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  1. This is phenomenal. What did you look like to start? Would love a before and after. This right here is the dream. Money well spent for a slam dunk result like this. Kudos to you for getting what you want.
  2. This goes to show why doing your research about HTs is important. Shock loss? No problem. It will work itself out. Love the knowledgeable approach. Early days. The best is yet to come. Will be following your progress closely!
  3. How are things coming along, friend? Hit us with an update when you can 🙂.
  4. In my next update I’m going to post some less flattering shots of my hairline. I think it’s important to be as transparent as possible. It’s far from perfect, but there’s still time. I feel your frustration. Your mature, adult response has been incredible, and I hope your final result comes through. You definitely deserve it. That said, if it doesn’t meet your expectations in the end, do you think you’ll go back for a second pass?
  5. Incredible. You must be thrilled. Will echo Melvin here. Your back is shredded. Goals all around! 😎
  6. Love your positivity, man. My guess is that’s gotten you far in life. The hairs are definitely thickening up, but it looks like the density in the first 6 rows and temple points is lagging behind still. The mid scalp and forelock have improved dramatically though. If you get a chance, it would be great to see a bird’s eye view of your hair. Thanks for continuing to provide regular updates. Your post is a clear, honest and well documented case for the forum. Looking forward to 8 months.
  7. I feel this constitutes an excellent result. Congrats and enjoy!
  8. I told Dr. Arika to choose my hairline. After the initial consult, I felt 100% confident that she'd take the most ethical and conservative approach possible. I was naive and pushing for a mega 3500+ graft session, but she said that was totally unnecessary. I hate to think what might've happened if I'd gone to Turkey. I feel good knowing that I have enough grafts left to bulk up my hairline and mid scalp area when I'm ready. Thanks for your continued support @BjornBorg
  9. Thank you! I've been on Finasteride for 20 years. I can't help but think that's a contributing factor, especially in my donor area.
  10. Sometimes I can't believe it's real. Completely changed the way I look at myself. Looking forward to the next 6 months. Thanks for checking in!
  11. When I saw your pics initially, I thought a result like this in a single pass was impossible. Truly stunning. Game changing result. Eugenix about to get hard to book. So happy for you.
  12. I'm not sure about the guard he used to do the back and sides. I've never had a haircut like this in my life. Thanks, man. Yeah, that's why I wanted to document my case on this forum and why I'll continue to update until the full 12 months is up. When I was researching Eugenix, I wasn't able to find a comp with my hair type nor was the clinic able to provide me with an example. Hopefully, my journey will be able to help someone else. I'm still hoping for some thickening and perhaps 1 more growth spurt. Haven't seen many new hairs emerging of late, so perhaps that phase is over for me. Either way my look has completely changed and my donor is A+. It's nothing but a win at this point. Thanks for stopping by my thread.