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  1. HarryHonolulu


    Thanks for your advice I appreciate it
  2. HarryHonolulu


    Konior 2000 should be good for someone who doesn’t want to do FUT and is okay with a second or third procedure i’d rather do Konior x3 than Erdogan x1 You can look up my previous posts with photos of my hair
  3. HarryHonolulu


    hey all I am a NW4/5 getting 2000 FUE grafts in two weeks . this probably won't "fix" my baldness but I like to think that it will help a lot. re: strategy, should I focus on the frontal section (and if possible the mid-scalp)? I am very confident in my doc's skill. am I wrong in thinking that the surgery that focuses on the hairline is the most important one out of the 2 (or 3) I might need? is it simpler (and therefore less likely to go wrong) for a surgeon to fill in the crown and mid-scalp, as opposed to start with a blank canvas? just curious as I may or may not switch surgeons, mainly for financial reasons, and I wonder if this first session really does make the next one(s) much easier for whoever else gets involved in my scalp
  4. HarryHonolulu

    1 month countdown

    I don’t have a choice either way. Konior’s clinic caps FUE at 2000, regardless of how many day. how did your surgery turn out? What Norwood were you?
  5. HarryHonolulu

    1 month countdown

    I would rather get 2 smaller surgeries, and play it safe both in terms of donor region and scarring, rather than go with a clinic who does more grafts but is not as aesthetically minded. Regardless, I trust Konior and Nadimi’s judgement and if they are recommending that number of grafts, that’s what I feel comfortable with. Period.
  6. HarryHonolulu

    1 month countdown

    Thanks Sparky. Do you think 2000 fue will make a difference?
  7. HarryHonolulu

    1 month countdown

    Thanks for confirming that my instincts in this are correct, Sparky. I’m only 36. If 2000 grafts make me happy, I’ll get 2000 more in the future. Take it step by step. I imagine I will still have to use Caboki (thy holy powder of the gods) but I am fine with it. A little dusting of the crown isn’t a big deal to me. Judging from my clinic’s work I don’t have any doubt it will be elegant and natural (unlike lots of heavy makeovers) and that’s what I’m going for
  8. HarryHonolulu

    1 month countdown

    I don’t want a scar that will essentially mark me for life.
  9. HarryHonolulu

    1 month countdown

    The plan is to address the frontal area in the first surgery- maybe a little of the mid scalp if possible. I don’t want to lower my hairline- just fill as much as possible. Later I will prob get another 2000 to address the rest. my main concern was to go with a conservative approach and avoid FUT Konior suggested 2000 FUE and I trust his opinion
  10. HarryHonolulu

    1 month countdown

    Melvin what’s MSM? what are your thoughts on Viviscal or “help hair shake”- a drink supposedly aimed at helping hair growth? The latter was recommended to me by Jerry Cooley’s office
  11. HarryHonolulu

    What surgeon to trust?

    Hey bro you have more hair than most people on here so I don’t think you need to go nuts eg 3500 unless you really want a massive makeover personally I would go with 2000 and I would do fue - you can always take out more later on. If you do it with a great surgeon that will really make a difference. you can reinforce your native hair with propecia and to some extent minoxidil and nioxin. some people also swear by the laser helmet as well as blood platelet therapy (PRP) but I’ve always read of people who see no improvement with either
  12. Hey all I am scheduled to do a 2000 graft FUE procedure in exactly one month. My doctor is Nadimi (Konior’s associate at Chicago Hair Institute) and I am super excited. Im a fairly advanced case- NW5A- so I am not expecting to walk out with Brad Pitt hair. But I like to think that it’ll make a big difference especially with such a talented surgeon! question: what can I do between now and then to make sure I’m in tip top shape and maximize my outcome ?? - I am on Finasteride and Rogaine (which honestly doesn’t seem to do much!)- I’m assumint I should keep taking both? - any thoughts on supplements? Viviscal? - any specific diets I should follow? - any exercises that I should/shouldn’t do? the clinic will send a guideline in the next few weeks, but I would love to get my ducks in a row regardless. Thanks!!
  13. Thanks everyone !! i’m having it done at the Chicago Hair Institute - I hope to join the many happy campers who recount their successful procedures on here!
  14. Thanks guys! So I won’t exactly come out of this first session with Brad Pitt hair but I also will be much better off than where I’m at right now - is that fair?