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  1. This patient is a 66-year-old transgender female who desired a more feminine appearance to her hairline, frontal zone, and fronto-temporal angles. She had 2771 follicular unit grafts placed 15 months ago at our Portland Hair Restoration Center. Her post-operative course was uneventful. She returned to show us her progress. Her hair is growing out very well and she is extremely happy with the results so far. This has drastically changed her appearance, and according to her, her life. When she is in the Portland/Seattle area in the future, she will come to the office, so we can check on her progress. Steven Gabel, MD, FACS Gabel Center Website
  2. This patient is a 28-year-old male who we performed 1591 grafts to the frontal hairline 3.5 years ago. He initially had a hair transplant at another practice which had failed to deliver the desired result of a solid hairline. He felt many of the grafts did not grow, and that he had some irregularity to the hairline. Examination at the time revealed large spaces in the frontal hairline and poor density. It did appear that he had poor growth from the prior procedure. Additionally, there were several 2-hair grafts in the hairline which were giving an unnatural appearance. We transplanted 1591 grafts into the very frontal hairline and frontal zone. The surgery was very meticulous as I did not want to disturb any existing hairs in the hairline at the same time packing the area with new follicular unit grafts. The surgery was highly successful and the patient has been extremely happy since. He was recently in the Portland area and visited us. He has been on oral and topical medications to help minimize hair loss. At this point, I only recommended that he maintain his medical therapy as his hairline and overall scalp hair looks amazing. Next time he returns to Portland, he said he will visit the Gabel Center for an update. Dr. Steven Gabel Portland/Seattle Gabel Center
  3. This patient is a 38-year-old male who desired to thicken and restore the hair in the crown area of the scalp. Although he still had a small amount of small, vellus hair, his main concern was to increase the density with thicker, terminal hairs. The patient had 1823 follicular unit grafts placed in the crown. We utilized the FUE harvest method using a 0.80 hybrid punch system. The photographs show the results at 15 months after the procedure which demonstrates excellent density and coverage of the crown region. His results are accentuated by the fact that he keeps his hair longer adding additional coverage through increased volume of hair. He continues to stay on medical therapy to help maintain his natural hair density.
  4. This 64-year old male had several hair transplants many years ago. His main concern was to add density in several specific areas of his scalp to increase the thickness and density. His donor area had several prior strip scars with significant scar tissue only allowing for a small amount of donor hair to be removed. On examination, he demonstrated diffuse pattern baldness with evidence of prior hair transplants, and significant scar tissue the fibrosis of the scalp. I had a lengthy discussion with the patient and explained the limitations we had with the amount of donor hair I could obtain, and the diffuse nature of his balding. We discussed the fact that he would not have a dramatic improvement but a mild improvement since he wanted the grafts spread out throughout the frontal and mid-scalp zones. However, we planned to concentrate the grafts into specific areas that bothered him the most to make the best use of the hair we could obtain. The patient had a strip procedure and we were able to obtain 1014 follicular unit grafts which were strategically placed in the most bothersome areas for this patient. The postoperative photos taken 1 year later show a mild increase in density and fullness to the hairline and central scalp and improvement in the crown. The patient is pleased with his results so far and looks forward to seeing how his final results will look. This case is important to demonstrate that not all cases are straightforward, and many patients do not have a significant amount of donor hair to work with. In this patient’s case, we were only able to harvest 1014 grafts, but we placed them in specific areas to satisfy the patient in the most troublesome areas. He is delighted with the results as it met and exceeded his expectations that he was looking for. If he desires more hair in the future, I will consider FUE.
  5. This patient is a 28-year-old male with mild to moderate hair loss in the frontal region and hairline. He desired to fill in those zone via a hair transplant. After a detailed consultation, it was determined that he would be a good candidate for follicular unit excision (FUE) harvest techniques secondary to his short hair he likes to have in the donor area. The patient underwent a hair transplant via FUE and had 2192 grafts placed into the frontal zone of the scalp in one procedure. Postoperatively, the patient has done very well. He is very happy and excited with his 1-year results as shown in the photos below.
  6. This 33-year-old male desired to redefine his frontal hairline, and increase density in the frontal and midscalp zones. He had 2939 follicular unit grafts transplanted via the strip harvest method. The photos show his results almost at 2 years after surgery. The patient is very happy with the results. Clearly, the results are enhanced as his hair is grown out some more, and the color contrast between his hair and skin - all favorable to him for a better result.
  7. This patient is a 31 year old male who had 2084 grafts harvested via the FUE donor harvest method. This was a combined case with both Dr. Gabel and Dr. Konior at Dr. Gabel's Portland Hair Restoration Center. The patient is now 8 months after surgery and is thrilled with the results thus far. He continues to send in photographs from home, and we will continue to post them with his permission.
  8. This patient is a 53-year-old male who desired to enhance his frontal hairline. He has excellent density throughout the rest of his scalp. The frontal-temporal angles had always bothered him with the recession he had. We transplanted 1600 ultra-refined follicular unit grafts into the frontal hairline in a high-density technique at our Portland Hair Transplant Clinic as depicted in the photographs. He is extremely happy with the results as shown in the video.
  9. MattyNJ1: I evaluate each case individually. There are some patients that I can do more grafts without shaving depending upon how difficult or how much time it will take. I don't want to sacrifice the survivability of the grafts with any case if it takes to long to plant the grafts. Even through we use specialized solutions to store the grafts, I still like to have them planted in a timely fashion. Also, if I am doing a large megasession, then I almost always shave the patient. I hope that answers your question.
  10. This patient is a 31- year old male who desired to restore the frontal hairline and frontal zone of his scalp. He is now 6 months following a hair transplant utilizing the follicular unit extraction (FUE) method for donor hair. He had 2084 grafts transplanted. The recipient sites are made with custom-cut blades, and the grafts are inserted by Dr. Gabel and his staff. The patient will return for his 1-year progress at which time we will post his results.
  11. This patient is a 37-year old transgender female patient who is 11-months out from a hair transplant. She had 3166 grafts placed into the frontal region of the scalp. The procedure utilized the strip harvest method to feminize her hairline. She had an excellent result creating a natural,female hairline. Her results are also enhanced by her curly hair. The video shows the density achieved after one procedure. "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YsQSCJJMJA8
  12. This patient is a 33-year-old gentleman who desired tricopigmentation to the scalp to give him a full, shaved appearance to his hair. At this point, he is not interested in surgery, and likes to keep his hair very short. The photos show before and after 2 sessions of tricopigmentation. The dots are very fresh, and the color will deepen over the next couple days. He will return in about 6 weeks for a touch up. The video shows the actual procedure being performed on the second day. Video Link: Dr. Gabel performing tricopigmentation*
  13. This patient is a 38-year old male whose main concern were the deep front-temporal recessions. The patient had 3872 grafts placed via the strip harvest method. The photographs and video show the 7-month results after the second procedure. [img}https://gabelcenter.box.com/shared/static/vo4nybmwtq0dpl16yfjzw75cpozcxtu4.jpg[/img]
  14. Randomusername I apologize if your email did not get answered. I start answering emails at 3:30 AM on most days and answer them throughout the day. I do my best to have all emails answered before I go to work at 6:00 AM. If yours fell through the cracks, I apologize. I am trying to do my best since I answer all email inquiries personally. I will also check with my staff to make sure all the processes are in place.
  15. This patient is a 34-year-old male who had 1951 follicular unit grafts placed into the frontal zone. We utilized the FUE (follicular unit extraction) harvest technique utilizing the hybrid motorized punch system with a 0.8 – 0.85 sized punch. The results are 7 months after surgery showing excellent growth of the transplanted hairs in the frontal area. The patient is extremely satisfied even at this point, and he still has over a year until the final result is realized. The patient is from out of town, and plans to return in one year to show the final growth from the procedure.