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  1. Agreed. I’m happy with the way my left side looks, but not sure how the right will look in the end. Wait and see
  2. Definitely a bald spot/lack of hairs put in on my right side about a half an inch back... circled it in a previous post and it’s obvious now that the scabs have shed
  3. Agree I stopped for weeks prior and I won’t start again for at least a month after
  4. I went to Rahal in Canada. I was able to drive there
  5. Wow...mine would’ve been under $2,000 USD. I got 2700 grafts for around $12,000 USD. After seeing your result, that’s insane. Not sure I could do the travel to Turkey from the states though
  6. 3500 grafts for 2000 euros?! If I’m reading that right, how is that possible lol
  7. Donor area 5 days post op. Question about circled recipient area....looks like a bit less dense/more gap than everywhere else??
  8. Embrace a shaved head or hair fibers I’d say. Your donor area looks as thin as others recipient areas. Not good
  9. I believe one tech did the punching and the second was there to assist with the grafts/anasthetic? Not sure as they were behind me. I’m sure there weren’t two punching. I will be 34 y/o in June
  10. I attached pictures from a previous thread. This was when my hair was being grown out for the procedure. Unfortunately I didn’t take pics when it was like 2 inches long, but you can see how weak my temple points were with the left side being worse
  11. Rahal drew the hairline and did the incisions. Two staff did the donor punching then three techs did implanting recipient area. Total surgery was 8-9 hours with a 10-15 minute lunch break and small bathroom breaks. Rahal came at times to see how I was doing then came at the end to tell them to put final 3-4 grafts at front hairline. I like the idea of the doctor being involved in most, if not all of the process but after seeing how long it took 3 techs (two implanting and one keeping track of grafts/putting some type drops when asked by the two) it’s unrealistic imo. I realize there’s certain doctors out there that do majority of work. I believe Rahal does two surgeries a day separated by an hour or two start times
  12. Thanks... fingers crossed. I’ll update every month for progress. I don’t currently take any meds, just biotin. Always had a high forehead, then minimal hair loss since high school (currently 34) Might try minoxidil down the road when allowed to help the growing process