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  1. Hey Lenney. Thanks for the above. My surgery is on 21st and ill be in the airport on 22nd at 11pm. I hope it will be fine 😳 I am planning to take saline spray over 100ml with me in the plane. Will this add extra hour to go through security? Thanks
  2. The time is coming closer and I can truly say that I am very excited. Hiding baldness has never been easy and I hope the surgery will be a coincidence booster. I want to thank everyone on this forum for all the help and suggestions including their own journey. I will definitely return the favour once I get my HT done and will post my journey. I truly believe that Eugenix and Dr Sethi and the team are one of the best and I feel secure . Watch this space as 12 days left for my surgery. Feel free to ask any questions. Cheers
  3. Cheers bud. With the fibres, normally fibre locking spray is used as well but spray might get in contact with the scalp. You might want to check with the doc about that unless someone has experience on this forum.
  4. Thanks for posting this bud. Few more months before the new hair starts growing. I am sure Ill be like you checking me out every 2 mins haha... Wish you all the best 😊 It would be good to hear from someone on this forum using the hair fibres during the shedding phase as I am not going with shaved option πŸ˜€
  5. Thanks for sharing this bud. Wish you a speedy recovery of the donor and growth for the transplanted hair
  6. Brilliant bud. You finally did it. Hairline looks natural.Look forward to the pictures. All the best for tmw :)
  7. Hey mate. Great growth and journey. Just wondering why are you taking Finasteride as its not for the new transplanted hair. Are you taking it to keep the existing hair in good form? Thanks
  8. Hey mate. Wish you all the best. Can I ask, why are you taking Finasteride as its not required for new transplanted hair?
  9. Thanks mate. I have been told that new Hair are not dependent on Fin so dont see any reason to take it. Existing hair may stay on for another 10 year I think.