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  1. Not really seeing much anything new from Dr Rahal ?
  2. Waiting to see how you turnout before I start planing my next possible move with Rahal
  3. Reading these 2 below threads got me wondering if anyone knows the difference pros and cons between the two the devices  the DHI Choi pen which also seems to also be offered by Dr Clinik vs Koray's KEEP ? https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/47367-drkoray-erdogan-introduction-of-keep/ https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/52793-fue-2800-dhi-grafts-for-hairline-dr-emrah-cinik/?tab=comments#comment-488620
  4. This below thread got me wondering if anyone knows the pros and cons between the DHI method in which they utilise the choi pen which seems to be offered by Dr Clinik vs Koray's KEEP ? https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/52793-fue-2800-dhi-grafts-for-hairline-dr-emrah-cinik/?tab=comments#comment-488620
  5. Possible future patient here like to see more pictures also
  6. Home12312 Are the posts from your past procedures still kicking around you can point me to see ? JJ What did you do who did you decide to go with ?
  7. I have to agree with you about future loss in my case especially my mid scalp and crown area maybe on the way out but again almost everyone's hair loss is progressive and almost everyone may need or want additional surgeries in there futures sooner or later. That being said there are also countless surgeries done and posted right here where that first surgery was preformed right and theirs absolutely no need to even have to consider a second procedure for a long long long time. So as I search for the best option my expectations start right there I hope to get this done right the first time and not even have to think about additional surgeries for a long time to come. Below I've posted just a few links that quickly came to mind where just one procedure is all it took to get it right and there are many many more and many started with much worse hair-loss then mine. So I have to say If they can do it with a little help from my fellow hair-loss friends here hopefully so can I ? https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/49355-countdown-to-my-ht/?page=8&tab=comments#comment-486155 https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/50151-3500-scheduled-with-dr-cinik-1212/
  8. First of all for me I not really a big fan of incremental procedures my hope is to try get the job done and move on with my life not to go in already knowing upfront only part of the job is getting done ? I really really don't want to have go through this whole mess again after just a few years? Also something about this plan gives me the feeling like maybe this is part of a business model to maximize profits by focusing on setting up the customer for some continual future revisions in the end costing upwards of 30 to 40k ? As for the SMP it maybe a good idea looks wise for my particular issue but also adds to the feeling of more incremental temporary solutions and maybe of some up sell going on there jack up the bill SMP is also a hassle with some mandatory continual update procedures to maintain it I want to make the move get something done in 2019 still trying to find some better options in the end with all cons I'm still considering having him do it just having some problems getting on board is all Maybe a pre-op inperson consult is a good idea ?
  9. Yeah i delt with that guy Aaron first contact back in Aug then he transferred me over to some other dude James Freda he did my consult viewed me on cam took a day or 2 and they sent me there treatment plan after that I only heard from them one time asking me how I'm doing and if I ready to schedule. Replayed back told him still considering him against other doctors and asked him to make me a deal I can't refuse So what did you wind up doing ? I want to get this done some time in 2019 just having trouble getting on -board with his particular doctors plan
  10. Definitely would help to see some more resent personal reviews of the good doctors work How did your procedure turn out did you post your experience ? Here's some newer dated Youtube videos posted by Rahal's people https://www.youtube.com/user/rahalhairtransplant/videos
  11. I recently did a consult with Rahal and I found his recommendations interesting but still kind of caught me off guard and I'm having a hard time getting completely on broad with them I really didn't want to have to deal with incremental HT's or temporary ongoing procedures like SMP's and find myself still looking for a better alternative. Anyways here's some of what they had to say below along with a link to his pre and post op instruction and treatment plans and resent picture of my hair-loss wet Wondering how his pre and post treatment plans compare to other doctors I don't know if its just me but do they seem a little intense ? I ran your photos by Dr. Rahal and he agreed that it is a bit early to be targeting your crown area. The diffuse thinning you are experiencing in that area means high risk of shock loss so they fear is you will not see enough benefit to be worth targeting the area. He is however more then happy to fill in your temple angles and strengthen your hairline and frontal zones. You should also consider adding our PRP with your hair transplant, and as an ongoing treatment to prevent future loss.The cost to add it with your procedure is $650 +hst. The other procedure we discussed was Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP). I know you weren't a huge fan of the idea but it can be a great way to add density to your crown area that we are not targeting with surgery SMP is a small semi-permanent pigment that we do on the scalp to help boost the illusion of density by minimizing the contrast between your hair colour and skin tone. It lasts about 5 years. The cost for a density treatment for the crown area is $2,800.00 CAD+tax. It normally takes 2 treatments designed as a layering effect to give the most natural appearance and duplicate the appearance of native hair follicles. If this is of interest we could coordinate this to be done when you make the trip for surgery. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1tNfzdIOkxFUswS7eOXZG1seBKWuGVW6x https://drive.google.com/open?id=1y54RNvN-aMLfYT3SelO-rRjyaT3QgpxF
  12. Lucky i mean Lukey Thanks for the reply my fellow HT brother I don't know why they ignored my question they do seem to reply quickly with the initial generic reply but ignored any further questions regarding temple work I was just asking for some simple examples of the doctors work is all ? I'm thinking maybe they just don't have any good example pictures I really couldn't find any looking through all the doctors work Seems alot of doctors tend to shy away from it as it tends to take some added skills to get it right I'm going to go ahead and call them Thinking it might be a good idea for me if I could use you as a referral just to say like you refereed me is all I know your just a patient but I think being your one the doctors best results might help couldn't hurt
  13. Luke your results are every bit as good and even better then most or many top notch doctors charging 4 to 5x times as much its making me rethink reconsider my plan with Rahal I've sent Clinik my consult pictures a few times in the past year with just a few simple questions asking for some feedback or examples of the good doctors temple work and and they just ignored my questions and send me there same old generic reply Thinking maybe if you could hook me up with someone there like a referral coming through you they might take my more serious My last contact there was with Sera Ventura
  14. Markee

    Follow up/weight training.

    I'm seriously considering him Rahal  is definitely one of the very best HT doctors on the planet and with the exchange rate from Canadian To US Dollar its an excellent bargain