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  1. @Melvin-Moderator @1978matt I didn't even consider doing FUT again but I got 4 guys on here recommending FUT for my case. I'm hearing that DHI / stick and place provides greater yield because grafts aren't sitting outside as long and the incisions won't remain open for long. Wouldn't that method provide better yield than FUT due to that? Also, isn't there a limit to how many grafts a doctor can take during an FUT session?
  2. @transplantedphil I passed on bhatti after i found out he uses motor extraction and i saw some bad cases of donor areas out of his clinic. My concern with a 2nd FUT is if the linear scar becomes even more noticeable as its a little thick on my right side. I figured if the yield is the same as FUE with a talented surgeon, it may be better? Especially if its DHI method with direct implantation. @Silent1234 Appreciate it man. I've been coming across hasson and dr wong on here lately. I'll check them out
  3. @Doron Harati Wow what a huge turnaround for you man! I'll definitely take a look into Dr. Maras. Congrats on the improvement!
  4. @home1212 I've been told that FUE can yield same amount as FUT. Is that not the case? I'll take a look at those doctors. When you mean mega session, do you think 4000 grafts won't be enough?
  5. 1st time posting here. i've been losing hair since i was 20, did my 1st HT FUT in 2013 for 1500 grafts, then 2nd FUE HT with a well known surgeon in Beverly hills for 2000 grafts in Dec 2018. its been around 18 months since i had that 2nd procedure and id say i'm about 60% satisfied with the front. I was told by that Dr. that i would need a 3rd procedure to fill the mid and crown which i planned to do. However after seeing the results with this doctor, i'm not prepared to spend a ton of money for another 2000 grafts as he suggested that won't achieve my goals. There appear to be areas like my right side hairline that are see through and right in the middle front where i feel like he didn't put any grafts or nothing grew. After consulting with a few doctors, i was told i am a repair case. I do want to note, i was advised to take FIN and i did not as i was scared of the sides and i did continue to lose more hair in the mid/crown. I plan on starting FIN 1 mg a day or every other day. when i do my 3rd HT after talking to numerous people and doctors. I started looking at doctors in Turkey (Pekiner, HLC, Demirsoy, ASMED, Hair transplant of Istanbul, then India (bhatti, Suneet Soni) and i also reached out to Couto, Lorenzo, Ferreira of Spain/Portugal. Dr. Couto is unfortunately not accepting any consultations at the moment. I found some decent results on some Brazilian doctors, has anyone on hear have good experience with them? I recently saw Thiago BIanco Leal and they look solid too. Turkish clinic i short listed was Pekiner who advised me 4000 grafts (2000 from BHT). I wasn't expecting to take that many grafts from beard/chest at least in my 3rd HT. i know that yields on BHT is lower than scalp. For India, Soni said i would also need 4000 grafts but max 2500 via FUE and 1500 grafts with FUT. This was the first time i was introduced by a doctor of combining FUT+FUE. I'm not looking to have a 2nd linear scar. Bhatti said i only have 2200-2500 grafts available and thats all i need for the crown. Dr. Ferreira's clinic gave me a detailed assessment/plan and Dr. Ferreira personally emailed me saying i would need 4000 grafts to fill my mid/crown and do another procedure 5 months from then to repair donor scar and touch up hairline as its a bit see through. He mentioned my donor looks good for 4000 grafts, my previous doctor also mentioned that after my 2nd HT.
  6. @Portugal25 I don't see too many results on forums or online for Dr. Bruno Ferreira. I saw his name attached to alot of results on Dr. Lorenzo's results at Injerto Capilar but i dont know how much involvement Dr. Bruno Ferreira had in those surgeries. I have heard that Dr Lorenzo isn't as involved in HT as much so it is likely Dr. Ferreira did those but how would we know for sure.
  7. @Rolandas When would they do touch up? Would they know right away during procedure or is this something they would touch up on another procedure 6-12 months down the road? I just got my response from Lorenzo and he said that I have "repair case" with depleted donor area and that there is no possibility to fill my mid- and crown areas. Also my donor area is not safe. First time I heard this from a HT surgeon. I was told by my last surgeon that I have up to 3000-4000 healthy grafts still in my donor area for my next procedure. I reached out to Pekiner and Ferreira at the same time so I just forwarded them detailed photos waiting to hear back. Pekiner asked to see my beard and chest hairs for more donor options i'm assuming. Thank you for your feedback. I want to take time and be 100% confident if a 3rd procedure would even get the results i'm hoping for.
  8. My last hair surgeon, told me I had 3000-4000 left on my scalp to extract for my next procedure so i'm not planning to take grafts form my beard. Would you think Dr bruno or Lorenzo would be the best choice in my case instead of Pekiner? I checked out Dr Lorenzo too but it appears his techs do the extractions? I need to see more results for Lorenzo. @Rolandas Followed your story, results look very impressive so far! wish you continued progress with Dr Bruno. Both you and @Portugal25 are looking great, i'm going to reach out to both doctors to see what they say.
  9. @Portugal25 I saw on demirsoys website he does manual extractions too, does he not do that anymore? I have yet to consult with his office. My concern with motorized extraction is due to overharvesting, especially if done in a single day. Is the stick&place method considered FUE still or is it DHI? Is this a new method or has this been done for years with consistent results? I agree that i'd also prefer to have surgeon doing most of the work than the techs. Aren't most FUE procedures done with pre slit method where the dr does incisions and techs do 100% implantation? I will check out HLC and Ferreira. I've had 2 HT's (1 fut and 1 fue) and my head looks exactly like yours did pre op with Pekiner. I'm looking to fill top and crown and have short listed demirsoy, my previous HT in US although expensive, and pekiner. I did consider Bhatti but his results lately don't seem that great. any risk of overharvesting with dr Ferreira's method? I have to see his results. Thanks for the help!
  10. @Portugal25 That's a significant improvement my man! I've been considering demirsoy but after seeing Pekiner's results and following your story, I can say he is a great HT surgeon to consider! Do you know how many patients Dr Pekiner sees in a day? Look forward to seeing your continued progress.