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  1. Let's hope it will improve. I guess that because my native hair is dense, the HT looks more sparse relativly.
  2. hello, 7 months update Sorry for not posting at 6 months, I have been busy... Anyway, I'm not happy with the result. the density is poor. especially in the middle of the hairline. when I comb my hair up the hair is a total see-through. I have done 4.3K grafts in a relatively small area, so I would expect a better result. at 7 months I should see at least 80% growth. if this is 80% - I'm not happy. now for the pics, I tried to take different pics in different lighting (warm light, daylight, florecent, direct harsh light etc...):
  3. It's cool. if this was a 10 month uptade, It was a bad result. At this stage the growth is OK.
  4. I hope you are right. I have to say that i choose the "worst" pics with harsh lighting. obviusely, the hairline got much more grafts then then the rest. kristoff, I saw you were content with the hairline but not with the density in the mid sculp. I have full hair in the middle so i hope i wont have that problem. all i have left is to sit and wait.
  5. 5 months update:I will post a comb up pics from now on because you can see the density better that way. comb down looks great, that's how I go out every day.Density is not good generally, and I still can't style my hair in a comb up, it looks bad. especially when my native hair is dense so I can compare the native hair vs the transplanted hair.In the middle of the hairline, the density is lower in comparison to sides of the hairline.I really hope things will improve greatly because I am not happy with the result so far (I know I have 5 more months of growth but still, I'm a bit worried, since there was not a big difference from month 4 to 5)
  6. It looks much better now! the redness is almost gone. what do you think about the hairline now? still think it is agressive? looks good to me
  7. looks good! I did my HT 1 month after you in asmd. the thinkness is similar to mine. looking foward to see your progress
  8. I'm a lawyer. I work in a law office. I'm pretty invaluable here, so I didn't ask for 4 months leave, I just told my boss I take it as fact and done deal. even though I knew he wouldn't take it easy, I knew he had no choice. I did work from home some of the time (week in a month). and used the time to travel the world (australia, thailand, japan, china). I was honest, I told him that i'm gonna do HT, and I'm way too sensitive to get back before the hair grew back (I was wearing a hair piece - no one at work knew - so it was harder for me). he gave me a few examples of ppl who did a HT that got back after 2 weeks. but i kept saying everyone is different and I have my own mental scars In israel long vacations are more acceptable i guess. And i was thinking about it for so long, that I was ready to quit my job if needed for those 4-5 months leave. I knew i wasn't able to see pepole like this. All my friends say i'm exaggerating, but that's who I am - hair is a very big deal for me. Everything worked out for the best - I got my 4 months leave, traveled the world, got around 60% sallery during the vacation - I couldn't ask for more
  9. yeah i know . when uploading a pic - lighting, flash, angle, hairsylte, can make a hair look great or bad. just wanted to give you guys the "real" status of my growth.
  10. I just saw, it is exactly the same good luck! I think that from my 4 months pics you guys got the wrong impression. when the hair is down it's looks pretty good butwhen it is combed up it looks sick & very low density. here is a pic with a fluorescent light and a flash so you can see clearly the low density:
  11. Omg. it's the exact same hair line as mine looking good i'm following
  12. very nice. great growth. we had the HT at asmed at the same month - looks like you are on the right path.
  13. another thing - you got 3000 grafts on a large area. i had 4200 on half of the area, maybe this is it. ASMED is known for big HTs so i wonder why you got such a low estemation. it is unlike asmed.