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  1. That is definitely at your own discretion and you're not the first to think like this. Every person whos eventually started on finasteride were at some point in time thinking they wouldn't possibly commit to a drug. However, according to studies, the instances of side effects were very low, and this was consistent even in a long term study, such as the 10 year term done in Japan. There are also over 10 million prescriptions cut for finasteride in the states alone.
  2. Pretty large contradictions. "You want to appear NW2 for life" but will not maintain NW2 without medication. You "don't want to think about your hair", but yet you say you'll conceal and do other things to give the appearance. and it of course just gets harder to conceal as you go down that path
  3. Lmao what made you rethink finasteride? In the post previous you said it was just hair
  4. Oh oh.. a case where a very reputable doctor advised a young patient to consider FUE over FUT.. this should rally a few people up. Everything looks amazing, you'll get great density and I'm looking forward to seeing your final result
  5. Lol where do you get info that Bisanga could only extract 4K grafts from?
  6. Agree with the comment above. Your donor has thinned and you have a lot of loss. You would be spending a lot of money to not get what you likely expect. But you have a great head shape and a crazy good beard, I would rock that and never have to worry about hair again
  7. I went to a whole foods store and bought some all organic thing. But what I’d recommend is getting Regenpure NT (nourishing treatment), that one doesn’t contain any ketoconazole or sulfates. Wait maybe 2 months then you could use their Regenpure DR that contains a mild 1% keto. You could find it on amazon
  8. My instructions were to use baby shampoo until the 2 week mark, after that recommended I use a gentle shampoo, try to find something without any sulfates and more natural ingredients. and the other instruction was to avoid nizarol and head and shoulders until 3 months, as they may be too hard for you grafts
  9. PRP is definitely not able to replace finasteride. The breezula trials are promising for its safety but I’m not sure how much binding affinity it has to the receptor. I believe it’ll be a promising thing to add with finasteride
  10. It likely wasn’t aggressive, you just hadn’t noticed it as it’s hard to detect on time. And coming off finasteride for 2 months isn’t a massive problem, you are likely to regain that ground, and you may have been experiencing a shed. yeah you could address the the hair line now, but you may have a bigger problem later if you don’t see how you progress on fin.
  11. Diffuse thinner, think you would benefit more from meds than a transplant. Right now the risks of surgery outweigh the benefit as you may shock as much hair as you try to replace. This in my experience searching online, seems to be the type of hair loss that responds best to treatment. You could get thickening throughout and you’ve hardly receded at the hairline. Wouldn’t consider anything till you try fin, my opinion .
  12. It’s pretty crazy how localized your loss is. The midscalp seems untouched
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