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    Thinning on Top only (Genetic Baldness)
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    In the last 10 years
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  1. The transplanted area is seen in the lower smaller photo that looks darkish. JMO?
  2. I agree: why is his hair combed back in preop photos and why is it combed forward in the post op photos. :confused: This happens a lot.
  3. Nice result Dr. Shapiro Dr. Shapiro - since hs has thin to medium caliber hairs, and at his age, are you worried he may lose more hair and need more operations?
  4. Sweet transformation in only 10 months. Cant wait to see this in a couple years. Is he on meds?
  5. dude if you had a lot of docs tell you not to do a transplant ---> Dont do it then. You don't want to end up with a scar that you will need to cover for the rest of your life.. Trust me - I live it with crappy work and keep coming back to this site to see if anything new pops up. just out of curiosity, what does the back of you head look like - the donor hair?
  6. How old are you? Are you still losing hair as we all do that have hair loss? Also, where did they take the hair from?
  7. When my primary care doc does a skin biopsy on me (I had a little too much sun exposure in my teens, but had fun), he also uses bactroban, which is an antibiotic ointment. Looking forward to hearing why Dr. Alexander uses it on the grafts. Maybe we'll learn something new?
  8. I think it is a plus and a minus. Here's my explanation: The doctors that do hair restoration surgery and are willing to be scrutinized on sites like this have to elevate their game or else they will be caught and everyone will know they suck. So I will put in a kudos for this site that weeds out physicians who dont make the grade. Especially the docs who are on the cutting edge, the Coalition doctors, really elevate the game to a new level. What I am now seeing is that there is new technology that is enabling the average plastic surgeon to extract grafts with these new devices, such as the neograft, these doctors think that by just having some instrument to get their hairs out, that that is all they need to do good hair restoration surgery. I have written abotu this before: I see advertisements all over the place for "Scarless surgery" and they are saying the Neograft can achieve that. That is 100% false and it is false adversiting and very deceitful for the average person who does not know better. I think I will continue my crusade and call out these shady groups. Also, there are groups that are saying, (and I know because I am still looking at redoing my transplant, as I have stated for years - just got to get the time and curage) that this ACell stuff is like holy water and can fix any scar. I talked to a group in L.A. who said they would throw the stuff in for free. Immediately when they said that, I knew they were full of crap and just trying to get a sale. So that is where I feel it is going down because groups are telling the lay person with no hair restoration experience things that will get them to sign up that are totally false. If you weed them out, and look at the docs who are willing to let it hang out and show their stuff and answer, then you at least know who you can see that will ethically help you.
  9. Does any other docs recommend neosporin on the grafts? Reading between the lines, it does not feel that putting a triple antibiotic ointment on newly transplanted grafts is a good thing. Was he worried about infections? I wonder if Dr. Alexander can comment why he recommends Neosporin on the grafts.
  10. Excellent results Dr. Friedman. The more and more I see Dr. Friedman's work, the more I am impressed. IMO, Dr. Friedman is the goto doc in Phoenix, and in Arizona as a whole.
  11. Great work for someone with thin hair. Thank you for showing your patient. Having thin hair myself I can relate to this patient.