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  1. Oh wow !! This is great bud. Very happy for you. The year will fly for full fledged results and those temples will look great 👌😄 Enjoy India and have a safe flight back home😄
  2. I will swap the bank account( Almost empty) but not the hair🤣 Thank you for your input and following the progress 😊
  3. Thank you Melvin. The place I went for covid Jab questioned about my identity vs old picture on ID card 🤣 Thank you for all the support and honesty throughout 😊
  4. Thanks mate ☺ Hope it gets even better 😄 Still fully commited haha...Just booked a beach holiday as fully vaccinated now😅
  5. Hey guys Hope all is good. I am excited to share this update as I feel that some kind of magic has happened in past 2 weeks 😄 What are your thoughts? Feel like its improving. Thank you everyone for all your support ☺
  6. Thank you Melvin. I hope so too☺ I have been counting my daily Macros since Jan 1 and combine cardio and strength training 5 days a week. Cheat meal is once every 10 days😄
  7. Hey folks I agree that with an aggressive approach during the first HT might have been a bad idea. However the onus is on the surgeon to explain the patient about the expected outcome which in my case didnt happen. I also agree with some members here that I was repeatedly told that density will be achieved over time but it didnt happen. However, I wanted to be positive and went ahead with the 2nd touch up. Again, I completely agree that a free touch up may sound fantastic but it did cost me flight, my time, holidays from work, emotional stress and had to go through the recovery phase. As you all know that my journey on this forum has been nothing but 100% truth so here is what went through my mind after 12 months of 1st HT. Doctors said that they were also unsure why the density was not achieved after 12 months so I wanted to give them another chance. After the touch up, 6 months have now passed so lets give another 6 months. Still if the results are not achieved, then I will be convinced that there is someone else out there who would have done a better job. Until then lets not jump the gun and hopefully things will be different in Dec 2021. I didnt take finasteride during my 1st transplant but taking it regularly since the touchup. Only time will tell how the results pan out. No offence to Eugenix team as I just want to share my true thoughts. Regards
  8. I completely agree with you and thats why its important how the hair is styled. Hair fibres are going to be my best friends for quite a while I suppose
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