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  1. 7 months post-op So today is my 7 month mark and I was just at the barber and got a haircut. My barber who I've been going to for 2 years, had seen other clients with poor HT results and was really impressed with mine, especially with the donor area. Since the last post the density has increased a bit overall but especially in the crown area. I'm very happy with the results and barely think about hair loss anymore. Have also got more compliments as I go out and my confidence is boosted. I will probably not post as frequently from now on as it will most likely not be so much change from one month to another, but will try to post every 2-3 months. As for Fin&Min I'm still on both.
  2. 6 months post-op So this is my 6 month update. It's been great improvement in density since month 5 and I'm getting a lot of compliments from family and friends The photos of the frontal area that I'll post here are taken in different lighting, both indoor and outdoor. It does actually look better and more dense in reality so I'm really happy with the growth. Also note that the hairs in the hairline are still a bit shorter than the native hair behind. Even the crown area which still lacks some density looks to have more coverage in reality and in optimal lighting than in the photos, even though I still hope for more improvement there. As for medications I am currently on Propecia 1mg daily and liquid minoxidil every evening.
  3. Looks great! As your last post was from month 5, did you notice much improvement between month 6 and 7?
  4. 5 months post-op I am happy with the growth in the frontal area and I can see new hairs starting to grow and density increasing. However the vertex area still has poor growth and it seems as many of the grafts have not grown yet. Attaching a photo here of a comparison against 11 days post-op before all grafts had shed. I'm not sure what to really expect at the 5 month mark. Sent some photos to the clinic and they said that it's normal at this stage and that I will see more growth in the vertex from month 8-9 to 12-13. What do you guys think about the progress so far?
  5. Impressive! Could you upload some post-surgery photos of the graft placement? Did the patient use finasteride or minoxidil before/after the transplant?
  6. Hi @HisHairness - Yes you are right, congrats on your transplant! It will be interesting to follow your progresss and good luck with the growth! Thanks @Gatsby! Yeah I had actually never shaved my head since starting to get bald so I never considered it but hopefully I will not need it now Thanks @Hitch! Yes I did have some hair in the middle but I do notice the hair looks thicker and I cannot see through to the scalp as much as before, it could be the effects of Finasteride+Minoxidil but I've also seen some small hairs starting to grow in between. It's the back and crown area where I really hope I'll see some growth soon.
  7. 4 months post-op The growth has increased a lot in the frontal area but the vertex is still lagging behind which I believe is fully normal at this stage. Overall I'm happy with this amount of growth at the 4 month mark but I'm a bit concerned about the donor area which is still a bit patchy. Not that I am concerned about my appearance as I don't think anyone would notice, but I'm rather thinking that if it will stay like this I would probably not consider another transplant in the future. However, it's still early in the process and I can just hope that it will even out in the coming months. Regarding the pimples in the vertex, most of them disappeared by themselves so I didn't need to continue with any cream. I have now also switched to Finasteride Accord 1mg daily and will soon also switch from Minoxidil foam to liquid.
  8. Thanks for your response, good to hear that. Did you also do your HT at Asmed?
  9. 3 months post-op Finally starting to see a little bit of growth in the frontal area 😁 I have not cut my hair since around 1 month. The donor area looks a bit patchy on the sides which you can see on the last photos in better lighting. I hope it is just temporary. The vertex area has not started growing yet and I have got a lot of pimples there. I tried putting on some Terramycin lotion a few weeks back and might have seem a slight improvement but I didn't use it daily as I probably should so cannot evaluate if it actually helped or not. I will try it again and be more strict with the usage this time. Do you guys know if this is bad or if it is normal? If anyone has had it, did it go away by itself or did you use any medicine for it? I'm still using Minoxidil foam every evening before bed and I'm not sure if maybe that could cause the irritated skin on the vertex. I'm also still using the Proscar 1.25mg which ASMED gave me but I will soon switch to a Propecia equivalent (1 mg tablets) that I got prescribed here in Sweden.
  10. 2 months post-op Shedding phase still in progress 😔 Have had a lot of pimples on my donor area but it has decreased now with the use of Terramycin cream. Still using minoxidil foam, finasteride 1mg and taking biotin tablets daily.
  11. Wow! Just looked through your 2 other topics now and what an incredible transformation you've made! Congrats! Hope your third surgery turns out as you want, I will follow your progress. I had my first transplant with Dr. Erdogan almost 6 weeks ago and I'm patiently going through the shedding phase now... If I'd get even close to your growth I'd be very happy 😁