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  1. A lot of people experience shedding at various stages whilst taking Fin and Minox in the first 12-18 months. I seriously doubt it has anything to do with switching your diet. I have looked at your original pictures and obviously there is improvement. Even if you think density isn’t there the framing to your face looks much better. In terms of density, the Dr needs to check if grafts survived and address that for you. The video does make it look thin but you might need to change your hairstyle and keep it shorter than it currently is. Also they were some comments earlier that 3000 grafts might
  2. All the best dude - the work looks really clean. Were you happy with Dr Erdogan's explanation? Also are you going to start taking Fin again? I would recommend doing so, even on a small dose (1mg two/three times a week) if you got sides last time.
  3. If Konior is out of your budget than try his colleague Dr Nadimi. She was taught by Konior and might be cheaper and she's had some really great results which you can see on her instagram
  4. Back to the original question... For the hairline, the best in Turkey is most likely Keser from the results I have seen. I just wish they were more cases, not enough are posted on this and other forums. The fact is he does everything himself, that is a big big plus. ASMED or HLC - it depends on you. Do you want to put trust in Dr Koray and his technique, they are probably the most popular clinic in the world doing 4-5 patients a day. State of the art clinic, and countless testimonials. He's had a bit of a bad rep lately, but just think how many people post results from there compared
  5. Sadly it doesn’t appear to be success. What has the clinic said? Also why do you not want to mention their name? your pre-op pic makes your hair look better than I think it is. The lighting isn’t good for a comparison also it looks like you combed your hair from sides into middle to make it look better - but I could be wrong, another clearer picture would help. Im also not a fan of the graft placement throughout the scalp. It appears so spaced out.
  6. My dad had a HT in Lahore with Dr Ahmed at Cosmoder clinic 6 years ago. He had a really good result.
  7. From my experience I would recommend anyone doing a HT to start fin, even if it's 1mg a week. Studies show 0.2mg, 0.05mg and 1.0mg reduce DHT by a similar amount so start with very low dose. Even as little as 0.25mg twice a week. I think even if you take this small dosage over time you will see benefits compared to not doing anything. I was scared using fin originally because of all the horror stories. But I am convinced even if I took 1mg a week over the last 4 years my hair would have been better now than it is and I don't think I would have suffered any side effects on such a low dose.
  8. I wouldn't worry about it. Some of the top doctors are able to get great coverage using less number of grafts than what you might see from other clinics. Look at Dr Konior for example of how he achieves great coverage with much less grafts compared to others. I think 1700 looks very good for that area. Also it's better for you in the long run, look after your donor area. The work looks clean, so no need to stress.
  9. This is a silly question I know.... but I’m after serious answers not further questions about why I am asking this question... Say you are 10 days post-op and grafts are newly inserted and the hair hasn’t fallen out yet. you’ve been given a curved / vshape hairline and not really liking it at all. Before you had a straight hairline and want to make it straight again, can you just pull out some of the grafts at the bottom of the V-shape with a tweezer and make it straighter yourself? Like it will be literally tweezing about 15-20 single hair grafts at the bottom of the V-shape just to
  10. Do not just look at the number of grafts the clinic is offering. Some of the great doctors can achieve the same look using 1500 grafts than other clinics who mainly use techs will achieve using 2000-2500 grafts.
  11. Diep does great hairlines so for the number of grafts in a small area you should have a great result. However, I do agree with the other comments - don't think you needed a HT right now. Your hairline may have slightly receded from your youthful teenage days but nothing to get worried about. You will most likely need to use fin for the rest of your life because if your original hairline continues to recede then you will need another operation in 4-5 years time. Good luck.
  12. Amazing - Dr Keser is the go to man if you want your hairline back! Does he only specialise in hair lines, I am yet to see any other cases of him doing crown and mid-scalp transplants?
  13. If you are worried about finasteride side effect, you can take 1mg three times a week as well and see good benefit (Monday-Wed-Friday). There are doctors on YouTube channel 'The Hair Loss Show' which recommend this. BTW, very nice outcome.
  14. If no. 3 is Dr. Ahmed at Lahore (Cosmoder Clinic) then I will recommend him. A family member of mine had transplant from his clinic about 5-6 years ago and had a really nice result. He does have a website and facebook but you are right sadly he doesn't have many before/after photos and the one he does have are very old. Perhaps you can contact the clinic by email and ask them to send you recent photos?
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