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  1. We definitely have seen an uptick of patients experiencing more growth at early stages in their development when using bio-adjuncts. It is not consistent across the board but it is trending in that direction. In some cases a lot of the follicles retain their hairs post hair transplant.
  2. thanks all for your comments. No he is not currently utilizing hair loss medication.
  3. Dr. Dorin followed-up with this FUE patient after 4 1/2 months post-op 1652 grafts. Typically we see new growth anywhere from 2 - 6 months, so at this stage a bit ahead of the game in terms of length and uniformity. Breakdown: 357 singles, 1061 double, 234 threes. Bio-adjuncts: PRP & Liposomal ATP
  4. This female patient presented with hairline erosion and temporal thinning. Dr. Dorin performed an FUT consisting of 2549 follicular units - a total of 4518 hairs transplanted. Bio-adjunts used were PRP & Liposomal ATP. www.hairlossdoctors.com
  5. FUE #1:1616 follicular units grafts excised, extracted and transplanted for hairline restoration and reshaping temple peaks440 singles885 doubles291 threes10 months www.hairlossdoctors.com
  6. This patient mid-20s underwent FUE hair restoration to address hairline recession and frontal erosion. 2723 grafts were extracted and transplanted over two sessions. As with many of our younger patients, we initiated medical therapy as well at the onset of his transplant journey. He has seen stabilization in the top/crown and is enjoying the transplant result in the frontal region. Bio-adjuncts PRP used intraoperatively and liposomal atp spray post-operatively.
  7. thanks for the thoughtful question T4G......harvesting the highest quality grafts and achieving excellent healing is the end game with FUE - an effective extraction amount for us generally plateaus around 2000 grafts. We could have hit higher numbers with FUT and covered more ground but this patient preferred FUE based on it being less invasive and advantageous in wearing a shorter hairstyle. Currently using Finasteride to stabilize the top/back his priority was the frontal region to start. OH
  8. Age 30Total donor supply >6000Finasteride to help stabilize patternPRP & FUE consisting of 531 singles, 1099 doubles, 285 threes10 month result
  9. Dr. Dorin performed an utra-refined FUT consisting of 2008 grafts - 644 singles, 1245 doubles, 119 threes.Propecia initiated at the same time as his procedure. This is an auspicious start and atypical but we do see this from time to time. Usually this stage of development can be expected at around the 8 - 10 month mark.
  10. Dr. Dorin performed an ultra-refined FUT for this female patient to lower her hairline contour. 1624 grafts allocated to the temporal/corner/frontal peak regions.572 singles, 895 twos and 157 threes. Liposmal atp post-operative application on the grafts and PRP injections done intraoperatively. 12 month result.
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