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  1. @Mggm You are 100% correct. Implantation, although a very important part of the process, it's not as demanding of a sure hand that a highly skilled surgeon brings to the table. Their techs and Jr Doctors are highly skilled and highly seasoned. Most are closer to a decade of experience, and the least experienced is 5 years. From my experience in August, some of the Jr Doctors could legitimately run their own sessions.
  2. @londonhairlossvictim you are definitely ahead of of the game with regards to healing. Everything looks great brother! Don't sweat the small stuff. I'm right there with you man at around the 6/7 week mark myself and I experienced way more shedding than you. This is the time to embrace your inner self and block out everyone's perception of 'how you look'. To hell with what people think! Me personally, I've had a number of social events, weddings, christenings, a wine tasting event, and a corporate event where I had to speak in front of about 100 of my colleagues with all eyes on me and my weird head. Out of all the friends, family, colleagues, and strangers I've been been exposed to over the last 6 week, I only had 3 people ask me if I had something done. I happily told them what I did, and trust me when I tell you they were so fascinated with the whole process and peppered me with 101 questions of intrigue. I'm finding that as long as people see me comfortable in my own skin, they either don't notice, don't care, or take extreme interest in learning about the experience. With that said though, by no means am I enjoying looking like this and may invest in Hairatin Fibers when my hair grows in a little. Until then, I'll keep the wheel of life turning unrestricted. Honestly though, I think if you cut your native hair to come closer to matching the transplanted hair, you may be able to use the Hairatin fibers next month when you have that event to attend. With the strength of your native hair, you are in a strong position for fibers to look kick ass on you when the grafts grow a little more. Happy to finally be subscribed to your thread! Looking forward future updates.
  3. Scabs that form on the scalp should be removed regularly so that the new hair follicles have room to breathe
  4. @Rmp definitely wait until you speak with Eugenix before taking another go at it. What I've heard is applying conditioner to the recipient area and letting it sit for 15 to 20 minutes is better than just shampoo. @Melvin- Moderator has a great video that goes thru it. Check it out, but still hold off until you speak with Eugenix. Looking forward to following your journey brother! You are already in great shape coming from Eugenix. Follow my Journey with Eugenix and Dr Arika Bansal!
  5. My shedding stopped about a week ago, right at the 6 week mark. Still shaving my head thru the ugly phase, but may start to let it grow when I'm closer to 2 months.
  6. Pefectly executed procedure, perfectly executed result! Follow my Journey with Eugenix and Dr Arika Bansal!
  7. Good Info, thanks @kirkland. Feel a lot better about using it now, and will slowly start to increase my exposure.
  8. Looks so natural @juanjs84! Even though you are at the 11 month mark, you still may see some additional thickening of the hair, and also the 1150 beard grafts many times take over 14 months to pop thru. But even if nothing else improves, you are much much improved my friend! Follow my Journey with Eugenix and Dr Arika Bansal!
  9. Looking good Kirkland! Very happy to see that everything is doing well on the healing front. You are doing all the right things, including the Infrared light therapy. My only concern is that the duration may be too much for newly implanted grafts. If you have any data that pertains to longer LLLT sessions early on after a transplant, I'd love to see it. I fell short in finding much of any myself. With at said, I'm also using LLLT in the same fashion. Bought an LED Infrared bulb, attached it to a light stand, and prop it over my head. Works like a charm, however, to air on the side of caution, I waited a full month before starting any LLLT, and am taking a conservative approach doing it daily in 5 minute sessions. I was so frustrated not finding any data, that I called into "The Bald Truth". JT mentioned to me that in the first month the grafts are so fragile, and advised to steer clear of LLLT in the first month. However, he did also say that after the first 30 days, very limited exposure would probably be fine. With how good Eugenix is at what they do, my philosophy is that it'll all grow no matter what, so let me only do the things that have clear and defined data backing them, and the hair will come!😉
  10. Thanks @SLA! Eugenix read my thread on HRN prior to my trip and asked if I'd be will to do a series of video shoots while I was out there. I was very happy to do it when they asked me, and figured it was the least thing I could do after all the hospitality they showed me. Even if it only helps a few people take a different approach that combining a healthy lifestyle with Finasteride could pave the way for not just keeping your hair for a lifetime, but also achieving life extension along with it. Good Lifestyle Management leads to good Healthspan. Good Healthspan leads to good Hairspan😉!
  11. @Andy78 One approach may be to just get the frontal portion done and leave the crown alone for now. I believe their are a lot of benefits to having a phased approach to hair transplantation, and could help with staying conservative on the first procedure, and the second procedure could be to slightly lower hairline, add more density, and fill in crown. That would at least allow you to cut down on the amount of grafts, but still have a profound impact on the initial results. My 50th birthday is in July and my mindset was to hell with everything else, I'm getting what I've always wanted! Food for thought brother😉 Follow my Journey with Eugenix and Dr Arika Bansal!
  12. Rahul, it was a pleasure meeting your virtually with Dr Sethi! You are a true inspiration for anyone that is a higher Norwood! Your video that Eugenix just posted this week was an emotional one, and will most certainly be represented as the true testament for anyone that has given up on getting their hair back. This forum salutes you brother! Follow my Journey with Eugenix and Dr Arika Bansal!
  13. @Andy78 @Eugenix Hair SciencesI would again recommend a video consultation, or even better go to their location in person for an assessment. There are a few very good examples on this forum of work done by Dr Priyadarshani Das. She does incredible work and is one of several doctors that fall under the lower cost option (Comprehensive Package Rs. 75 per graft). Eugenix may not be the only option in India, but trust me when I tell you, even with their lowest package, they are still the best option in India.😉 Best of luck in your search! Follow my Journey with Eugenix and Dr Arika Bansal!
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