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Hair Loss Overview

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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    10 years +
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    Norwood III A
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    Maintain Existing Hair
    Considering Surgical Hair Restoration

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  1. Doctors say coronavirus could be spreading through farts – but experts aren’t so sure https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/11401962/doctor-coronavirus-people-spreading-farts/
  2. The original video posted to YouTube had over 1 million views before it was deleted for contradicting the World Health Organization and the NIH. This is the Plandemic video that YouTube keeps pulling down and all of the MSM and MSM repeat sites are venomously attacking with all tactics. The MSM is very afraid of people seeing this. There's several hundred billion reasons for that. https://banned.video/watch?id=5eb3062575314400169f3e6c&fbclid=IwAR1mdpcXMgJ30Bl6f_Iq3VQTHCkF_Z0Xbhsph7Z4eJNYvwDV0KxQ97gXotk
  3. Wondering is the row of super small single hairs running across his frontal hairline implanted hairs or are they his natural hairs somehow feathered or blended in with the implanted hairs? They almost look to good to be true.
  4. Men can now freeze their follicles in a HAIR BANK to help restore their locks later in life if they go bald https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-7306489/Pioneering-hair-transplant-therapy-gets-green-light-Government-start-freezing-follicles.html
  5. New uses of stem cells and 3-D printing could make baldness obsolete (for the wealthy). JAMES HAMBLIN JUL 25, 2019 https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2019/07/hair-for-all/594826/
  6. I have a feeling that NDA's are more common then you would think in the HT field
  7. I've looked through all there before and after pictures and can't seem to find even one patient where they actually did any temple point work. Can anyone point to one I may of missed ?
  8. Hair loss is progressive most should expect to loose more hair as we get older
  9. Wondering are H&W's listed prices in Canadian or US dollars? Hoping I could take advantage of the US to Canadian exchange rate like I can with Rahal ?
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