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  1. Insane to consider going back imo. Such low yield I wouldn’t wanna risk a second failed procedure
  2. 8 months. There has been some improvement, but the lack of hairs between my native hair and new hairline is glaring. I have to cover up the problem areas with toppik and I can’t style my hair how I intended when I went through getting a hair transplant. Hair is sparse enough in areas where I apply toppik that it goes straight onto my scalp. Counting down the days until I can get this fixed. Attached dry and wet photos
  3. I think you read the wrong. I’m not against going back. I’ll make a decision after 12 months
  4. Can’t argue with either of you and things could be worse. If the problem area had more grafts placed I’d wait a few years to do touchup for density. With the way it is now, I want to do a follow up touchup 12-14 months after surgery.
  5. These pictures don’t make it apparent to you the problem area where grafts weren’t placed was bare skin and not a razor shave and shock loss as you somehow think is possible? I have razor shaved my head many times and you still see hair, not completely bare skin. Density and hair thickening I will continue to give time as I’m not even at month 8 yet, but every poster in this thread other than you agrees minimal grafts were placed in the bare area that’s been my concern since day 1.
  6. No shock loss. The pics on page one speak for themselves
  7. My First HT. I agree donor is noticeable. I don’t mind growing it slightly longer on sides and back so that’s not a huge deal to me. It’ll be 8 months around January 13. Some hairs have thickened and given slightly better coverage, but the problem areas and gaps from the beginning still remain and will not change between now and 12 months+ as everyone has rightfully said. I will post pictures again at 8 and 9 months, but probably not again past that unless there’s any miraculous change in density.
  8. Thanks for the helpful words and advice. I’ll see what remedies come from the clinic if things don’t improve at 10-12 months.
  9. 7 months in. A little bit of growth and thickening, but all the troubled areas I was worried about after surgery still remain. I can only style my hair combing it over to the right to conceal the problem areas. Not enough density at my hairline either. If I wanting to style by flipping my bangs up, my hairline is see through. I have seen minimal new hairs in the past 2-3 weeks
  10. I pretty much agree with you. It’s more glaring when I’m outside too. A rep of Rahals messaged me on here a couple weeks ago and said they’d touch it up for free so we’ll see. Gonna give it until 12 months to see if it’s still patchy looking then. Will have to take another 2 weeks off work and pay for travel again
  11. 6 months. I think my growth is just about done. Ive only seen a couple new hairs in the last week or two. 3 pics in one lighting 3 pics in different lighting
  12. Looking good. We’re a couple weeks apart so I’ll be following