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  1. I was assured by my doctor that beard transplantation (i.e. from neck to scalp) results in negligible scarring to the naked eye. just to put it in perspective: the doctor considers FUE scarring to be definitely visible, so the fact that a distinction was made between regular FUE scarring vs. beard scarring should indicate how subtle the beard scars would be. I was thinking about it, and it makes sense: it's a part of the body that is usually very supple and we often cut it while shaving- and yet we rarely see those scars.
  2. hey all i'm 9 months post-op and growing well. I am curious: do you guys take particular care of your "new" hair or is it business as usual? specifically: - shampooing? do you limit shampoo use, or use a specific type? - combing? are you concerned that combing the new hair might pull it out? - folliculitis? I have a few pimples on my scalp and I am worried they might affect growth - suntanning? I laid out at month 8 and I sprayed SPF 60 lotion all over my scalp. surely that's a good enough shield, especially such a long time after the surgery?
  3. I was told to just put sunscreen on the scalp, which I did.
  4. Dr Konior and Dr Nadimi usually cap at 2000 grafts for FUE and I for one am glad they do. I'd rather go in twice and get two superb results, as opposed to get a shoddy 5000 graft result.
  5. hey guys I am 7 months post FUE. today was a beautiful sunny day and for the first time since surgery I decided to lay out. I was out for a couple hours. I applied a solid layer of SPF 30 sunblock on my recipient area. should be good to go that long after surgery and with sunblock directly on the recipient. yes?
  6. hey all I am 6 months post op and growing well however when I shampoo in the morning I notice a couple fine hairs in the palms of my hands. wondering if this is "new" hair that's still shedding, or whether it is my "old" hair that is still falling. which leads me to ask, does the transplanted hair shed this far into the process? I am on Propecia, Rogaine if that matters.
  7. Couldn’t he do unshaven though? And there’s tricks he could have pulled for the few weeks it would have taken him to recover eg posting older pics on instagram
  8. that's what I was thinking too. if you zoom into the photo (as much as you can) there seem to be the telltale signs of FUE scarring. very, very subtle. unless I'm losing my mind? here's the original pic https://rep.repubblica.it/pwa/commento/2019/02/24/news/serie_a_vincono_juve_napoli_fiorentina-inter_3-3-220038932/?ref=RHPPLF-BL-I0-C8-P3-S1.8-T2
  9. Interesting . I am assuming you’re referring to foliculitis when you talk about breaking out? I had a similar problem pre HT and the thing that really helped me was Tar shampoo. Not sure if that has any beneficial qualities related to hair loss but it was amazingly effective in clearing up my scalp acne (folliculutis)
  10. Hey all How effective is nizoral really as a hairloss treatment particularly post-FUE? should it be used daily? and how does it affect the newly transplanted grafts, if at all?
  11. LOL “Medilinks I love you”?!? I’d rather take a lawnmower to my head than get butchered by those people.
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