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  1. I pretty much agree with you. It’s more glaring when I’m outside too. A rep of Rahals messaged me on here a couple weeks ago and said they’d touch it up for free so we’ll see. Gonna give it until 12 months to see if it’s still patchy looking then. Will have to take another 2 weeks off work and pay for travel again
  2. 6 months. I think my growth is just about done. Ive only seen a couple new hairs in the last week or two. 3 pics in one lighting 3 pics in different lighting
  3. Looking good. We’re a couple weeks apart so I’ll be following
  4. I had a surgery of 2740 grafts with Rahal in May. Hoping patchy areas fill in after 6 months.
  5. I’d look into other clinics if I were you. I see them covering touch ups or things that haven’t grown within a year or two but you’re pretty far out from your surgeries
  6. That doesn’t look too bad. A bit thin on top but nothing near 1500-2000 more grafts (given the $7000 price) what about pics before your HTs?
  7. Im at 5 months. I was receding some and lowered my hairline..and the area where the empty pattern is had no hair prior to transplant
  8. Thank you for responding. I'll give it time and hope that no touchup is needed.
  9. I agree with you. I don’t understand why they would implant hairs in my existing hairline, but leave gaps like they did.
  10. 5 months. Still concerned with my right side and the gap between my original hairline. I saw a picture of me outside and it was extremely obvious. Co workers say it’s noticable. That’s why I keep cutting my hair short since it’s less noticeable that way. If they didn’t do enough grafts there, I will be unhappy. Especially since the lack of grafts is right in front and if my natural hair recedes, it will look terrible.
  11. I was finally starting to grow it out, then like a week ago it looked so rough with everything else growing longer and the bald patches that I cut my hair to make it blend better. I need to just lose my hair clippers so when I get the urge to cut it again, I can't 😂
  12. I'm at month four and the area that I circled as a concern on May 18 isn't coming in, which I'm not really surprised since you can see there's a lack of grafts before shedding. If I look down or you see the top of my head, there's an obvious gap which I don't see filling in. I don't know how well it will be covered when I grow my hair out. What's the lowest numbers of grafts a dr would do for a touch up?