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  1. I think it’s completely botched up... I don’t think it’s temporarily... it wouldn’t take 8 months for it to restart growing if it was... ive given up - I’m distraught. I really am! Feels like my life has turned upside down - trying to make it better had made it 100% worse. Nothing more to say!
  2. 8 months and again the hair has got worse...I curse my self for having this HT...😢 Rather than getting better...getting worse by the day!!! I give up!
  3. It was thinning slightly around the front and middle. I was very conscious when it rained or when I went into the sea as you could see my scalp. I wanted to increase density. I was then advised to shave my hair and have a full procedure.
  4. This is now 7 months... any comments??? I am Still stressing!! Can I expect it to get better or not really?
  5. Yes the top pic was pre OP (I've labelled which one was the pre op - same thread as the post op pics). What does 'I'm covering a large area with 3200 grafts mean'? I'll post more pics up as the months go along...I'm trying to remain patient as much as I can...
  6. I’ve had around 3200 grafts. I have never used finasteride. I attach my pre op pic and post op graft placement.Pre op
  7. I think this is a failed HT. I’m coming up to 6 months post HT and very patchy or no growth... any Thoughts? Is it a failure? I’m so stressed!
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