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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    Norwood II
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    Maintain and Regrow Hair

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    Dr. Hussain Rahal
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    Propecia (Finasteride)

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  1. Both options are fine in the right hands. I think your decision should mainly come down to the number of grafts you’re looking to move in one sitting, how you’re fairing on meds over the years and if you’re fine to wear your hair long enough to conceal a fut scar.
  2. Haha thank you for making the comparison and the encouraging words 🙌🏻@Melvin-Moderator @JohnAC71 you’re like all of our therapists, thank you for the support💪🏻
  3. My apologies, let me retract some of the things I said. My choice of word for “late” was not smart, in fact if anything what you should be doing is getting on finasteride ASAP and staying on it for at least a few years. There have definitely been some crazy responses especially on diffuse thinners. My Hope for you would be that it increases the density in your crown and lateral humps. As you already likely know, hair transplants are a rather illogical process, where a small amount of hair is available for a large surface. A hair transplant is still definitely possible for you, you need to just
  4. In my opinion, you have extensive hair loss for your age and you should not be considering a hair transplant at this time. My sincere advice is to give yourself a buzz cut and see how it fits on you first. You might be late to the finasteride party, and a hair transplant is likley too limited to give you a great cosmetic benefit.
  5. From past results I’ve observed, both from client and clinic: konior, H&W, Rahal, Bisanga, Nadimi, eugenix, Freitas couto & Zarev would be among the top because the content they post is insane, but i haven’t seen any patient testimonials
  6. So the half life is only around 4 hours but its duration of effect could last several days. Being metabolized by your liver it obviously doesn't have a complete localized effect on your scalp, so I believe it would be hard to discern at what dosage it could replace topical min, as even topical min is hard to gauge for overall efficacy. However, oral min offers more enzyme conversion into the minoxidil sulfates that are giving you positive effect because more of that conversion will happen in your liver as opposed to your scalp, this is the reason why many men aren't actually great responders t
  7. They’re closed here too.. my barber cut me in his basement 😅
  8. 6 month update I’m a week away from 6 months, but won’t have time then to update. I likely won’t update again until 9 month & 12 month marks. I decided to take these photos all in random places to expose different lighting, but in hindsight I realize it would have been better if I took them consistently in one well lit setting, oh well, comparisons could still be drawn. I’m still reserving my own judgement until the end, but overall I’m satisfied with the result at this point. It’s already let me lose the hat, and I don’t think about my hair in public anymore, which is a great relief
  9. Just picked up my prescription of Loniten 2.5mg from the pharmacy today. The dermatologist who prescribed it to me said that she wants me to start at 1.25mg a day for the first 3 months, then gauge whether to make the jump up to 2.5mg. The pharmacist told me to take it before bed time and I was wondering if there is any specific reason to take it then? My plan was to take oral min in the am and still apply rogaine 1x a night. Does anyone have any experience using both in conjunction? My reason is that the dose I'll be starting for oral min is very low, and at 1.25mg the half life is somew
  10. I remember the contemplation myself. I'm only 28 years old, so taking the step was terribly hard trying to understand what the outcome would be and the opportunity costs associated. The worst part for me was parting ways with 15k when I'm at the point in my life where I should be investing and looking to set myself up in the future. However, I realized I would do just that if this lessened my insecurity even slightly. I'm not even 6 months post yet, but I already feel more confident about myself, I'm thinking a lot less about my hair and because of that im less distracted and capable of being
  11. Personally I think David is a bullshitter.. hes finding opportunities now to endorse some of these new products because hes got some following on his youtube channel and sees the opportunity to make money. He still pushes those laser helmets that clearly don't do shit.
  12. The thing is oral min is more effective because your liver has more sulfotransferase activity & there are studies showing its safety profile at a low dose. The two in combination might work really well and hopefully at a small cost to your body while also being easier with compliance.
  13. Are you considering oral min with topical as well? I'm going to start at 1.25mg oral min after breakfast and will apply rogaine foam at night.
  14. My first purchase was off science.bio, but I’m working on sourcing it from a lab in Wuhan for cheaper.
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