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  1. Thanks mate. Things are a bit slow as on zero medication. Hopefully things will pick up. Just saw your journey. Your growth looks amazing
  2. 3 months and 12 days. Right in the middle of ugly duckling phase. Some pictures taken just now. Massaging avacado oil every night as scalp gets dry after the wash. What do you all think? I am taking zero medication.
  3. 3 months update and latest pictures after hair wash. Scalp gets itchy so using coconut oil and it helps. No new hair. Just the ones that didnt shed are growing. Same with the temples. No Finasteride so growth will take its time.
  4. Thanks Melvin. Not a great sight to look in the mirror haha.... With the corona virus pandemic, I have been asked to work from home. So not using any concealers from past 7 days and wont be for another week. Its good to leave scalp free from everything for a bit. But yes, concealers are my best friend if I have to go to work :)
  5. Deadly. Growth seem to have finally kicked inπŸ˜ƒ Looking great budπŸ‘πŸ‘
  6. Hey bud 2.5 months. Latest pictures just taken No new hair. Only the ones that didnt shed grow longer but I trim them. Being patient !!
  7. Exact 2 months today. All I can do is wait now. I am on no medication at all as want to get the results in natural way and in its own time. Head gets itchy as using dove baby shampoo. Been using coconut oil to soothe the scalp. Aloe vera doesnt work for me anymore. Makes my scalp dry. I give myself haircut every 5 days. Use number 1 or less to give a buzz cut.
  8. Week 6 Hey folks. This post is for people who only shed around 30% and how to disguise. Before and after pictures. After pictures- Combination of dermmatch and nanogen fibres.
  9. Hey everyone. Sorry for the delay in posting pictures. Day 42. Week 6 since the HT. Pictures below after shower and dry hair. Using Nizoral once or twice a week due to the whole head being itchy. The baby shampoo makes my scalp very dry. Aloe vera gel didnt relieve itchiness. I dont know how much I have shed. Temples have shed a lot though. During shower, I see few small hair but not a lot. Is this called an ugly duckling phase? If yes, I am beating the phase by using dermmatch and fibres. Please let me know your thoughts. I am taking no medication at all !! Thanks
  10. Hey bud, I am buzzing it carefully but cos I am doing it myself, its hard to keep it all even. Yes, some patches are visible but I want to keep whole head buzzed at same level. I hide transplanted area with dermmatch and fibres so everything looks same. Posting latest pictures in 10 minutes