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  1. Sorry.My bad. I read it and quite surprised as Dr Bhatti has quite a good reputation. I hope you get a full growth back at the donor side and surely you can sort the hairline once it fully grows. Who knows you might actually start liking it.
  2. I completely agree. I chose the surgeon through this forum and I will openly say who will do my HT and share the pictures etc. What is the point of this forum otherwise !!
  3. Hey mate. Think you should wait atleast for few months and decide accordingly if you actually need to repair it
  4. All I can say is to do a thorough research as I have heard horror stories from people who went to Turkey to get the HT done. Only a handful of reputable surgeons are known. You can check all the forums and reviews to start with.
  5. Hey bud. Not trying to be funny here but you sound as if you are merely doing marketing for the clinic. Trust me, this tactic puts off everyone and does not work. This forum is quite transparent and let everyone do their research before they make a decision. Thanks
  6. Hey buddy. I am going with option 1 as I am told that 100% incisions are done by Dr Sethi/Bansal and they are pretty much involved throughout the surgery. I just want to have peace of mind considering that its my head I would suggest that you have a video call with the doctor and let them see the areas on your head that needs HT. In my case my crown is thinning and not completely gone bald but my frontal part has receded quite a bit including hairline and temples. Let us know how you get on. Cheers
  7. Hey buddy. I signed for option 1 and 100% incisions are done by Doctor Sethi/Bansal. The rest is partially done by them and supervised. Cost Rs 120 per graft. They offer 20% discount if you book 3 months before surgery date. 18% tax is extra. In Option 2, 100% incisions ARE NOT DONE by Dr Sethi/Bansal. Think their involvement might be around 20-30%. Not saying results wont be good but you will have to choose what you feel is best for you. @DXB001 had similar query and so did I. This is what I have gathered. Have a video call with Dr Sethi and please ask them directly as well and update us too. Cheers
  8. Hey mate. You Need to re- take pictures by putting all your hair back as I think you bring the back hair to the front to cover baldness. Once you do that, I can compare with mine. I think you might need around 3000-3500 grafts and only frontal and hairline. crown might need to be done in next 5-8 years maybe depending if you take Fin. In any case , please take new pictures. Cheers
  9. Cheers mate. I hope once the hair is grown, I dont have to use them on the frontal part apart from my crown area only as hair is thinning but can survive.
  10. Yes, mate. I am using from past 8 years and its mad how I can hide the baldness. However, its scary to see no hair after the shower
  11. Hey mate. Thanks for posting this and I wish you all the best with the growth. Is it possible for you to posts step by step procedure done on you. I know this will take some of your time so no rush but it would great to know the steps at each stage. Many thanks
  12. Would it be recommended to use fibres after 2 weeks of transplant or will it damage the grafts? I am going with the no shave option and only getting frontal part done.
  13. Hey mate i also have thinned crown and was told to go on Fin but hairline needs to be done so booked my surgery with Eugenix in December this year. Have you decided on Doctor yet? It would be good to know people who are in touch with Eugenix and what are their thoughts. Cheers
  14. Hey mate. I did not have HT yet and from past 8 years I have been using nanogen aquamatch , hair fibre and hair locking spray. Expensive but cant be without it. Hence one of the reasons that i finally will be going ahead with HT this year You might shed some light on that I am going for no shave HT as doing my frontal and hairline so once shedding starts, could I sprinkle fibres on that area and spray locking spray? Plan is to bring longet hair on back t cover frontal part until it grows.Will this damage the growth of new grafts?