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  1. MVL is a 41 year-old East Asian who has receding hairline and diffused thinning hair from front to the crown. His hair is black, coarse, density = 64 FU/ cm2 . The recipient area measured 70 cm2 to mid scalp. He underwent a combo FUT+FUE with short FUT scar, FUT or linear excision yielded 2,105 grafts (1-hair = 805 grafts, 2-hairs = 1,111 grafts, 3-hairs = 189 grafts) total hair = 3,594 from FUT. FUE using WAW 0.95 mm, yielded 946 grafts (1-hair = 257 grafts, 2-hairs = 504 grafts, 3-hairs = 185 grafts) total 1,820 hairs. A grand total of 3,051 grafts or 5,414 hairs were transplanted. Below are before and 11 months after with good result.
  2. 36 years old South East Asian male with receding hair line and deep temples, he wanted to add the density and close both temples. He has good donor hair (black,coarse,straight) and good scalp laxity. His recipient area=56 cm2, donor density=76 FU/cm2 He underwent FUT 2,720 grafts (1-hair=700 grafts, 2-hairs= 1,255 grafts, 3-hairs=765 grafts) a total of 5,505 hairs were transplanted. Below are his before and one year one month and he is happy with the result. He has minimal donor scar as shown in the photo. We summit many photos since his hair is very course and difficult to comb backward.
  3. It's very nice information regarding the process of hair transplantation from planting til shedding and finally the hair grafts are growing nicely.
  4. AF is a 26 years old W/M with extensive hair loss from front toward the crown at very young age as in Norwood ClassVI. His donor density is average 78 grafts/cm2. He underwent FUT 3,763 grafts ( 1-hair= 1,291 grafts, 2-hairs=2,393 grafts, 3-hairs=410 grafts) about 6,645 hairs, planting from front to mid scalp. Below are his pre and 6 months post op with good result. He will return for further surgery at crown in the future.
  5. JR is a 36 years old Asian male who have balding at crown and diffused thinning hair at forelock with retain frontal hairline. He has an average donor density of 66 follicle/cm2. The recipient area measured 139 cm2. He underwent FUE 2,518 grafts (1 hair=336 grafts, 2-hairs=1,133 grafts, 3-hairs =903 grafts, 4-hairs=146 grafts) total 5,895 hairs. Below are his pre and 10 months after with good result. He will return in the future to add on density.
  6. TS is a 34 years old white male who have receding fronto temporal hair line and wanted to restore his hair line by FUE. He has straight, black hair with good density. He underwent FUE with WAW 0.95 mm. 2,009 grafts (1-hair=228 grafts, 2-hairs=1,295 grafts, 3-hairs=473 grafts, 4-hairs=13 grafts) roughly 4,289 hairs were transplanted. Below are his pre and 6 months post op with good result.
  7. This is a 39 years old white male who has hair loss from the front to mid scalp and balding at crown as in Norwood IV. He has an average donor hair. He underwent hair transplant FUT 3,806 grafts ( 1-hair=967 grafts, 2-hairs=2,178 grafts, 3-hairs=661 grafts) roughly 7,306 hairs, 2,706 grafts were placed at front and 1,100 grafts at crown. Below is before and one year after with slightly wet hair to be able to comb backward since the dry hair is looking quite thick. He is happy with the result for now and wanted to come back to add on the density in the future.
  8. JN is 29 years old white male who has receding hair line to mid scalp with some hair at forelock. The bridge is thin and empty crown. His hair is black, extremely curl like African type of hair with good density and scalp laxity. He underwent FUT 4,077 grafts were transplanted ( 1-hair= 1,327 grafts, 2-hairs=1,973 grafts, 3-hairs= 777 grafts) or roughly 7,604 hairs. Below are his before and 10 months after with pleasing result.
  9. Dear jj51702 The temple point was restored where it original belonged with very fine hair that can be seen. I did not change. Dear Torip The patient wanted the hairline even lower and I told him just to reinforce the thin hairline that he has. You can see the top view of before and after that is not too low.