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  1. Hey all, Just wanted to say that now, after some of HT hair shed, I can see the 1st HT hair in short hair - it looks bad sparse and really thin. seeing that, I think that i needed much more grafts... but no point in dwelling... whats done is done. also, i'm pretty sure that the back area of the temple points will be still sparse. i'm saying it with great sadness
  2. If i compare those pics with the pic i took 10 days after the 1st HT - you can see that the density now is better:
  3. Hey all, 10 day post op update. the scabs are gone, and the density looks good. I just hope all the grafts will survive. the back right side is a bit less dense than the back left side, but with longer hair i hope it won't be noticed. I really hope the first HT hair will continue to grow normally and that it wasn't harmed during the 2nd HT, and i won't suffer any kind of shockloss. the donor area is healed and there is no scars just a little bit of redness but it's normal. i took pics in 3 different lightings (daylight, camera flash, and warm light)
  4. As kraistoff said, it's a small transplant, and they do the extraction with skill so no scars before, and my guess is that I will have no scars now. the red dots i have now are very small.
  5. yeah i take fin for the last 10 years soi will continue to do so. To my opnion, The explanation I got may explain part of the reason. at the middle of the hair line i got poor growth and it can't be explained with doubles growing as singles, because the hairline should have singles anyway and it still grew with poor density. I don't think that there is 1 particular reason. what he did defferently this time and I hope it will make a difference - is that he used another microscope to examin the grafts and the strong once he place in a stratigic locations - rather than just placing the gr
  6. 8.5k total as i recall. It looks as if i did surgery 2 days ago
  7. Same team. I was told the one making the extraction and placing has 10 year xp. Well, im not planing on doing another ht. So this result is for good. I think that it will be better for sure. But we will see to what extant.
  8. Heading back home today after the wash and check up. Here are some pics i took
  9. Hey everyone, Quick update: I arrived yesterday to instanbul and did a pre-op checkup and cosultation with the Dr. Everyone in the clinic, the Dr and my coordenator, suzana, is amazing and i get the feeling that they will do anything they can to insure my satisfaction. In the consultation, I asked the Dr the "big questions" - Why did the hair grew with a mediocure density and what are we gonna do differently this time to change that. He examined me, before and after the shave, and he came to the conclution that even though most of my grafts were doubles (2.1 average) i hav
  10. Hey Kaya, No i did not get a reason, I was told that the DR will examin me when i get there, and determind the reason for the poor result, and also the grafts number for the 2nd HT. I think the garantee don't worth much. i had a garantee the 1st HT and look where it got me. also i have a limited amount of grafts and i need to think about the future...
  11. yup, when i comb it down i get nothing but compliments and it looks very good. when it's up i look like a sick cat i guess the reason is that when i comb it down some of my original hair is covering the HT area, also it has this hair style has less volume so the hair is not spread and it needs less hair for full coverage.
  12. yup slick bald and the contrast definitely doesn't help hair style is everything, huge difference between this and the hair combed downwards
  13. To be clear - it's much better than before - that's for sure. but it is really sparse and thin.- see another pic i hope a sec HT will do the trick. i got 1 month off work, i really hope that the hair from the first HT wont get a shock and shed aswell... my hope is that after a month the original hair +1st Ht hair will grow nornally. yes this is a free.
  14. כן. בארץ המשתילים לא איכותיים ועדין לא מקצועיים כמו בחו"ל
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