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  1. I know we all like to fall victim to clinics marketing their results on YouTube, especially that of dr. Couto, but if a result like this is possible with that many grafts, are we getting to a point where transplants are good enough to suffice for restoration? it seems to me that this guy will get complete coverage even if his loss continues. Is this rare? How far could someone expect their donor area to take them? i ask this of course because if hair transplants could give us all our coverage back, we likely wouldn’t ever medicate, even with less density. Are there a lot of cases where patients opt out of medication and just play their chances with donor management ?
  2. I could answer for H&W, yes they do have technicians who do the extractions. The doctor is involved in originally discussing the plan with you, I.e graft total, where to draw the hairline etc.. and then after his technicians are done creating extractions, the doctor comes back into the room to make incisions for where your grafts will go. After he’s done, another group Of techs will place the grafts in. this is a pretty consistent practice Among many of the top surgeons. Only a handful do the extractions themselves, dr. Diep is one that I know that does it. However, consulting with dr. Hasson, rahal, Bisanga and eugenix, they all have technicians who do the extractions. this isn’t a problem, if H&w are putting out consistent results, they have a good team behind them. If you’re choosing H&W, you’re going with one of the best in the world. as for everything else mentioned, someone else may be better equipped to answer. Whether you should do it now, depends on long term medication use & and family history to try to see where you’ll be headed down the road. A lot of the good FUE results I see here, guys could shave their hair down to as little as 0.5 and it’s hardly noticeable. Look up mike thurston on YouTube, he had an fue done and keeps his hair very short, so that could be an example of the expectations
  3. You wrote “in our experience” and “we” who are you writing on behalf of ?
  4. I’m in a very similar situation and was quoted 2,000-2,500 by doctors when I consulted online and in person. Did you take medication to maintain your hair to that level ?
  5. My father in his mid 30s, and my father now at 65. Receded to a Norwood 3 id say, with the M shaped hairline.. then stopped receding, just over time his hair has thinned slowly, which I’d say is quite normal given his age. But for the 30 years in between he didn’t lose much ground. Crown is thinner but still has enough hair in the mid, I even think if he cared enough, which he doesn’t, he would be able to recover most his hair with a transplant now
  6. Perhaps they'll get closer with DNA manipulation within 20 years, they're begun doing some other interesting things with it.
  7. In my case, do you believe there will be some level of predicting the loss and getting ahead of it? I ask because around the temples of course there are hairs that are just holding on but its been obvious to me for a few years that eventually they'll go. So if he transplanted right to the points where the hair is stronger, and replaces the weaker thin native hairs I believe it would create a cosmetic improvement. Is shock loss generally something someone should worry about if they haven't chosen a good surgeon, or is more a physiological thing ?
  8. Is there a correlation to how thick your beard is and your MPB?
  9. Thank you for all the suggestions
  10. Thanks for the reply. I consulted with Dr. Rahal in person, because thankfully he also operates in Toronto. All other doctors including H&W, Bisanga, Diep, eugenix and a couple of others I reached out to online and for the most part they all told me roughly the same thing and the general consensus was 2-2.5k grafts would suffice and the final count would be something we would agree on day of surgery. As for Dr. Rahal, he looked at my head briefly and estimated that he wouldn’t go more than 2,500 grafts. Maybe the pictures don’t depict it well but there is some further recession past the hairline, mainly in the temples. Anyway they all directed my attention to the possibility of further loss, but I’ve been told that my donor area is above average. (one of rahals consultants even estimated 8,400 grafts, but I honestly don’t know how he derives that number and won’t go off it until a surgeon tests, and measures it correctly, to tell me how much is in the bank) But you’re right, at this point I’m trying to weigh the potential for a cosmetic improvement with the conservation of my donor for the future. It’s a tricky business. May I ask how long you’ve been on meds and what dosage ? Has it worked to stabilize for you ? Any noticeable problems ? cheers