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  1. Dr. Dorin performed an utra-refined FUT consisting of 2008 grafts - 644 singles, 1245 doubles, 119 threes.Propecia initiated at the same time as his procedure. This is an auspicious start and atypical but we do see this from time to time. Usually this stage of development can be expected at around the 8 - 10 month mark.
  2. Dr. Dorin performed an ultra-refined FUT for this female patient to lower her hairline contour. 1624 grafts allocated to the temporal/corner/frontal peak regions.572 singles, 895 twos and 157 threes. Liposmal atp post-operative application on the grafts and PRP injections done intraoperatively. 12 month result.
  3. Patient presented with a Norwood Class 4 pattern with the intent of restoring density to the frontal recession and crown region. He had undergone an initial FUE elsewhere that was not successful. Total of 773 grafts allocated to the vertex and 2573 grafts to the frontal third. *Manual motorized FUE * Prp/Acell *Propecia
  4. Patient profile: Age - early 20's Donor supply - @ 7000 Using Propecia for 10 months For patients that want to do FUE but are unable to pull off a full donor shave, we do offer a "band shave" FUE which allows a patient to undergo extraction with the ability to conceal the extracted region. Often the downside with this approach is that it limits the amount of grafts that we can safely extract from a more concentrated area but for this patient considering his early age and propensity for potential full head baldness given his family history, doing an FUE of 616 grafts accomplished a meaningful change while considering the big picture. This patient still has over 6000 grafts to be used for future planning.
  5. 2342 ultra-refined FUs transplanted to recontour frontal frame and add internal density. 728 singles, 1569 doubles, 45 threes. PRP administered intraoperatively.
  6. 3 patient submitted results - 2 by FUT and 1 FUE (roll mouse over pic for count)
  7. Thank you for your inquiry.......we don't have the post-op pics for this case that we normally like to include Dr. Dorin uses a handheld motorized punch. P-size on this one was .9 mm Cheers - OH
  8. 1568 grafts via FUE transplanted. Patient goals: to create a lower hairline that fits his face and to reframe his temple peaks. Graft make-up: 405 singles, 984 doubles, 179 threes. This result is 9 months post-op. Bio-adjuncts liposomal ATP and PRP supplemented this procedure.
  9. Patient in mid 50s received an FUE hair transplant from Dr. Dorin for frontal restoration. This treatment consisted of 1282 follicular units of which 427 are singles, 679 doubles, and 176 threes. Result is 1.5 years post-op. Bio adjuncts Liposomal ATP spray for post-op healing and intraoperative PRP administered. Patient with likely progression to a NW 5A, fine hair, donor supply @ 5000 grafts. Propecia intiated just prior to surgery.
  10. 2 years post-op: 1945 follicular unit grafts transplanted consisting of 608 singles, 1206 doubles, 131 threesPRP applied intra-operatively throughout frontal recipient area and thinning top/crown.Propecia initiated 2 months prior to hair transplant.
  11. 9 months post-op - treatment focused on restoring density to the frontal third as well as temple peak enhancement1712 grafts via manual FUE consisting of 451 singles, 913 doubles, 366 threesBio adjuncts: PRP & Liposomal ATP post-op spray
  12. thank you Melvin......just want to clarify that the number of grafts for this patient are "conservative" with good reason based on this patient's profile: early 30's, 4000 lifetime donor, fine hair, likely class 5a/6 pattern. I appreciate your comment. OH
  13. This patient currently a thinning 4 ---> likley 5a pattern looking to initiate restoration for his front/hairline. Dr. Dorin's manual FUE consisted of 1160 grafts, of which 346 are singles, 64 doubles, and 203 threes.- Propecia used for stabilization- PRP an adjunct to the FUE session- Fine hair / @4000 graft donor supply
  14. Dr. Dorin treated this patient's corner/temporal hairline erosion as well as crown thinning with 1400 grafts FUT. Follicular units consisted of 506 singles, 871 doubles, 3 triples. Bio adjuncts: PRP (applied to recipient areas & overall thinning pattern) & Liposmal ATP holding solution / post-op spray application .
  15. This patient after 3 previous strip surgeries and 1 FUE consulted with Dr. Dorin on making the most of round 5 after poor donor management and a underwhelming restoration thus far. Dr. Dorin performed a hairline session via manual FUE consisting of 888 grafts - 377 singles, 439 doubles, and 72 threes. This result is post-op 12 months.