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  1. Hi all, I'm a bit out of the loop with who the best surgeons/practices are today. Can anyone make some recommendations for a good Dr. to chat with in the NYC area? I consulted with True & Dorin a few years back, but more just to get a sense of cost/donor area/etc. At that point I wanted to try finasteride before even thinking about an HT, and that was his advice too. I tried it, got terrible sides, can't use it, and now want to have get a couple of updated opinions on what a potential long term plan which 100% excludes fin might look like. Would love to speak to 2, maybe 3, diff
  2. Yes, I do understand that skipping the meds almost definitely means more than one HT. I have that in mind as I think this through. As long as I feel results can be worthwhile, I am willing to consider multiple procedures. I think it's time I went and had a consult with someone and got some info and got a sense of what a long term plan might look like. Great to hear that your doctor has lots of HT patients not on fin. I've seen 1 or 2 people on here now who have had HTs with excellent results and are not on fin, so that is very heartening. I really just wish they'd get hair cloning t
  3. Just curious, what are RU and CB? Not familiar with those.
  4. Yup. I was taking 1/4 pills (.25mg) on a sporadic schedule for just a few weeks and I still had sides and then a full crash which took me months after stopping to recover from. No matter the dosage, some people are just really, really sensitive to the reduction process. Sometimes I look back and wonder if taking it sporadically was also part of the problem, as my body didn't have a schedule to adjust to, but I think there's more than enough reason to think, given the total amounts I took, that I am just hypersensitive to fin. In the end I took a total of ~10 doses over the course of
  5. I appreciate the reply. But after what I went through on Fin, it is 100% off my list of options, no matter the form of application. And I have also read from people on this forum that their sides were the same, or some even worse, with topical. In either case, it is off my radar for life.
  6. I hear you. Believe me, even if I had mild to medium sides on fin I'd probably still be on it. My sides were severe though, and without wishing to derail this into an anti-fin thread, I will just sum it up by saying it was hell. And I'm one of the lucky ones who eventually got better. I've read stories of men who never recovered or it took them years, and I 100% believe them. Have you tried or considered min to maintain your HT results? Will def check your journey.
  7. Watched your HT video. Looks incredible! Very nice to see and hear that you managed that without fin. I will definitely check your other posts and read about your journey. Thank you!
  8. Hi all, Hoping to get some stories and see some results of those who have undergone HT but do not use Fin. I was on fin for a while and unfortunately I am one of the people who got horrible sides. Took me months after stopping to recover, so fin is off my list of options for good. Am open to trying min but dread the initial shed. I know the traditional view is an HT without meds is not the best idea, but I've seen a few people on various threads say otherwise. Have been searching around trying to find threads with such results and stories, but it's hard to search this forum wi
  9. I took it twice. First in my mid 20's, and didn't notice any side effects, but stopped anyway as I didn't want to be on it for 30-40 years. Then, weirdly, my hair loss almost completely stopped until my mid to late 30s. Looking back though, I think I had mild sides but didn't realize to correlate them with fin at the time. So in 2017 I tried Fin again and had bad sides. I got the "crash" that anti-fin people talk about and had 3 horrible months after stopping (insomnia, severe brain fog, lost 30 pounds in ~1 month, digestive issues, extreme fatigue, etc etc and worst of all, very bad anxi
  10. The reason companies like this offer money back guarantees is they know: 1- Many people will forget about the device or lose track of how long they've used it, and never even ask for their 6 month refund. They'll just eventually decide it doesn't work and toss it into a box in their closet. Or they'll keep putting it off till the last minute until it's too late. 2- They can put enough in the fine print to make it difficult to actually get your money back, and many people who try will give up after a 1-2 frustrating customer service experiences. (Look up the reviews of products with
  11. Fair enough. I just hate to see people chased off the forum when they have legit questions. We're all going through enough insecurity and embarrassment as it is. Asking these questions here is waaaaaay easier than in front of a doctor, and I don't want people deterred from that. @Made2care - My attempt at being dickishly humorous was perhaps too aggressive. I apologize.
  12. I used Fin at 2 different times in my life, and like you, my sides were way worse on the 2nd round. 1st round was early to mid 20s and I didn't notice any sides. I stopped just cus I didn't like the idea of being on it for literally 30 or 40 years. Then I tried again just 2 years ago, at age 37, and had terrible sides. In fact, I got what pfs people call the crash. Everything went completely haywire literally overnight, and I was really unwell for several months after stopping, and etc, but that's a different story. But while I was recovering, I saw a Dr. who specializes in treatin
  13. The real question here is, for those of you using Minox and seeing results, are you also using Fin/Dut? Cus then it's hard to tell which one is benefiting you most, and I would suspect it's fin/dut. I ask because I tried fin and had very bad sides, so, despite it working well on my hair, it is off my list of options. I keep wavering on the idea of Min, as I'm dreading the shed, and I also worry it would actually make my hair look thinner, giving it that wet appearance. But I don't know, it's kinda the only option left to me at this point.
  14. Made2Care. Grow the fuck up. This isn't "TMI." This is exactly what this forum is for. And many doctors don't have that much experience with fin and its sides, so he's actually likely to get more detailed answers here, from actual experienced users. And it's easier to discuss here online than face to face with a dr. If you can't handle a little adult discussion, then maybe run off and watch Bambi and eat some milk and cookies till you feel all better. OP, search around this forum and you should find lots of experience stories. I think given where you're at with it, most people (my
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