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  1. I was thinking the same thing !!
  2. HarryHonolulu

    2,177 FUT from Dr. Konior

    I feel exactly the same re: mega sessions
  3. Both her and Konior cap their FUE at 2000 grafts. They think anything more jeopardizes the donor area and that grafts are less likely to survive. They also think it’s in the patients best interest to preserve more donor for potential surgeries in the future. I got 1800 from Nadimi and I’m a NW4/5. I’m just 3 months out and I’m starting to see growth. I’m so happy and really glad I didn’t panic and try to get the problem solved with a 5000 bad grafts somewhere else. I’m in my mid 30s.
  4. HarryHonolulu

    2,177 FUT from Dr. Konior

    Questioning one specific surgeon’s results (Erdogan) is different than going on threads and asking the same question over and over (“why so few grafts”) without even considering what the patient’s strategy or donor situation is first
  5. HarryHonolulu

    2,177 FUT from Dr. Konior

    I was waiting for this guy! I knew it was coming the moment I saw he had commented... It’s probably an exercise in futility but I’ll try anyway: 1) not all grafts are created equal. 2) different doctors = different results with same amount of grafts. 3) everybody has different goals and expectations. 4) head size is different from person to person sometimes it really does feel like you just plant the seed of doubt in people’s minds just to mess with them. I hope I’m wrong.
  6. Buddy it’s gonna look like a good, conservative hairline and I’m happy for you. Gabel is such a judicious dude, if he did what he did it’s 100% the right strategy for you.
  7. READ THE POST. So tired of the “why so few grafts” thing. the fella clearly said that Gabel advised him to focus on the hairline because his donor is thin!
  8. HarryHonolulu

    Dr. Nadimi FUE

    PMd you
  9. HarryHonolulu

    Dr. Nadimi FUE

    Hi Det! things are going really well... I’m starting to see growth ! 94 days post op. I feel it when I run my hand over the transplanted area and it’s so nice to sense hair there again. I only addressed the front and mid so I am obviously not bothered that the crown looks pretty much the same way as pre-op. i am able to put concealer on now since I let my hair grow out a little bit, so I’m basically back to normal. if I feel good after less than 3 months I can’t imagine how I’ll feel in 6! :))
  10. HarryHonolulu

    Dr. Nadimi FUE

    Yes! Check your pm
  11. I didn't put any concealer on my head (recipient or otherwise) for 2 1/2 months post-op. I rocked the buzzcut during that time and only started applying concealer 3 months later when I let everything grow out. you obviously need hair for the concealer to work so it really depends on how severe your hair loss is to begin with. my advice would be to leave the scalp completely untouched for at least 2 months and only use a concealer if you plan on growing your hair out.
  12. HarryHonolulu

    Erdogan 3200 2/2017

    I would be very unhappy with that result, personally. especially when looking at your pre op photos if they harvested 3000 grafts then it probably warrants a refund, I’ve seen folks with 1500 grafts who are on a different level than this someone mentioned the redness in your pre-op... could have affected it but the clinic shouldn’t have proceeded if indeed this was a determining factor. I had mild folliculitis and was put on antibiotics to clear it up prior to my surgery. if a guy from a forum can point out your skin condition then surely the doctors and nurses who examined you should have raised this issue yet another worrying result from ASMED
  13. HarryHonolulu

    Best Way to Conceal a HT

    as Dazed said it depends whether you get FUE or FUT. with FUE (which is what I did) I found that the best strategy was to buzz my hair super short (like... 1 guard) for the first few months while the grafts settled in. I am at 82 days post-op so I plan on buzzing again at the 90 day mark, once more at 120 days (4 months out) and then let it grow. honestly? I would buzz it a few months before your procedure so people get used to your buzzed "look". if you go to a great clinic you'll look normal 1 week post-op.