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  1. Looking really good. Congrats mate. Gotta say, 1000 grafts a day is reassuring as a patient. Hope you hit a home run.
  2. Well I'm sure the travel corridors will ease by March 25th, but as of now only essential travel seems to be allowed. There's also hotel quarantine to those who return to the UK. Not really a great time for international travel tbh. Perhaps you could postpone it by a couple of months.
  3. Had one of my singles at the front growing all weird at the 1.5 month mark but things have settled down now. Looking okay. Will settle down for you too. After the hairs grow a certain length they can be styled whichever way. Hope you're doing well. Stay calm and pay no heed to your hair till the 4 month mark. Also shout out to @DrTBarghouthi who is very quick to respond to anyone on this forum. Even though we may not be his patients he treats us like his own. Very much appreciated.
  4. Nice to know this. Growth was always imminent. 8-10 months is when you'd truly shine I'm sure!
  5. Trust me that's a good price. You could get more economical procedures done in other clinics and some of them maybe legit but what if something goes wrong? The pain later on is far more costly. You did your best buddy. Enjoy your procedure.
  6. I had met Dr. Priyadarshini in 2019 when I had been to a consultation with Dr. Sethi himself. She came off as well trained under the lead surgeons so I'm sure you're in good hands. I wouldn't risk it anywhere else in India (not to say there are no good doctors). But this will be a good very procedure for the price point. Stay positive and buckle in for the long ride! All good wishes to you my friend. Also, are you getting the 20% off on your booking or have they modified the offers?
  7. I'm sure they checked your BP before the transplant. It's standard procedure. You could check your medical notes for this. They wouldn't proceed if everything wasn't normal. Alternatively you could try headstands for a few minutes to rush blood into your scalp. I've seen some members here do that during the recovery phase.
  8. I'm sure things will eventually get better for you. Could you please share some recipient area pictures also? Would love to see your work
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