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  1. They both shed around the same time. To be completely precise, I was extra careful not to apply any sort of pressure on the recipient area so even though the grafts shed at the root level, they were attached to the skin and didn't dislodge until one day in the shower (around 1 month mark) I kinda wiped them off. However I think shedding rates have no impact on the final outcome. If you're at the 1 month mark I'd say sleep it off for another 4 months. I constantly worried about my procedure until only last week or so when I noticed significant improvements. Wasn't an easy ride.
  2. Hello. 140 odd grafts on the right temple and 242 on the left temple. Shedding began post 1 month.
  3. Quick interim update at 5.5 months: Thickening up nicely now. Hopefully this will continue right till the end!!
  4. Bro! Wait till you get to the 5th and 6th month! This will be atleast 30%-40% better than what you see now. You probably will see some magic happen too - the 6th month is when things started looking up for me.
  5. Yes, the temples on my right are just perfect and I'm very happy about it. The left is a tad better than it was before, however I still do not like the angulations and the way its been planned (just the left). I'll probably post more pictures soon. Looking forward to more growth on the front now.
  6. A quick 5 month update. Hopefully the hairline will grow denser this month. Been on 3mg/week Fin, the usual. Hope everyone is doing okay.
  7. Going through the same. Just gotta hang in there.
  8. Hang in there bro. Growth has been slow for me as well. Especially on the right side. But I'm sure things will get better.
  9. Hey guys Its soon going to be 4 months since my HT and there is growth, but only today I noticed a bump (Surface Irregularity) on the left side of my hairline. The area feels numb too. I don't recall seeing this or feeling this before (did I miss it?) but it exists. I don't know what it is and what to do about it. Looking for answers.
  10. 107 Days (3.5 Months) Update My temples seem to have more or less grown in, however, when compared with each other the difference is stark. The right temple seems to be just perfect at the moment. I can hardly differentiate the transplanted area from my natural region. The angulations given by the tech seems to have blended in quite well for 3.5 months. The left temple in contrast, unfortunately, doesn't seem to have been planted with the same level of skill or care - I am not sure. The angulations are wayward, sometimes the hair poke out perpendicular to the skin and the entire area looks very unnatural and messy so far. The good news is that there seems to be some growth happening at the moment. Bad news is that I am not at all happy with my left temple as the overall look of it continues to worsen as my hair grow.
  11. Second this. Was following this thread closely. Would love an update now.
  12. Donor seems to have healed well, although the hairs at the back are now long. I'll have to give it a fade trim, probably 2 or 3 guard and take pictures. I'll post some soon. For sure. So sorry about this confusion. Yes it is a 3 month update.
  13. 90 Days (3 Months) Update I hope you're all doing well. I'm sorry I've kept busy, and hence couldn't update on a more regular basis. It's still early and I don't have any new growth yet, grafts that didn't shed seem to have grown longer for now. I'm hoping to see some magic happen in the next 2 months. The right temple seems to be taking shape alright, the left, I'm not sure yet and honestly it's too soon to say anything. Been on 3mg/week fin. Some protein powder and stuff like that. I've attached some pictures in bedroom lighting. I know they're not the best but I'll get DSLR quality in the future as we hit the crucial months. Time flies by, and I'm keeping positive. Hope to see you all next time with new hair. I'll ping Dr. Arika shortly with the update as well.
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