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  1. @john1972 do you have like before and after? How much did you pay for 2150 grafts? How is the hairline coming out?
  2. @Rolandas @Portugal25 @JohnAC71 @Melvin-Moderator Thank you all for your messages. I will try to reply to your messages in one go. Also, what's everyones take at FINASTERIDE? side effects and does it really prevent further hair loss? I'm considering following clinics. 1. Dr Bisanga Just had message from Dr Bisanga recommending me 3500-4000 grafts with dense packing (excluding crown) at 4 euro/graft which makes it at whooping 14,000-16,000 EUR. Wayyyyyyyy out of my budget. They have also suggested 2.5 EUR/graft if I go to greece and Dr Bisanga gets assisted with another doctor (not a technician) 2. Dr Bruno I have submitted my photos to Dr Bruno and lets see what he says. 3. Harley Street Hair Clinic I'm due to see Harley Street Hair clinic on Monday 15th June. So fingers crossed.. @Sijac09considering HSHC as @spex had it done from here. 4. Maitland (Dr Ball) Also waiting for them to get back to me. 5. HLC Turkey 2800-3200 grafts at 2.5 EUR/graft with dense packing and covering midscalp and frontal (not crown). 6. Eugenix in total quoted me 5000 grafts. 3000 for front+mid scalp and 2000 later on for crown at 2.2 EUR per graft. I know it is the cheapest and they are producing great results and I'm not too sure of visa policies to travel India. 7. Dr Reddy. They are really busy until July and I would have to wait for consultation. 8. Dr Madras Waiting for his reply as well. Only reason I'm looking into UK is firstly, due to travel restrictions and secondly if I could finance my surgery, it would be much easier for me to afford.
  3. @JohnAC71 going through forum, i believe dr Reddy charges around £4-5 per graft which would make my surgery go around or above £10,000 (if 2000 grafts) which is out of my budget. I’m considering around £6000-7000. seriously considering HLC turkey once travel restrictions are lifted. What do you say? also waiting for Dr Bruno from portugal. @Melvin-Moderator could you tag some experienced members hear to help the brother out. Thanks :)
  4. HLC turkey hands down only safe bet there. I have no idea about anyone else but HLC knows what they are doing.
  5. Hi there. I’m new to this forum and I would like to choose FUE hair transplant clinic in UK. I was initially going to go with Wimpole Clinic and they quoted me £6000 for 2000 grafts. Upon going through some threads, I have seen that it has some really bad reviews and thank God I came here as I was rushing to get my hair done. I have come across few names in UK. Kindly suggest which one should I go for. I’m also due to see Harley street hair clinic after 3 days which also suggested 1800-2000 grafts for around £7500 through online consultation. Dr farjo somehow does not appeal much to me. I have sent him query so lets see how he replies. Dr ball seems to be really expensive and same applies to Dr Reddy as well. i had also consulted with HLC turkey and they quoted me 2800-3200 grafts for front half with dense packing at 2.5€ per graft. ASMED turkey quoted me 5000 grafts for € 12,500 Lolllllll I’m personally more inclined towards Harley street hair clinic but im open to suggestions and I might consider to go belgium or spain. Not too sure about USA. I have attached my current condition for your consideration Raza