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  1. Doctor said it's fine, going in thursday for a follow up just to be 100% sure. Found it weird to have that crack and no hair, but still have holes. Thank you for the response. I got it done at LA HAIR CLINIC I recommend them!!
  2. Hey Everyone! Got my FUE done Monday July 8. Yesterday afternoon before my wash I noticed this. Called the doctor and they said it was normal. If you look close you can see holes, which i feel means its fine. I doubt it was missed. What do you think? It's called "crack effect"
  3. Yes they are strong, just needed a little reinforcement in the middle.
  4. Personally, I dont think vaping is as bad as smoking. Smoking is carcinogens and nicotine Vape is more of just nicotine, which can inhibit the hair growth. Im on a few days of not vaping. I've been eating a lot but all for the new hairs!
  5. An hour before procedure immediately after Day after for my first wash in the back donor First day my front hair line today day 3
  6. Hey everyone! I just recently finished my FUE transplant at LA Hair Clinic and I am very happy. I will admit though I have smoked vape Juul in specific 3% a little the night before then a day after my procedure and the day after. I am currently on day 4 and I am craving it and I don't know what to do? Is it bad to smoke vape with little nicotine? Or should I just cold turkey? My fear with cold turkey is that it will shock my body and it may affect it worse. Any input would be greatly appreciated!
  7. i take propecia and i'm good i dont take dutasteride but im considering it, but i would take one or the other not both
  8. It was top notch! Sleep well the night before and get there at 630 am. Flora is such a sweet, informative, amazing human!! I loved every moment of it. the only thing i did not like were the shots, but that is because i am scared of shots lol but other than that...sit back, relax, and enjoy the show! GOOD LUCK!
  9. Amazing results man!! Just got my work done with Jacques and very excited to see the results!! Best of luck!
  10. Wow man!! It is looking great!! Your hair healed super quick! Very happy for you!! Question: I saw you take dutasteride once a week...why is that? how have you seen that help?
  11. Until after I went and did my work I was more comfortable telling a few close friends , and I found out a few had gone to him which blew my mind!