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  1. At this point I think I’ve came to a conclusion that an FUT procedure would be my best option, and then maybe later on for a second procedure go with an fue. So I’ve pretty much eliminated all the overseas options. Im looking for a doctor in the US that would be good for my type of hair loss.
  2. I’ll definitely give it a try see how it works if I do notice any side effects I’ll just stop taking it. Preciate the feed back!
  3. I’m willing to spend up to 10k. In the US I’ve gotten quotes of 13k 15k 25k
  4. I normally get hair cuts every two weeks but I haven’t for two months now, I figured to grow it out to show the doctors my donor area.
  5. One of the doctors i had a long conversation with, I mentioned finasteride, he replied to me with that it will a 100% have side effects if not right away but in a long term. So after we were done I said to myself yes I’m trying to get my hair back but I’m definitely not trying to ruin my other machine if you know what I mean!
  6. Eugenix is only suggesting I do the front 1200 grafts only it’s just getting more confusing every time I consult with the recommended clinics.
  7. Doesn’t sound like a bad idea at all will definitely look into it thanks mate!
  8. I get what you mean budd I’ll keep it in mind thank you for the advice much appreciated!
  9. Thank you mate I’ll try the meds and go from there
  10. Will look into that preciate the feed back!!
  11. Is eugenix located in India? What type of meds would you recommend? I looked into fin and minoxidil and the reviews of the side effects scared me off. But I’ll go ahead and give those two a try.
  12. to be honest with you all the doctors that I have spoken to here in North America are way out of my budget. I definitely wouldn’t go to just any cheap clinic. I feel like some of the decent doctors in turkey can deliver good results that are not so cheap but yet a lot more affordable in comparison to North America.
  13. Here are a few pics of my donor area I have seen a lot worse
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