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  1. @Vpac Konior is booked out until July he informed me. I’m hoping he gets a cancelation but would like to do this year while in quarantine. Nadimi is also booked until feb. I’m considering bisanga as I’m looking to use some beard grafts and want someone with experience and results with beard grafts and crown work. He’s having consultation in US and may even have surgery in US. I really like dr Ferreira but It’s too bad there aren’t a lot of results of his online and don’t know if he’d be the right dr for BHT.
  2. Looks great man. thanks for sharing the pictures. You still have some more growth months ahead of you.
  3. @FinMin20 That looks awesome man! Thanks for sharing! You must be very happy!
  4. I was always hesitant on the sides and still am to be quite honest. Dr Bisanga recently informed me that there is a topical option, i may be considering. I just dont know how many people have had success with it. Just started taking minoxidil.
  5. I’m actually considering SMP for my scar. I saw examples on here that look great. I think it was @Gatsby. I feel like FUE is the way to go for me now considering both konior and bisanga that do both techniques are suggesting FUE with BHT. it’s just konior is booked rest of year and is double the price of bisanga. Would you think konior is that much better than bisanga that he’s worth the double the cost? Thank you for note. Im hoping the combined 3400 scalp and beard grafts would help give me coverage in both mid scalp and crown
  6. Thank you for the feedback. I would consider FUT again but the cons of having a tight scalp and even konior said I would have another linear scar adjacent to the one I already have. If I didn’t do my last FUE with mohebi I would’ve jumped on another FUT already. I would reconsider if he sees my donor in person and thinks I have enough laxity and the scar wouldn’t get wider.
  7. I consulted with HW but said I needed 5000 grafts fut but I don’t have enough laxity. I consulted recently with konior and bisanga. Both told me I needed FUE but can only harvest 2200-2400 grafts and do 800 grafts BHT. I’m very impressed with both doctors and Bisanga is coming to US in late October. Konior thinks he can make significant density boost with 2000 grafts. Why would you think FUE be a mistake for me?
  8. I thought dr Bisanga uses Manual punch? Any update on this patient?
  9. I think it looks fuller too in your hairline and has improved from 5 month mark. Again it’s still early. How are things looking for you lately??
  10. Portugal. I think it looks great so far considering where you were. And you still have more time for growth. Perhaps minoxidil can help you more in the vertex?
  11. Really? He's been around for so long i thought he would. He seems to have a lot of great results shared on this forum but i can't find much of BHT results of his. dr wong advised fut 5000 but i dont have enough laxity. He said i should do scalp exercises for a few months to see but i really don't want another FUT strip scar. Dr Konior also advised that i would need between 2000-3000 grafts and that he would only do 2200 in a single FUE session. He said " FUE harvesting needs to be performed if you are not willing to have another scar or if your exam reveals insufficient elasti
  12. @asterix0 got it haha What do you think of Dr Bisanga for my case? He suggested 3600 grafts for me (2500-2800 scalp and remaining from beard). I'm seeing a lot of high nor results of his that look good.
  13. @Gatsby Thanks! do you know anyone on here i can follow up on their experience with eugenix? I'm willing to go anywhere to get this next HT done but i've been hesitant on India. Turkey alone with a bit iffy for me but i know there are "some" really good doctors there if you do the research.
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