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  1. Hey all, Just wondering if anyone has been advised against a HT due to their family history? I'm late 20's, NW3, and all of my father's side, and my older brother are essentially bald. Like, NW 7's. I've been on medication for a couple of years, which has slowed my recession - although it is still ocurring slowly. Would I be unwise to opt for a transplant? I'm worried it may only be a temporary fix. Just for reference, I'm on finasteride and minox, but I know some people still lose the battle even with meds when their genetics are too stacked against them. Any g
  2. In response to your dandruff question mate, I take oral Min. I started on 1mg, then went to 1.5, and now I'm on a compound medication which contains 2.5mg on minox. Never had any sides or anything of the like. Though, I'm unsure which is thought to be more effective (oral or topical)
  3. Hey man, sorry you're worrying. For what it's worth, I've seen slower growers at 4 months, and everyone really does grow at different rates. Definitely too early to worry, just hold strong, and wait for month 7-8
  4. Hey all, I'm living in England at the moment (moved from NZ), and visited a dermatologist about my hair. I'd been on .5mg of finasteride, and wanted to up the dose to 1mg, as I was losing ground. I also wanted to check if I had signs of DUPA. I asked the derm, but they didn't really seem to know what I meant. He checked the back of my head (with no instruments) and said the donor looks fine, and could facilitate a transplant (I thought it needed to be checked in a different way). He moved to offer me FUE down the road, as a scar-less procedure. This is when I felt lik
  5. Hey all, just saw this vid. This fellow discusses how some studies tested Botox on balding scalps, and saw very positive results regarding hair regrowth. Has anyone heard of this? Just thought it was an interesting share.
  6. Bro your hair looks amazing lol, and that style is currently killing it. Pay no attention to potatoes like that guy
  7. I don't know how true this is, as I haven't looked into it, but my dermatologist said that they are discovering that oral minox is actually more effective than topical. She said that the latest research found an inhibitory characteristic of topical minoxidil in the scalp, and as such, not all of it is absorbed. Oral bypasses this (allegedly), and is apparently more potent. Though, as I said, I haven't researched this myself.
  8. Do you know if finasteride or similar meds are helpful with DUPA, @LaserCap?
  9. Seeing as a transplant isn't really an option for people with DUPA, I was wondering how effective the other remedies can be? I.e. finasteride/dutasteride, minoxidil, dermarolling and so on. Can these work? Or is DUPA usually too aggressive to combat effectively? Thanks all.
  10. Hey all, Longshot here, but I was just wondering if anyone knew of any good, reputable hair system clinics in Melbourne? Thinking of getting one while I wait to see where my loss progresses to, but there are so many shady places our there in this industry. Thanks everyone.
  11. It's an absurd stigma, and almost sexist, in a weird way. Women can augment their appearance in a multitude of ways, yet men are seen as weak, or insanely vain for wanting to keep their hair. Keep their fucking hair, how is that extreme vanity? It's not like getting a minuscule change, it's literally keeping hair on your head that you have had your whole life. Though, I feel like this is changing. The world is becoming more superficial, and as such, more people are opting for all manner of cosmetic changes. Things that seemed crazy, are now becoming normal, and I think this is
  12. If a patient indeed has DUPA - then would finasteride be enough to stop this donor thinning usually? No one I've spoken to has seemed to know whether meds can be effective in stopping DUPA. Hope you get everything sorted out, OP.
  13. Hi Laser, Thanks so much for the great response. That makes sense. I guess I just wasn't too sure if the fact that some areas had gotten a bit worse meant that it isn't working overall. Apologies, I meant to write I'm actually on 0.5mg, so half the recommended dosage. Perhaps I should up it to 1. Do you think someone who may be destined for an advanced pattern can retain enough hair indefinitely by using fin to have a transplant? My dad is about as advanced as one can get.
  14. What a great result, well done, Dr. I always find it interesting how wide 1500 FUE grafts look, compared to 1500 FUT. Not saying it's bad in any way, but FUT cases always make one forget how many grafts are actually being taken 😂
  15. Hi everyone, I've been on Finasteride for about 2-3 years. In this time, I've had mixed results. As in, some areas got better, whilst others worsened slightly. (I am on 0.5mg of fin, and 1.5mg of oral minox). I have a classic NW 3 pattern, and since taking it the peaks have continued to recede, albeit quite slowly - but the entire front (I think it's referred to as the forelock?) has remained intact. My dermatologist has also noticed the overall volume/fullness of my hair to be better. I've also heard that finasteride is not as effective for the front portion of ones
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