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  1. You should have a lifetime warranty with dr. Pen btw, so contact them
  2. I’ve seen of all his work, and I wonder why he isn’t talked about as much as other doctors 🧐. But these giga sessions are crazy
  3. Yeah surprises me too. I believe Dr. Diep as an example has been operating this whole time. They’re gonna be busy rescheduling a whole lot of patients
  4. He’s talking about not being able to cross the border. And no, I am in contact with both H&W and Rahal, and neither are open yet, Canada only just entered phase 1 of re-opening, likely clinics will be allowed to come back sometime in June
  5. Is the water retention a side of minoxidil ? May explain the recent excessive endeavours to the toilet recently loool
  6. I believe the lighting in your photo is overexposing a natural swirl. I had it growing up and at 27 now I still do. Regardless, at 20 years of age it’s great that you’ve paid attention, you’re in a position to be proactive about your hair going forward. Monitor every so often, don’t unnecessarily fixate, and see how it progresses.
  7. @CosmoKramer @Melvin-Moderator @HTHope What is MSM? For supps I'm on bitoin, folic acid, and vitamin D, recommend anything else? (on fin and min)
  8. I'm experiencing the hair falling, or perhaps its shedding ,when using minoxidil too but I believe from what I'm reading online that this means the minoxidil is pushing the hair to a new growth cycle. Meaning that its likely any weak brittle hair breaking off and making way, but doesn't mean you lost the follicle. Hopefully someone with more experience than me with minoxidil could vouch for this, I've only been on it for about 4 months, but plan to continue using it at least 1x a day going forward.
  9. How long have you been using minox? My understanding is that you’ll notice closer to 4-6 months the rebounding of minox, from the hairs that are shedding being replaced by new hairs in the growth phase. If you’ve only just started, you may have to be patient with it
  10. http://www.minoxidilmax.com/?aff=132 minoxmax website has different products, could get topical fin or topical fin with minoxidil. Just a heads up this is an affiliation link they gave me, i got it so me and my friends could all get 15% discounts. Not some scam or something, if you care to use it, it also just give me 15 percent. Anyway look through their catalogue and blog there’s a lot of good info there
  11. On the bright side, they didn’t use more grafts for an area that definitely required more. Good surgeon could work between these hairs I’m sure. You could do some online consultations right now, get in touch with Dr. Rahal like you mentioned. I believe it’s def fixable. Goodluck
  12. I had a similar experience to @John Doe. I had two consultations with Rahal's reps (one was with Aron while he was still with the clinic), and after the second consultation I e-mailed the rep to request to meet with Dr. Rahal. He set that up for me with no problem, and the next time Dr. Rahal was in Toronto I got to meet with him while another rep took notes of our conversation. Many clinics as busy as theirs use reps to coordinate because imagine how much time would be taken from the Doctor. Again when I asked to see him they accommodated me. My experience with HW rep was also less impressive. He seemed to drive the conversation with his ego for no reason and it felt like a negotiation. Another thing i was disappointed with was that unlike Rahal's reps, he did not take any measurements of my donor area or measured for density. On all three of my visits that was standard at Rahal's clinics, they gave me numbers to work with in my head which I think is absolutely important. After eyeballing my head, the HW rep gave me an estimate and told me my donor looked to "in good shape". I shouldnt make it out like it was entirely bad, I just had different expectations coming into it. Regardless, I understand that the reps are obviously not direct representation of the doctor's work... and both are still top clinics and atm I'm having trouble deciding between them.
  13. Yeah 2 or 2.5. Not too important, still early, start some preventative measures.