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  1. I'm talking about the procedure generally (which also mirrors my own). Of course, practices will vary, but in answering a general question we can't account for all possibilities. If people are overly concerned wit this, they'd need to discuss it with their surgeon. Having said that, I think I'm right in thinking that in natural, non-transplanted hairlines, there will be a mixing singles, doubles etc (but singles dominate), so the odd triple in the hairline shouldn't look too bad, so long as there are mostly singles.
  2. Magnification is done both at extraction (so they group all 1s together, all 2s together etc) and implantation. Obviously, it would have to be, as otherwise they wouldn't have to carefully examine each graft before implanting, which wouldn't work as there are usually thousands to get through.
  3. All the crusts were removed long ago, within weeks 1-2. Now I'm post-op 1 month. I hope I haven't done any damage with the scratching!
  4. Hi, at what point, post-op, would you say it's ok to scratch the recipient? I'm a month post op and sometimes I really have to scratch it. Nothing too bad. Just what most people (who aren't so sensitive about their scalp) would consider normal. I've got worried as I've noticed a few red dots (literally just one or two) and I'm not sure if I've dislodged a graph through scratch or it's just a normal pimple) which my doctor told me to expect the odd pimple in the recipient. Thanks for your help guys
  5. The hotel is arranged, it's close to the clinic, it's about 20 minutes car ride from the airport, all of which is included in the fee of the operation - however, Lorenzo is taking a year off from September. He may be fully booked up until then (I'm not sure, you'll have to liaise with his team via his website).
  6. You're doing the right thing by telling people here - but clear photos in the body of the message are the way to go. Good luck mate.
  7. Brilliant result - you should be very happy. Even if there is no more growth so many guys would be thrilled.
  8. Hey, So I came across this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HxsQUjrmNcY Do you think there is any validity to his claim, that if you have had a HT, you shouldn't towel dry your hair? Thanks
  9. Hi, During a hot sunny day (86 degrees fahrenheit) with no clouds, 3 weeks FUE post op, if wearing factor 50, and reapplied throughout the day, will it be ok to not wear a hat? I'm hosting something work-based, and I really can't wear a hat, but sunscreen is no problem. Thanks very much
  10. That's interesting that Lorenzo is willing to use BHT. I read this on his website: body_hair_transplant Did he go into detail about his views on BHT?
  11. Hi, I bought some finasteride on holiday (legitimately as I had a prescription), as it is 10 times cheaper then in my native country. I bought two years worth, but after the first twelve months, the stock becomes older than it's printed 'use-by' date. Does anyone have any opinions as to whether or not it will still be effective after the 'use-by' date? Thanks