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  1. Lol if this was a week earlier would have came at the perfect time for me. On the 9th day saw some small strands of hair and thought I dislodged a graft and went into a panic. No physical intervention, no blood, just me and paranoia. Looking forward to tripping out over more shedding in the next 2 weeks 😅
  2. After a hair transplant, in the first month patients could expect their new grafted hair to shed and fall out. However, is there ever a risk of the skin below those hairs closing up? Is hair that stays dormant for a while, in this case the shedded hair, able to always grow through skin?
  3. Wanted to get your opinion on this scabbing and the white scales. This is 10 days post-op Are grafts secure at this point in time?
  4. Not enough grafts to get high density in the area thats outlined, however you could get coverage and like Melvin said that may be something you will be happy with. Overall I have to echo the comments stated previously that the planning wasn't the best as you do have some other areas to address. Stay patient and wait this out, in the meantime continue researching and saving for the future.
  5. My post op instructions say to wear a hat for the first 6 months if you expect to have exposure to sun for over 30 minutes. You could start wearing a hat a week after that’s loose and sits over the grafts. I rolled up some gauze and taped it to the inside of my hat so it never touches the area..gonna do thay for the first two weeks to be safe. As for sweat I’m not the best person to answer that, I live in Canada and that’s a non issue for me atm 🙃 hope that helps
  6. First step, try fin, start a low dose and work your way up. if you rush this decision now, you’ll regret it later. Your best move is to swallow the emotions you’re feeling right now and understand this is a long term game, and you will win. Tough to face at 21 I know. research and consult enough, at least 3 doctors and get their opinions on the age relation to your situation. If medications is tolerated well and your hair is maintained, you may be able to get it sooner. My understanding is the age they cut off typically is 25
  7. My post op instructions as follows: For the first two weeks, use the baby shampoo mixture we provided. After two weeks you can use your regular shampoo and conditioner again. DONT use Nizarol or Head and shoulders for 3 months after your surgery. They are too strong for your new grafts. Wait 3 months after your surgery and limit to their use to 3 times a week. hope that helps
  8. Thank you very much for that, that gives me comfort.
  9. If it is eczema, did you get a red rash on your scalp? The photos you posted don't indicate eczema but I'm assuming they're before and afters? Have you done anything to treat it?
  10. Oh and also, any particular reason you think it’s happening more on the left side ?
  11. Thank you the reply that’s assuring to hear. I woke up today and noticed most of those tiny patches of redness and thought maybe I aggravated them in my sleep somehow, but it makes sense that they start scabbing slowly. My post-op instructions say to sleep on a 45 for the first 5 days, or continue If there is swelling, do you think it’s best to stay on a 45 for longer to lower the chance of resting the recipient area on a pillow and possibly aggregating them? I have very little swelling left and it was never really an issue, so I’m wondering if I should continue sleeping like this
  12. I’m 4 days post-op and have been following their instructions to the T. Been spraying saline solution every hour and washing with baby shampoo spray and rinsing by spraying regular water. my concern is I’m a very tough sleeper, and this morning I woke up slightly out of 45 degree position on my bed. I’m beginning to wonder if my body is changing sleeping positions and I can’t control it. Below are photos of day 3 and then day 4 (today). I’m starting to get what I believe is scabbing(seems to be more on the left side). Is this a natural process or did I do something to aggregate my gr
  13. I’m a little surprised that they have not given you anything, as I am actually 3 days out of FUE surgery and I’ve been given a saline spray that I spray on recipient area every hour. They told me explicitly that it was important to keep the grafts moist all the time for at least two weeks. You should consider picking up a saline solution from your local pharmacy, and find an applicator that will spray it on your grafts lightly.
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