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  1. Sarah has been great following up with me... Although my circumstances aren’t ideal, I’d recommend Rahal and go back if I experienced further hair loss years down the road based on how I’ve been treated in the 12 months after this surgery
  2. I will probably bring up at least the accommodations not being charged when I send my 12 months photos. Right now, I need to spend $200 on new bloodwork and $200 on gas because I’ll be driving there
  3. Things have gotten better over the last 3 months. If I had about 3050-3150 grafts instead of 2740, I would be happy and no more transplant for now. Right now, I have to style my hair certain ways to cover the areas. I spoke to Tara and Dr Rahal around the 9 month mark, provided them the pictures and they agreed the issue needs touched up with 200-300ish grafts and would do it at no charge. I am tentatively scheduled to go in August depending on this coronavirus. I attached pictures I took today, wet and dry in different lighting.
  4. I had a much worse encounter with H&W rep than I did with Rahal reps. Main reason why I did not give them a second look. The person I spoke to from H&W acted like him calling me was a bother, was on the phone for about 1-2 minutes total and when I said asked a question or said I did a few months of research, he seemed more bothered. Tara from Rahal was very personable and stayed on the phone for quite a while to explain everything in detail. I eventually did a video conference with Dr Rahal and one of his office managers. Blanking on the name. Money isn't everything with hair transplants, but Rahal actually converted USD and CAD. The rep I spoke to with H&W said $8 per graft regardless.
  5. If you need a few hundred grafts to address density or areas that need touched up from other transplant and want to go to a different dr, is there an amount that’s not worth the dr’s time? 300-500 grafts?
  6. I had the same issue you’re worried about, but larger area. Hair will not grow there. I’m 9 months post op and it’s the same as my day 1 concern. About an inch back from my hairline....the center of my head to my right temple, you can see my scalp and I must use Toppik.
  7. Honestly can’t remember. It was a male. From the first 15 seconds, I felt like he was getting off his shift and had somewhere to be or just not a people person. I asked about the price on the website or conversion rates, and he seemed irritated saying no it’s $8 and that’s it. He said get a hold of us when you make a decision. At the time, I was between Rahal and H&W. Rahals customer service reps were much more sociable and willing to do a video chat
  8. This is one reason why I chose Rahal. This and their phone call was better. H and W rep seemed annoyed and disinterested. One minute basically saying you want surgery here or not then that was it. Rahal staff talked on the phone for 15-20 explaining things and answering questions. Hasson and Wong was charging $8 cad and also $8 usd when I asked about conversion. Thought it was shady. Rahal charged whatever price in cad and let you use credit card or whatever converting usd.
  9. Insane to consider going back imo. Such low yield I wouldn’t wanna risk a second failed procedure
  10. 8 months. There has been some improvement, but the lack of hairs between my native hair and new hairline is glaring. I have to cover up the problem areas with toppik and I can’t style my hair how I intended when I went through getting a hair transplant. Hair is sparse enough in areas where I apply toppik that it goes straight onto my scalp. Counting down the days until I can get this fixed. Attached dry and wet photos
  11. I think you read the wrong. I’m not against going back. I’ll make a decision after 12 months
  12. Can’t argue with either of you and things could be worse. If the problem area had more grafts placed I’d wait a few years to do touchup for density. With the way it is now, I want to do a follow up touchup 12-14 months after surgery.
  13. These pictures don’t make it apparent to you the problem area where grafts weren’t placed was bare skin and not a razor shave and shock loss as you somehow think is possible? I have razor shaved my head many times and you still see hair, not completely bare skin. Density and hair thickening I will continue to give time as I’m not even at month 8 yet, but every poster in this thread other than you agrees minimal grafts were placed in the bare area that’s been my concern since day 1.
  14. No shock loss. The pics on page one speak for themselves