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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    Norwood II
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    Maintain and Regrow Hair

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    Dr. Hussain Rahal
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    Propecia (Finasteride)

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  1. Hi, it is most likely not from hair straightening, unless of course you are physically burning your hair while doing it. You are, like most of us on here, likley experiencing "male pattern baldness". Your first step is to google what that is and try to understand the condition. Take a look at your immediate family members, does your father experience hair loss? Any grandparents, uncles, siblings ? If there is hair loss in your family, it is a good indication that you have male pattern baldness and your hair is miniaturizing. Your other option is to see a doctor or dermatologist or someon
  2. My honest opinion is that I think you actually look really good with that buzzed cut. I can't tell if the hairline is smp work or from your transplant, but dude, if i get to buzz down sometime in the future and look as good as you do I'd be over the moon. You need a change of perspective, please seek therapy, that is not to be insulting, I've also taken that option as it you need someone to help you work through this "loss of identity". You are being so hard on yourself while the situation isn't even bad, on top of that you look like you got great height and build and have a lot going for you.
  3. Your best approach honestly is to email or call Rogaine, I've done it before they were responsive. You could ask them to get the most accurate answer
  4. Still got great hair. Get on fin and maintain what you have. The draw up you have here is too agressive. You don’t need a hairline that low, you need something age appropriate and that leaves you grafts for the future. Tread carefully with Turkish clinics, you have better options in Europe, some already mentioned in the comments, save the money and get it done right. Bisanga, Freitas, couto, Zarev are a few names to consider. Or come take advantage of our pathetic Canadian dollar here and look at dr rahal & H&W
  5. I believe it was around 55 microns, my hair is not very thick, more of a medium caliber.
  6. Until now its been visual tbh, but I realize its not the most strategic approach so I'm considering buying a hair catcher. However, it may be senseless if I choose not to go with a topical AA, because finasteride will remain at the core of the regimen regardless. CB is interesting but cost prohibitive and we dont know yet how effect if it is. Hopefully more data is released soon. I don't think adding a mild topical AA like fluridil or cb is too much of a hassle. What made you switch from fin to duta, and how often are you using duta?
  7. Yeah with PG. I would recommend purchasing one and taking up their free product offer. Maybe try both, with PG and without?
  8. @ciaus @Melvin-Moderator But they are an online retailer after all, how important would it be for them to have a big location? I'm with you that I'm not sure entirely how much to trust this company, however, it appears as though its doing well in terms of volume. I wonder if there is a way we could get their products tested? Melvin the liquid retional min leaves my hair a beat greasy and clumped, its not something i could put on and leave my house with it on (which I'm sure isn't recommended to do regardless), so when I do apply it I aim to have it in for 2-3 hours and then wash i
  9. The amount of support on this forum is insane. Thank you guys!
  10. Amazing, I had some contact with Dr. Zarev as well, hes a great guy. Looking forward to your result
  11. So far I’ve only been on 1.25 mg for the first 2 months as that was the deal with my dermatologist before I bumped to 2.5mg. I’ve now been on 2.5 mg for about a week, and I think 1.25 was to low to notice anything. So now I’ll know more in the coming months. In the beginning I felt mild dizziness and lightheaded, but it subsided. I don’t have any other problems otherwise, I go for 5km runs and have felt fine so far. I will update this thread about it as I give my monthly update.
  12. I agree with you that finasteride alone is most of the leg work, and will hold me for a long time. I just think that adding a topical AA is that last piece to the insurance policy, and I would start slow and evaluate what it’s doing for me. Fluridil is the one I’m leaning towards most and it’s approved in Europe, and CB should be fda approved sometime soon. But no I don’t intend on coming off fin, in fact the opposite I’m mildly considering topical dutasteride as well. In your experience, has finasteride been proven to be enough throughout the years?
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