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  1. I was finally starting to grow it out, then like a week ago it looked so rough with everything else growing longer and the bald patches that I cut my hair to make it blend better. I need to just lose my hair clippers so when I get the urge to cut it again, I can't 😂
  2. I'm at month four and the area that I circled as a concern on May 18 isn't coming in, which I'm not really surprised since you can see there's a lack of grafts before shedding. If I look down or you see the top of my head, there's an obvious gap which I don't see filling in. I don't know how well it will be covered when I grow my hair out. What's the lowest numbers of grafts a dr would do for a touch up?
  3. Looking at the pics, you needed 2500+ So good chance you’ll need a second
  4. Well it's been three months and things seem to be on track as far as the dormant phase ending, but I still have a good amount of redness in the recipient area. The temple points has subsided some, but still visible. The top above my forehead is still extremely noticeable. I e-mailed the clinic tonight since 12 weeks seems like a long time for the redness to still be there.
  5. Agreed. I’m happy with the way my left side looks, but not sure how the right will look in the end. Wait and see
  6. Definitely a bald spot/lack of hairs put in on my right side about a half an inch back... circled it in a previous post and it’s obvious now that the scabs have shed
  7. Agree I stopped for weeks prior and I won’t start again for at least a month after
  8. I went to Rahal in Canada. I was able to drive there
  9. Wow...mine would’ve been under $2,000 USD. I got 2700 grafts for around $12,000 USD. After seeing your result, that’s insane. Not sure I could do the travel to Turkey from the states though
  10. 3500 grafts for 2000 euros?! If I’m reading that right, how is that possible lol