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  1. So happy for you bud. Really good growth and you are a hope to so many in the same boat. It also looks very natural and well done for keeping that routine of yours. Me , you and Paddy need to catch up after a year for sure
  2. Cheers bud and was good to see you. Almost didnt recognise you with all that hair haha... DIY cuts are meant to be like that. You havent seen mine yet Fingers crossed for the coming months
  3. Thanks mate for your opinion and motivation Dr Sethi mentioned to grow hair longer in the donor but I keep it buzzed down as it compliments with the rest. Also, I have lots of grey and dont want to use colour right now Also working from home so it doesnt bother me much. I do see improvement myself and only in past 2 weeks. I hope this will improve further. I really appreciate you following my progress. By the way, your growth is phenomenal. Very happy for you
  4. 6 month update Dear members I hope everyone is well and safe. Today, I have completed my 6 months since I got my HT from Eugenix on Dec 21-22, 2019 in New Delhi, India. It seems like a dream. My trip from Ireland, connecting flights, Million people, Experience during surgery and flying back within 4-5 days. Waiting game is still on and I hope the results will be as expected. I would like to start with a positive note and would like to share my pictures before the surgery. This reminds me from where I started and I can only say that it was a great decision to get the HT done. My progress so far: Overall growth- This has improved in terms of hair has grown longer giving an illusion of density. Month 6 has been an improvement from months 4 & 5 as per the pictures. Mid frontal: Need some improvement in terms of density. Hopefully next 3 months will help. Right temple: I am happy how this has turned out Left temple: Definitely some improvement but still needs some density Back and sides: Buzz cut makes the surgery visible. I believe if I let the hair grow, it will be better. However, keeping back and sides short makes the top looks fuller. Daily routine: I have been very strict with my diet, exercise and this has not changed as per my previous post. Also massaging Avacado oil before sleeping and using Revita shampoo. Thanks to Eugenix and the team for always replying to my queries and special thanks to Dr Sethi for always being there when I needed. Also, a big shout out to all the members who have immensely supported so far and all the honest suggestions/advice so far. Please let me know what you think and if in your opinion the growth will or may improve in the coming months. Regards
  5. Hey mate. Pictures arent very clear but I think its looking fine. I am almost 6 months and quite patchy. I think you should give it time. Is the area dry, itchy? Others can perhaps advise on the redness. The truth is that 12 months are needed to know the results especially for slow growers.
  6. Imagine I wake up with all that extra hair. That would be deadly πŸ˜ƒ Very happy for you mate😊
  7. That would be amazing Abhinay πŸ˜ƒ Would love to interact or know fellow slow growers. Thank you for being here when needed. Really appreciate it. Cheers
  8. Sure mate. Take your time and look forward to your update. Yes, time is flying. 6 months on June 22ndπŸ‘
  9. Its indeed a great result but I cannot compare it with mine. I am not on any medication and I believe it takes full 12 months to know if the surgery was a success. I am hopeful that it will beπŸ‘ Also my suggestion to anyone out there is to keep all the possibilities in mind. Dont get carried away by videos of amazing transformation in 4-5 months as this one. The best results become the face of marketing and one may start expecting moon and stars watching such videos. I am a prime example of what kind of expectations to set and atleast you will not get disheartened. It takes time and longer than 12 months in some cases. It would be a great idea for clinics to create a video with someone who is a slow grower. I do not believe that only 5% fall in this category and specially if someone is not taking medication. However, One thing I can confirm is that Eugenix is always there when I need them and this is very very important. Dr Sethi is always there whenever I have panicked or had any questions about my growth. Thanks for following my progress and Stay safe !! 6 month update will be posted on 22-23 June
  10. Thanks Gatsby. Yes, as I am a slow grower, I am pretty sure that I can only know at month 12, if the transplant is a success for me. Would be nice to see early growth though. The lockdown has saved me somehow by not going to work with patchy head or I would have been too conscious about what colleagues might think πŸ˜ƒ This has let me come to the terms that I am ok to wait longer. In my case another 6 months and some days. Thanks for following my progress and really appreciate your honest opinion 😊 Cheers