'm currently on Fin, but am experiencing a dense shed, and have been for a couple of months. So, safe to say, there is probably a lot more miniturisation that I can see with the naked eye. It's something I feel like I need to do, or at least attempt, if nothing else but due to how much it already is impacting my day-to-day life. Thanks heaps for the advice, mate - really appreciate it!
  2. Hey mate, Firstly, thanks so much for such a comprehensive reply, it means a lot!! I'm currently on Fin, and have been for a couple of years, seemed to slow the recession, but it's still occurring in the hairline. The biggest thing that you mentioned, is the value. As of now, it's really, really effecting so many aspects of my life. The things I'm avoiding are increasing, and it's hindering my decision making - as silly as that may sound. I'm about to graduate from a post-grad degree, in which I'm always in a lab, and can wear beanies, hats, and so on. This will be changing once I move into the industry, and I won't be able to hide my hair. Money is honestly not an issue. Like yourself, I have a pretty solid financial foundation and employment, so I have ample funds for anywhere as of this stage. Mind you, I wouldn't wager I'd need a huge op, so, even an expensive doc won't be doing a megasession. The thing that spooks me the most, is my family history. Hairloss is very, very extensive, and I guess I'm just concerned at how vulnerable even my donor may be to DHT. I've also got a list of docs, and have narrowed it down to a couple. At this stage, I'm trying to zero in on a doc who is really ethical, and will help me plan a conservative, and long-term approach. Everything you said makes perfect sense, so thanks heaps for that mate - I appreciate it.
  3. Hey brother, Yeah man, all up it contains: zinc, picolinate, biotin, tyrosine, vit-E, Zinc, fin 0.5mg, and minox 1mg. Though, I'm really not sure how effective oral minox is. Admittedly, I haven't researched much about oral minoxidil. Derm has an in-house compound pharmacy, and the whole concoction is really quite cheap.
  4. And that's interesting, i didn't know that. That's what I'm experiencing now, the hairline loss.
  5. He probably worded it terribly, haha. But yeah, that makes sense if you get it. The DHT doesn't impact the hairs on the back, as they are already resistant.
  6. Hey Shera, I believe you are correct, and I always thought I'd need 2, maybe 3, or ever more surgeries given my history. That is also true, I guess I was just worried about my donor being subject to miniturisation at some stage, due to my history. Thanks for your advice.
  7. Hey Cosmo, Thanks a lot, I appreciate the thoughts. I've seen your results, and they honestly look great! Very happy for you : ) If/when I do, I will definitely keep everyone updated.
  8. Thanks, Doctor, that's good advice. I am very conscious of taking a conservative, and long-term approach, I'm just not too sure what my hair will end up like.
  9. I'm having trouble committing to a transplant, and can't pull the trigger. I'm a NW 3, 28 years old, and it's really affecting my life, but I'm so concerned with the "what if's". What if the transplant fails, what if my recession progresses to the point that getting more transplants isn't an option, and so on. Every surgeon I've spoken to says I'm a candidate, but this is simply from a few photographs, with no way of knowing what the future holds. How did everyone get over the hump, and overall, are you happy that you had the procedure? It's such a weird place, to be so desperate to fix your hair, but still so cautious about the future. Thanks all.
  10. Hey mate, Yeah I am. I am on a compound tablet which contains fin, minox, zinc, and some other vitamins, etc. My initial result with both seemed to be a pretty strong cessation of recession, and some minor, minor regrowth in the temples. They still receded a little, so it didn't halt the MPB, just slowed it. Mind you, I know of people to which have had their MPB completely halted, so I think it's more person-to-person. I will be consulting with my derm in a week, and see what she thinks about upping it back to 1mg.
  11. Hey dude, I had been on 1mg for about a year and a half, or so, and switched to .5mg for the past 6 months. It's hard to say, but I think my recession progressed. I underwent a pretty heavy shed recently, and my temples receded further. Now, this honestly could have had absolutely nothing to do with the change in dosage, and may have been external factors, my MPB progressing, and so on. Could it have impacted my hair? Sure, but I really cannot say. I have read studies in which patients had experienced positive results as low as .2mg, so you can definitely still have a good result.
  12. Hey mate, Thanks for keeping with it, and staying with the updates. Firstly, don't pay attention to those who need to gloat on another's post, simply to let the world know they're happy with their result. Completely irrelevant, and borderline insecure. Secondly, it's actually not too bad at all. We are our own harshest critic, and I think you still look good. Of course it could be better, but the good this is that one more procedure to tighten things up, and you will be on to a real winner. All the best!
  13. This is something I always think about. What if I have surgery, and the grafts eventually fall out, then I want to shave my head, but no longer can because of the scarring.