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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    Norwood III A
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    Maintain Existing Hair
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    I'm here for support

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    Propecia (Finasteride)
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  1. Lets have some opinions here Top 6 hairline doctors inside the US and top 6 outside ?
  2. Good question I'm interested to hear some reply's also
  3. JeanLDD Nice post hope I never in a position where I have to get a FUT
  4. Markee


    JJ your a much braver man then me I'm still trying to figure my next more heres my quiky story maybe you have some solid advice ? Lingering around the forums for many years trying to settle on a doctor that I felt confident enough to do this with also waiting till my loose to get ripe and my brain to feel desperate enough to actually do this craziness Settled on Erdogan can't go wrong with that guy what a relief actually be settle on 1 doctor unfortunately that didn't workout dude shot me down 3X over a year time citing miniaturization not a good candidate moving on sent my pictures around consulting to most of the the big name doctors none saw any issues all said good even went and saw a reliable local doctor said donor looks good to go Next stop settled on Dr. Maras HDC great track record going back many many years until I noticed something strange looking back at all his before and after pictures I don't see any temple work which is something i need done desperately so I ask his people if they could send me some examples of his work they sent me 1 or 2 examples when i asked for more they never got back to me . So I moved on next stop was Dr, Baubac was excited the guys results are impressive boom unexpectedly again shot down not a good candidate same miniaturization story this just happened a few days ago so just trying to figure out my next move Any suggestions ? not ready to just sit back and except this
  5. Markee


    Bro your like the hair transplant master with 9K grafts under your belt ☺️ How many HT procedures have you actually had done ?
  6. Markee


    Thats really good service you lucked into I'd like to try the minox/oral spiro combo where you getting that at ?
  7. Markee


    Good job I like that Online Consult Only $49.95 how many refills do you get before they make you do another $49.95 Consult https://www.reliablerxpharmacy.com/ is another very popular and cheap overseas pharmacy no script needed been using them for about 5yrs they always come through
  8. Markee


    Do you have a doctor that actually writes you a script for the 2 a day ?
  9. Markee


    Whats the most typical dose to start with and what are you taking after being on it for so many years ?
  10. I still might lets see what Baubac has to say Legend I'm going to pm you
  11. I'm just in the middle of doing an online consult with Dr. Baubac going back and forth in emails with his patient advisor Chad Waiting now to hear what the good doctor has to say .
  12. Hard to settle on a particular doctor keep changing my mind
  13. Yeah I'm following your thread already also looking forward to seeing how things turn out
  14. Take a look at Dr. Baubac Beverly Hills some of the best Fue work I've ever seen
  15. Nice job rebuilding your temple area also looks totally natural Alot of doctors tend to over look them