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  1. What is the best shampoo / conditioner / concealer to hide balding? 1. I've kind of noticed that really cheap shampoos I get from shitty hotels seem to give me more body than expensive shampoos. I can't figure out why. Nizoral might medically grow hair, but it does not give you body, so don't use it on nights on the town. 2. As for concealers, my opinion is that a. if you have a decent amount of hair, you are best off with Toppik, but Toppik won't do much if you have very little hair. If you have very little hair, you need one of the creams that make your scalp look black, like Couvre .
  2. Does this do anything? Tricomin is a respected brand, but this is expensive. https://www.tricomin.com/
  3. Dr. Shapiro's website says the studies say they work.
  4. Is this the chat room: http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/chat.php ? No one was there. When does it meet?
  5. You don't understand. Studies show people are horrible self judges for these kinds of things, and people mistakenly believe they are excellent self judges. That is why you need objective evidence, for instance a study.
  6. Blake Bloxham says there are a lot of remedies for which there is no evidence (or trivial evidence) that they work, and yet some big shot doctors say they do work. How does Blake Boxham reconcile this?
  7. 1) The FDA's 5% cap is very little evidence that 10% does no better. 2) I have re-started oral finasteride every few years, and every time thus far the sexual side effect was too great, so I stopped. I am going to start topical finasteride, since Hasson and Wong now makes one.
  8. I have not read this forum for 2 years. Back then there was a vocal group of doctors saying that there is no chance laser combs work, and that the light could not even penetrate the skin. There were also some doctors who had the opposite view and said there was some evidence they work. I noticed now Dr. Shapiro saying that recent evidence says they work. Is there still a vocal doctor group against laser combs? "Low-Level Laser therapy (LLLT) is another adjunct therapy used to treat hair loss. For many years its benefit in hair transplantation was controversial with only limited studies. Recently however, more studies have shown statistically significant benefit in increasing overall terminal hair densities in men and women with a laser comb device compared with placebo." Laser Therapy | Shapiro Medical Group in Minneapolis, MN
  9. But there are doctors who sell 10%.
  10. Does 10% minoxidil work better than 5% ?
  11. With the surgery with the first doctor, one tech implanted the grafts slowly. With the surgery with this second doctor, three techs simultaneously implanted the grafts, and they did it lightning fast. I was surprised how much faster they were implanting compared with what was done with the first doctor. The second doctor did not even start the surgery until after lunch. He said he does more than one patient per day.
  12. To me, it is a visual disaster. You can see a distinct line. Everything forward of the line is strictly the sparse grafts. Everything behind the line is thicker. The grafts don't look real because hair generally does not grow sparsely over such a big area. It breaks my heart that so many grafts were thrown down the toilet.
  13. My first surgery turned out perfectly. Here are the before shots.
  14. It is actually funny because the deciding factor that made me pick this doctor is that a mod posted that he is good. And now, having an approximately 20% survival rate looks actually worse than than having a 0% survival rate because it is clearly not natural. When people naturally bald they don't leave a large region in the front with 20% coverage. My only option has been to brush the hair from the back to try to cover the front and to use Topik and Couvre, which cover the skin.