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  1. Little late posting my 9 month update, but the pictures were taken last week at 9 months exactly. Have seen a little new growth in the last 30 days, but mainly it's just thickening at this point. As usual have taken a variety of shots - towel dried fresh out the shower, under harsh downlight, standing on my balcony dried+ styled and a few other randoms. Please excuse the digital artifacts in some photos. When I import from my phone, I have to convert them to jpg. Too lazy to do it again to get perfect photos. 😅. Happy to answer any questions!
  2. I have no idea. I’m just telling you what I used. Turnaround time in my case was around two days. Getting the medical visa allows you to go back into the country in the unlikely event you have an issue with your transplant. I can’t vouch for the other service but I can for this. Good luck.
  3. I got an e-medical visa with these guys: https://www.ivisa.com Easy and flawless. Highly recommended.
  4. The day I checked into the clinic the team showed me a client testimonial video they'd just shot. It featured this slick bald middle-aged Irish guy, well spoken, affable and relaxed talking about his experience at Eugenix. It struck me how generous this guy was to shoot a video before he even went under the knife. Over the past 9 months, it's been incredible to see the transformation you've undergone. This result is nothing but aces. I know it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. Stoked for you, man.
  5. Your donor area is ridiculously thick. It appears you could harvest another 3000 and not miss a beat. Your touchup procedure is going to get you where you want to be and then some. Yes, you'll have to go through another ugly duckling stage, but it will be a small price to pay for the end result. My guess is Dr. Sethi can't wait to have another shot at this. You definitely look better than where you started. No doubt about that. Hope you continue to keep us updated through month 12. All the best, mate. Fluff
  6. Since getting my transplant, I’ve been to 2 different barbers. Neither have noticed that I had a transplant. I still haven’t gone back to my stylist of 10+ years. I’m waiting for the final result first. Her feedback is what I’ll use to benchmark the result. She’s brutally honest 😊. As far as how it looks coming out of the pool, I would refer to the pictures above with wet hair. Would look similar to that. I have not, however, been to the pool since my surgery. The hair in the frontal 1/3 has a different texture. This is especially noticeable in the first 6 rows. I don’t think it’s u
  7. The middle part of the hairline is filling in now. Trust the process! 😊 Thanks for stopping by, Nelson.
  8. Have taken finasteride for 21 years. Have never, ever had an issue getting an erection. My sex drive has decreased over time, but that may have something to do with being in a monogamous relationship for 13 years. To be honest, it's fine. Much less of a nuisance. Not everyone has the same enthusiasm for sex. It comes down to individual relationships and whether or not both parties are comfortable with the frequency of sexual congress. For me, having hair is more important. How you look impacts your everyday life. If that means I bust a nut less frequently, then so be it. Will pop finaste
  9. Your wisdom is always appreciated, @Mycroft. I'm optimistic that things will continue to improve. My hair can definitely be a bit uncooperative at times. There's distinct kinkiness in the hairline. It's been around a month since my last haircut, so it's time to get it trimmed which always helps the look. I know that I shouldn't expect much growth from this point, so judging by the state of my hair at the moment, I'll almost definitely be looking at a second sitting. Will have to decide if Eugenix is the right clinic for the next round. Will make that decision at the year mark. Appreciate
  10. I am definitely not unhappy! 😄 I know what a critical decision this is for so many. My primary objective is to provide clear pictures and analysis of my hair at each of the monthly milestones. I fully understand that second sitting is required in many cases, and I'm prepared to take that step if necessary. Continuous improvement is what I'm after. Thanks for your support, Melvin.
  11. Yesterday was 8 months on the dot, so you guys are owed an update! Have definitely seen some darkening and maturing in the last 30 days. The gaps in the hairline have become less noticeable, so I'm feeling much better about my overall appearance. My left side is weaker than my right side. Not sure if fewer grafts were placed there, if the grafts didn't take, or if I've seen some hair loss behind the hairline. Probably all three are possible :). I'm adjusting to it, however, so the obsessive side of my personality is paying less and less attention to it over time. I'm providing several se
  12. Sorry to hear you've been going through a rough month, Zoom. My guess is that you have an incredible support structure of friends and family to help you through whatever you're facing. This result is simply phenomenal. Every month it keeps getting better and better. Comparing your initial before shots with where you are right now it is like looking at a completely different person. I'm so stoked for you, buddy. The Eugenix team crushed this one. The weaker mid scalp density isn't really that noticeable to my eyes. From the front your hair is a 10/10. Can't wait for your month 9 upda
  13. Your donor area looks phenomenal at this length. It's definitely the sweet spot. I need to revise my earlier comment! Granted you can't really rock a fade, but that's a small price to pay for a fuller head of hair. Looks like you still have a ton of grafts back there, so a touchup procedure won't be an issue at all. First 6 layers in the hairline remain problematic, but it appears everything else continues to thicken. Your profile shots are looking much stronger now. I think the temple points are looking a tad better as well. I think my primary gripe is that they don't really match the s
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