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  1. I'm not sure about the guard he used to do the back and sides. I've never had a haircut like this in my life. Thanks, man. Yeah, that's why I wanted to document my case on this forum and why I'll continue to update until the full 12 months is up. When I was researching Eugenix, I wasn't able to find a comp with my hair type nor was the clinic able to provide me with an example. Hopefully, my journey will be able to help someone else. I'm still hoping for some thickening and perhaps 1 more growth spurt. Haven't seen many new hairs emerging of late, so perhaps that phase is over for me. Either way my look has completely changed and my donor is A+. It's nothing but a win at this point. Thanks for stopping by my thread.
  2. It's been exactly 180 days (6 months) since my procedure. Got a fresh haircut this morning, and I'm super pleased with how things have turned out thus far. If this was my final result, I would be satisfied. There are a few areas that haven't reached maximum density and could be stronger, but I remain optimistic that these areas will fill in by month 9. Have included some outdoor shots in direct sunlight also. My care regimen remains the same. Honestly, I can't tell if the minoxidil is helping all that much because I still feel like I'm losing hair on my crown. Given my family history, the best I can hope for is mitigation. Perhaps I'll return to Eugenix at the 1 year mark for a quick hairline touchup and 500-700 grafts in the crown area. I definitely have a wee bit of hair greed now. 😁 Will continue to update every month. Hope you're all doing well! -Fluff
  3. Awesome progress. You've lost a decade, man. You using any products to style your hair or is this look au naturel?
  4. It’s really coming through now. You can see the hairline filling in, and the temple points are looking much better. It’s framing your face in a way that was absent before. Compared with where you started it’s a massive cosmetic improvement. My guess is that in a month it will be difficult to tell you had a transplant. Also, don’t feel the donor area is as noticeable as it was before. I feel your hair skin contrast is high which has amplified it some. Has Dr Sethi remarked on this at all? So happy to see so much progress. You’ve been a warrior of positivity through all of this. A real example for other slow growers on this board. Can’t wait for month 7. Keep it growing, man!
  5. Ha! Will definitely be changing my avatar when I've completed my 1 year journey. I'm sure the team @Eugenix Hair Science will treat you well. You'll be in world class hands with both Dr. Arika and Dr. Sethi. Will be looking forward to following your transformation! All the best. -Fluff
  6. The last 2 weeks of month 5 I saw an explosion of growth in my hairline. All the fine singles suddenly just appeared at once. Was a very encouraging sign. I wore a hat constantly for 20 years. Can't tell you what a relief it is not to reach for that every time I want to leave the house. Just a freeing experience. So thankful for the team @Eugenix Hair Science for coming through for me. Hoping my 12 month results will be poster worthy for them. Thanks for stopping by my thread!
  7. I had limited work done on my temple points. At first, Dr. Arika said I didn't need it, but I insisted on having a small touchup. They implanted 60 grafts on each side. I'm thrilled with the cosmetic effect from such a small number of grafts. I agree with. you that when a doctor does good temple points, that's a solid indicator of their overall skill. Thanks for stopping by on my thread. I'm really happy with my results thus far.
  8. Thanks man. The last 2 weeks have brought an explosion of growth. Your day is coming soon.
  9. Hair was long for the faux combover I was rocking. Now that I have a hairline, it’s going to be short cuts and fades for as long as I can keep what I’ve got! 😁😁
  10. Today is technically 5 months, so I’m going to post a quick update. Will do a full featured report with different lighting, wet hair, etc. at month 6. Hairline has started to fill in and thicken up. I am seeing new shoots each week. Density behind the hairline is getting better too. I would say the result is starting to hit its stride. In certain lighting conditions, like bathrooms and down lights, it’s fairly thin looking, but it’s getting better all the time. I feel it’s looking less and less like I’ve had a transplant. Donor is mind blowing. Truly impeccable work. Dr Arika said she went 1700 grafts before she had a transacted follicle. The final result speaks to that. I can barely tell any density loss in the back. Current Routine: Finasteride 1mg x 1 Dutasteride .5mg 1/ week Biotin 10,000 daily Multivitamin daily Minoxidil - crown only - 2x per day. Pictures taken with no styling products or concealers, but I did take the dryer to the front to give it a standup look. Happy growing, gents!
  11. Genetics on my Mom’s side of the family were stacked against me - all the men are Norwood infinity. If I hadn’t jumped on finasteride my hair would’ve been toast. I’ve had numerous shedding events over the years, and each time my hair has grown back ever so slightly thinner. I haven’t noticed any of the commonly complained about sides. I will be on finasteride forever.
  12. As a leader and mentor on this forum, such a standout result could not happen to a better guy. So stoked for you @paddyirishman. The final result is going to be a home run for sure.