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  1. One more thing. @Melvin-Moderatorthanks for the work you do. Your professionalism and facilitation makes this forum a serious and impartial place. It's one of the most well moderated communities I've ever had the pleasure of joining. Sincerely, thank you.
  2. 12 months in the book. Has been a a fulfilling journey. I have nothing but the deepest gratitude to the Eugenix team for giving me my hair and confidence back. I can recommend, without reservation, their services and hope my pictures and documentation can help someone else make an informed decision about their own hair restoration options. As usual have added different views. 1) Barely towel dried in direct sunlight like if you’re at the beach. 2) Towel dried outside 3) styled with clay no fibers indoors4) Same as #3 but in direct sunlight 5) Same as #3 but outside. I do feel that a year’s worth of Rogaine has helped my crown somewhat. Not a massive difference but noticeable. This is it for me until 18 months. Will be back with one more update at that time. Peace, Fluff
  3. Eugenix explains it well in this video: I have personally experienced it myself, and apparently @Zoomsterhas also. I think that case by case there are many factors at play, but I would assume the primary one is how many transplanted hairs actually grew in the first place. If less than full growth was achieved, the desynchronization phase might be more obvious. Also gotta remember that your native hair isn’t guaranteed to stick around even if you’re on Finasteride. Miniaturization of native hairs will impact the result over time. For me it hasn’t caused much of a drop in the overall aesthetic, but it does strengthen the urge to bulk up what I have with a second pass. For us poor bastards suffering from hair loss, it’s a never ending fight. Just have to stay hopeful and consistent. 😊
  4. I too have experienced a fair amount of anagen desynchronization. My theory is that the "12 month" result for Eugenix patients actually happens around month 11 because most of us experience such early growth. I believe it will come back, but it definitely looks a little disconcerting. Overall, however, both of our results are very good, and a little density work will make them even better. Happy New Year, brother!
  5. Praying for the best @paddyirishman. In this world of COVID uncertainty, I'm feeling despondent that we haven't heard you in almost 6 months. I asked Nelson to reach out to you on WhatsApp, and he said he wasn't able to get a response. Waiting for the day that you suddenly show back up on the forum with locks of hair that would make Elvis envious. Hoping your absence is just a ploy to build up the greatest possible anticipation for your 12 month result. 😄
  6. Welcome to the Eugenix fraternity! Post op looks A+. Not a ton of hairline cases like this from Eugenix, so I hope you continue to update us. I'm finishing up 12 months very soon and am thrilled with my result. Looks like you're set up for success. Have a speedy recovery and happy growing!
  7. In person and under certain lighting it's not great. I would prefer it be filled in. I think I've just experienced some shedding, though, which is natural and to be expected. I've already started to experience some regrowth in that area. Should look better by month 12.
  8. The journey itself has been fascinating. Regrowth is not linear, transplanted hair isn't suddenly immune to the laws of nature and surgeons are humans who unfortunately don't have all the answers and/or the perfect plan for your particular head or individual biochemistry. The restoration process is a fluid one without a rote formula for guaranteeing success. Overall I'm very pleased with my outcome. I'm in no rush to take the next steps. Will enjoy what I have for the time being.
  9. When that balding guy isn’t so far behind in the rearview mirror, it’s hard not to wish for the bullet proof hairline when it seems so close. Hair greed is real. Ha. Thanks for stopping by, Melvin.
  10. Thanks man. Has been fun to be on this 12 month journey with such a solid dude. Appreciate all the support.
  11. Happy holidays, Gatsby! Wishing you the fullest head of hair money can buy in 2021.
  12. 11 months! Time positively flies. Excited for this final stretch before my 1 year anniversary. Has been a helluva year. Nothing much to report, and I don't think I've seen much improvement over month 10. I have started to experience some anagen desynchronization in the hairline. The persistent gap toward the middle right hand side has once again become slightly problematic. I think I simply need a few more grafts to strengthen it up. Will enjoy what I've got until it becomes possible to zip back over to India for a touchup. Always available for questions. Hope you gentlemen have a wonderful Christmas season and happy New Year! -Fluff
  13. Ain't nothing wrong with a little pixie dust. Looks phenomenal in this picture. I use it on my crown as well when I have a client meeting. Really a difference maker. When you and @Looking for HTgo back, let me know. Will join for a touchup myself. Looking forward to the 12 month update!
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