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  1. John Doe

    Sun Exposure post-op

    This is my biggest fear as I'll be outside a lot and have a few beach vacations planned. Do you need to get a baseball cap that has upf protection or is that a marketing ploy? I know you shouldn't be wearing a mesh or trucker hat, but will a normal baseball cap be sufficient?
  2. John Doe

    First Time Poster

    Thanks....the waiting game is the worst. I wish I would have scheduled my surgery for September or October. Summer and vacations is gonna be a struggle with the sun/uv rays. I will make a new thread around the time I have my surgery and document the travel.
  3. John Doe

    First Time Poster

    Put my deposit down. My surgery date is scheduled for May in Ottawa. I’ll document the trip, pre, and post surgery when the time comes
  4. Anyone know if there’s red tape to get the growth guarantee for grafts not growing back
  5. Makes no sense bro. Piss or get off the pot. 99% of your postings are asking others for pics, saying if results are good or bad with critiques etc. Many have asked you for these things for weeks
  6. What is the rahal growth guarantee and how is this poster and others not going through that?
  7. John Doe

    First Time Poster

    So the price is going to be approximately $16,500 Canadian $12,500. I plan on paying with my credit card for the $1500 deposit then the rest in cash. How does the conversion work on the credit card? Do I take the remaining $11,000, pay then Rahals office will take to a bank to convert?
  8. John Doe

    First Time Poster

    Had a video chat today for about 45 minutes. Everything went great with James and Dr Rahal. I might end up trying to get the surgery in May or June and deal with looking like a mutant most of the summer. Rough quote is 2500 grafts.
  9. John Doe

    First Time Poster

    Hair grown out a bit more. Video consultation with Rahal tomorrow.
  10. John Doe

    First Time Poster

    I have had phone consultations with Tara from Rahal and a rep from H&W. Tara was really helpful and talked for about a half hour giving info and answering questions. Price is $8 per graft with H&W with a 10% discount. Price is $4.4 with Rahal (both USD). I was shocked by the price difference since both clinics do great work. I was leaning towards Rahal before due to ease of travel. Still leaning towards them
  11. Definitely lacking for 7 months imo
  12. Looks good. Are you happy with the results?
  13. I’m having a video consultation with Rahal in two weeks. Waiting to hear back from HW. Will try to do in person consultations after I get my passport. I’m to the point of one or the other