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  1. Was gonna say.. haven't seen that user jossy in a while 😆. Thought we were looking at an account rebrand fishing for confirmation bias
  2. I've replied to him on numerous posts on threads such as these within the past couple weeks, with the same exact recycled comments he keeps rehashing about how "hair transplants only last 2 years." It's literally the only thing he consistently comments, and intentionally seeks out posts like these which prove his theory; it's the epitome of confirmation bias. Hair transplants have been conducted for a few decades now. If they only lasted 2 years as he says, they would not be seen as an even remotely viable option for people, and would instead be regarded as a widespread failure across the
  3. That still would not explain transplanted hairs falling out so quickly after the procedure, even if the newly transplanted hairs became DHT susceptible. You're using an extreme case here and applying it as the rule.
  4. ebay? You don't need a prescription for topical finasteride?
  5. To have a HT thin after 2 years is not normal and definitely one of the more extreme cases. Even if the hairs from the safe zone were to obtain the characteristics of the DHT susceptible hair after the transplant as you say and therefore be prone to miniaturization, why would it happen in such a short period of time (2 years), if it didn't even occur that quickly with the DHT sensitive native hairs that were there in the first place? You're taking an extreme case and applying it as the rule.
  6. Even if he's not on fin, wouldn't it only be the native, non-transplanted hair that continues to progressively thin? Shouldn't the transplanted hair from the safe zone (assuming it was taken from there) not be undergoing miniaturization, especially this short time later? I would be curious to see what his donor area looks like, specifically around the area where the grafts were harvested. Are those areas thinning or miniaturizing as well?
  7. I saw you mentioned you got a medical visa already. When did you get yours? Visa applications have been discontinued until further notice. I just emailed them and got the following message: "Hello,Currently, the Indian government is not processing visa approvals but you can place an application as early as now and we will process it as soon as they resume the process. Thank you."
  8. Is that all that is needed in addition to a passport? And I take it a regular tourist visa is not sufficient enough, correct? I'll check out that website, looks like a good service. Is there a benefit to using them instead of the suggested Cox and Kings Global Service for obtaining Visas (https://www.in.ckgs.us/)? Like faster turnaround time, cheaper, etc.
  9. All good, appreciate the comments and info, its all helpful. And yes, I got a good idea for doctors and clinics, was looking into HDC with the help of Doron due to their great results. I don't disagree that the other doctors wouldn't be terrific choices as well... am still keeping an open mind to everything.
  10. Thanks for the clarification. Can't imagine being initially accepted through an online consultation for a HT, only to spend a lot of money on a flight to another country to be rejected in person after further review.
  11. Why would they reject for miniaturized hairs in the front? I thought the whole point of having a HT was because you have hair loss or thinning hair in areas you want to have filled in? I figured donor area would be most important obviously to assessing patient candidacy. If it means anything, I have ruled out Dr. Pekiner already. Obviously what you mentioned about him rejecting patients on a whim does not help his case. I also understand that a HT is not a one and done procedure, and that follow up procedures are needed for the native non-transplanted hairs that continue to fall.
  12. Thanks for all the info guys. Narrowing it down to HDC and HLC; liking what I see so far. Question on miniaturization though.. I have miniaturization on the top of my head but donor area is excellent; no miniaturization whatsoever, shedding, or hair loss. Would doctors like Dr. Pekiner reject patients for a HT if he sees miniaturization on the top of the head? Or do they only consider miniaturization in the donor area when considering a HT patient?
  13. Thanks for the reply and info. Any reason you advise against Turkey? Affordability is definitely a top priority for me, and I hear Turkey is great in that regards which is why I was considering it. Obviously am happy to look at other countries if affordability can still be maintained in addition to quality. The only one I've researched of those 3 so far was Dr. Bisanga. He is on the higher end for graft price though, no? http://bisangahairtransplant.com/html/faq_cost_cond.htm And will start looking into the others now, thanks Melvin.
  14. Hi everyone, Was wondering what the general consensus was on great hair transplant doctors/clinics in Turkey that specialize in frontal hairline FUE transplants? I have heard ASMED clinic and Dr. Keser are good in this regard, but would like to consider a few more options to do research on before I make my pick. I figured I would need somewhere around 1500-200 grafts in the frontal area due to receding hairline in the temples. Recommendations for places with natural looking hairlines is my main priority at the moment, specifically doctors that focus or specialize mainly on the frontal are
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