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  1. What kind of non-disclosure agreement do they want to make you sign ? You might want to look into https://lahairclinic.com/ there located there in Ca and there main surgeon was supposedly also trained by Armani results looks similar to Dr. Baubac but at a better price There youtube videos look interesting to me I plan on doing a consult with them when I get a chance https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCREE_00jx5pHTgJZzzYGYWg/videos
  2. I agree I'd really like to see much more before and after examples of non-Indian patients It's not only the possible thinner Caucasian hair but also maybe more importantly the higher contrast between lighter skin compared to the darker Indian skin
  3. Joe Tillman says in this video that once you commit to a clinic and they know your serious that all clinics will ultimately negotiate with you on price Wish he'd do a how to negotiate video
  4. No idea was wondering about the clinic myself some serious before and after pictures https://www.instagram.com/hairofistanbul/?utm_source=ig_embed
  5. Anyone familiar with these guys good bad ? Pretty aggressive before and after pictures
  6. Just over 7 months you have more improvements coming for sure
  7. Thanks Raphael if you run across any more temple restores just drop them here Thanks again
  8. Raphael84 Thanks I've seen this one before its been kinking around for a while it was like the only one I could find the top one I haven't seen before If you can find any more and post them that would be helpful
  9. Does Dr Bisangas ever do any temple point work? I know he can handle receded temples but I can never really find any good examples of him going down and restoring the full temple points
  10. How about Hair of Istanbul KING OF THE HAIR! https://www.instagram.com/hairofistanbul/ https://hairofistanbul.com/en/hair-of-istanbul-en/ Check the Fue extraction video fourth row pretty sick
  11. This video talks all about the importance of microscopes for singling out hairline grafts
  12. I think Dr. Demirsoy did a really out standing job on your hairline angles one of the best I've seen Looks like they took the time to make sure every single hair is pointing in the right direction
  13. You could always go see a dermatologist give you something to help clear you up I have that same problem Fin just seems to make my skin extra oily. Trying to eat cleaner limiting fried foods candies and chocolates. What also helps alot is I buy Antibacterial wet wipes and i add some extra alcohol to the package then clean my face with them a few times a day cuts through all excess oils makes a big difference
  14. Seems Bisanga just opened a new clinic in Greece where there charging 2.5 euro per graft https://bchairtransplant.com
  15. Some interesting video talk about Hair lines Microscopes singles doubles and multi hair grafts in the frontal hair line
  16. To the many people including me that are highly allergic to a chemical they put in the liquid Minoxidil called (PG) Propylene Glycol stick with the foam the foam don't contain it
  17. Can you post a picture of how the temples are coming along ?
  18. Serious chunk of money I'm surprised Erdogan didn't cut you some slack on your second procedure
  19. 5000 more grafts in the next few months I think things should explode your baseline blues will be just a faint memory