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  1. Dazed - thanks but that is USA govt advice. I am in the UK so the advice will most likely differ. Pauls - yes I am looking for September as that's the earliest the clinic I'm looking at has availability so I imagine the situation will be much better by then. I also don't have any issues being quarantined at home after returning to UK because since the lockdown in March I've been told to work from home for the foreseeable future and should have no issues staying at home.
  2. Can anyone shed some light on whether it is safe to travel to Turkey from UK? The clinic I'm going to has availability from September onwards so just wondering if I'm ok to book flights and pay deposit. Has anyone travelled recently or has anyone booked their HT for the next few months and advise?
  3. All the best Keep us updated but please post photos of your full hair without your hand so we can see what it looks like normally.
  4. My apologies to you that you didn't get a good result. I already posted in this thread before but I went to Asmed three years ago in 2017 and had 4000 grafts and personally I am happy with the result (not mind-blowing out of this world, but I am satisfied). However back then Asmed was pumping out some really good results from patients on this forum, nearly everyone who posted had a home-run. I'm not sure what has changed in the last year or so. Maybe the new technicians they have aren't up to standard and need more training before operating on people. Maybe the Doctor should refuse more patients if they consider them a bad candidate instead of taking the money and doing an operation that they know is a gamble. I don't know the answer but the people at their clinic took really good care me and were ever so friendly it's just a shame to see a lot more unhappy patients with poor results on this forum.
  5. I had a similar procedure to you with Asmed in 2016 but for 4000 grafts and my results were probably similar to yours, though I had more hair on top so it's not as sparse and when I style i it doesn't look that bad. Crown is still empty however. I am not completely unhappy with it but I was expecting better. Keep saving up brother and find a surgeon that actually does the surgery.
  6. Shocking result, very bad mismanagement of the hairline from Asmed. You said you requested a higher hairline, but it doesn't look it, that hairline still looks pretty low to me. And if Asmed knew that 3000 grafts wasn't enough over that area, they should brought the hairline up. I had my HT with asmed 4 years ago and I am generally ok with the results (not super happy, not dissatisfied, just ok) and was considering going back for round two but all these poor results makes me think I need to start looking elsewhere. Although their staff are wonderful I don't see why they are doing 8 patients a day, that is just madness. Also I found Dr Koray can be a bit abrasive and pushy when it comes to deciding on the procedure "I know best" - yes sir you may well do, but it's my head! Should listen to the patient more but when you're pumping out 8 patients a day he's probably fed up of seeing the same questions and problems and just wants to force what he wants. If I was you, get a refund and go somewhere where the actual surgeon does the surgery.
  7. Sorry to see you are not satisfied - you've obviously had improvement but for 5k grafts everyone would expect better. Your crown/midscalp looks good however. Asmed does seem to have fallen off lately with a lot more poor results, especially their hairline which I've noticed is see through and sparse. I had my procedure with them 4 years ago (I am mixed about my results, it's better than before but not as good as I hoped) and again I also have similar problem with sparse hairline. I had my op at their older clinic. At that time they were performing HT on 4 guys a day, which at the time I thought was excessive. Now I learn they are doing 8 a day (!!!) crazy, just madness. There comes a point where you keep your standards over greed, and looking at recent results Asmed seems to be crossing the line. Back when I was researching they were pumping out some cracking results. But as it's all done by technicians you're only as good as their skill. Their team at that time seemed to be very experienced, I recognised a lot of them from people posts on forums so you knew they had been there for a while. My result was ok, I would say 7/10 but could have been better I had 2500 in frontal third and 1500 in crown which was poor and didn't see much growth there.
  8. Will be lucky if we get another update - results look impressive at 5 months and a year later can only have gotten better. He is off enjoying life now and don't blame him! But just reinforces what a good doc Konior is and what he can achieve with lower grafts compared to a lot of other doctors.
  9. I had my surgery with Asmed in 2017 (2500 in frontal third, 1500 in crown) and very happy with my result. I was thinking of going back as I was told at the time 1500 wouldn't be enough for my crown and Dr Erdogan was right and I could go in for another surgery. My frontal third I am delighted with... but seeing these new updates makes me worry and having second thoughts about returning. I know Erdogan changed his method to something called KEEP method of transplanting the hairs and not sure if that is affecting some of the latest results? Another thing (I knew this before I went) but the more I understand now makes me worry is that they do 3 or 4 surgeries a day. I don't blame them as they are a business at the end of the day and want to make money but there is a balance between making money and ensuring you provide all your patients the best possible treatment and outcome. I don't know if I was 'fortunate' but Dr Erdogan himself spent about 30mins doing extractions on me... Really the doctor should be more involved and although Erdogan does the consultation with you and draws the hairline, after that he creates the incisions and that's all. Also as they operate on 3-4 people a day, that's a lot and say they do 1000 people a year, they are bound to be a small percentage who get bad result due to whatever circumstance but it's very disheartening if you are one of them and feel full sympathy as for a lot of guys it's a lot of money and takes big courage to do it.
  10. Not sure you can question Asmed decision to load the frontal third. The first FUT op looks bad and very pluggy, so it makes sense that Asmed had to correct those areas as that is what most people see when they look at you. Someone suggested they should have thought about giving him a 'mature' hairline ... well that's impossible because the FUT grafts have already been placed and will still remain there in the front hairline and it will just look very weird as we would have a thinning hairline, then density behind it. Once he has the second op and gets some coverage in the mid-scalp it will look much better. His option not to take fin is questionable however considering his hair.
  11. I was on these forums religiously researching and reading up before I had my HT. It was due to the reviews posted by people on this forum and the information available that I chose my doctor, so I can't thank the people and this platform enough. Also, I pm'ed many of the people who had posted their own stories with the same doctor I went with so a lot of the posts and info I gathered was through private messaging. Having said that, once I had my HT and around 4-6 months post-op, the last thing I wanted to do was spend even more time on a hairloss website because I wanted to move on and enjoy my life with my new hair. I had spent a lot of time and energy beforehand whilst I was researching that I needed a break from thinking about hair loss, and focus on other parts of my life. I do like to visit the forums now and then to keep up to date with any new developments, whether any new doctors have been recommended and look at before/afters.
  12. Did you buzz over the HT as well? If I remember correctly you are told not to use any type of machine over the HT hair for at least 6 months, only scissors.
  13. Don't worry about the ugly duckling phase, it's part of the journey. I went to Erdogan too and 1 month after I looked dreadful, but 7 months on I am more than delighted. Can I ask if the implantation procedure has now changed at ASMED? According to a video on their youtube page they have changed the way they implant the hair and rather than doing it with forceps it's now 'injected' into the incision with an implant tool. Does Dr Koray still make the incisions and then implantation occurs afterwards? Not entirely sure if the procedure has changed, so would welcome your experience! All the best.