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  1. HarryHonolulu

    Growth peak

    Thank you ! This is what I was looking for
  2. HarryHonolulu

    Growth peak

    Wow. Thx ! Yes. Growth peak. When do you grow the most.
  3. HarryHonolulu

    Which Hair Loss Concealer is The Best

    Caboki!! No question: it’s the most believable, the least chalky, and even the bottle itself looks kinda slick. The travel size dispenser is a life saver.
  4. I think the only time that you should be careful is two weeks post op. And even then, many doctors invite you to shampoo the recipient area in order to ensure that the scabs fall off quickly. After a month the grafts have been secured into your scalp and they are part of your body. I don’t think they are any different than the native hairs. So no need to be particularly careful - just common sense (like... don’t set your hair on fire or shampoo with bleach)
  5. HarryHonolulu

    Growth peak

    Hey all when should one expect the most growth after FUE? Months 1-6 or 7-12? I’m in month 6 and definitely growing well - just curious if I should expect new hair in the next few months or if all the follicles should have sprouted by now
  6. if you're so frustrated by how people react to results to the point of cursing and throwing a tantrum, why even bother? surely it's not worth your time? this patient had a botched surgery that gave him awful doll-like hair. he had it fixed which a) is brave, b) is expensive. the result is WAY better. no reason to bring up ASMED or whoever else. we're talking about THIS dude. be a little more sensitive. I've said this to you in private, I'll say it on here. I'm no mod but if it were up to me I'd tell you where to go (and it's not turkey)
  7. HarryHonolulu

    Confidence level.

    I’m in month 5.5 and it’s starting to really grow. I love my new hairline because... it’s my old hairline! It just feels like me again. I don’t have to mess with concealers , wipe down the pillow or spend time styling my hair to try and thicken things up. truthfully I’ve never had a huge complex about my hair loss because I used concealers reaaaally well so if you were to look at photos pre-HT (with concealers) vs now you’d be hard pressed to notice a difference. but of course I’m more comfortable. That’s the word i would use for my specific situation. the biggest thrill of all is that I did FUE and my donor looks super thick with almost zero visible scarring. I could buzz it tomorrow and nobody would know the difference. That’s a huge win for me. With FUT the confidence gained by having new hair would be offset by my anxiety at the scar. In the pool. At the barber. Wearing a short haircut. At the gym etc. but that’s just me
  8. You’ll look way better with half a head of hair than with no hair. You can add concealer to the balding area or address it at a later date most guys who do have hair are balding in the crown anyway so you’ll basically “upgrade” to that status
  9. the new hairline looks brilliant!
  10. hey guys I'm 5 months post-op: I had 1800 grafts FUE (I'm a Norwood IV/Va) and I am thrilled. It's exactly the hairline I wanted and the density is really starting to come in. of course, this first surgery only addressed the front part of my scalp, leaving the crown untouched. my donor is good. Doc said I could easily go back for another 1500-2000 grafts to address the rest of my head. question for those of you who did multiple procedures and had a "Good" donor (not an AWESOME donor) : was it worth doing the second procedure or did you really notice the difference in your donor between round 1 and round 2? like... "great, i got hair on my crown but my donor looks like shit" because right now I am considering staying like this and using caboki on the crown instead of pillaging my donor again. just curious!!
  11. HarryHonolulu

    Spotting miniaturization

    thanks Melvin. are miniaturization and DHT hair loss the same thing?
  12. HarryHonolulu

    Spotting miniaturization

    Here is what I meant. Let’s say you have visible miniaturization in a specific part of your scalp - the sides. Would all the hairs in that area also suffer from miniaturization or is it a “hair by hair” situation? and if the hairs are all indeed affected by miniaturization, then should that area be avoided altogether as a potential harvesting site ?
  13. HarryHonolulu

    Spotting miniaturization

    They are also extracted from the side
  14. Hey all Some questions that have crossed my mind... - can a doctor determine whether a follicular unit shows signs of miniaturization/DHT before transplanting it? In other words can they look at the hairs during the operation and pick the best, healthiest looking follicular units ? - do miniaturized hairs usually grow in the same area of the scalp, and if so would harvesting ANY hair from that area present a risk ? Eg if you have a thinner area on the sides and the doctor harvests from that area, how likely is it that the transplanted grafts also show signs of miniaturization?