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  1. This an Artas procedure. We had to shave his head to avoid live hair follicles in the transplanted area. This is the top of his head prior to shaving.
  2. This young man had me do an Artas Robotic hair transplant. The patient is very pleased and happy to share his results.
  3. Nice result with limited number of grafts. Do you have a graft count for the three areas and what density did you transplant. Again very nice result.
  4. The hardest transplant is to cover an area with a limited number of grafts and create something that looks normal.
  5. A few questions please, Is the patient on any medications? No Have you a break down numbers of what was used in what location/s 310 ones on frontal hairline and multi-hair grafts behind with a total of 1800 What was his diameter of his hair folicals? I think you mean the size of the the punch and it was .9mm Sorry for all the questions but last but not least have you any post op pictures showing the newly placed grafts? I have don't have any post-op photos but I have attached a grid showing where the grafts we placed
  6. These are the patients results after one year. The procedure really enhanced his appearance. Pt is very happy and would be glad to share his results.
  7. This young girl asked to have her profile filled in and frontal hair line. She had 1500 grafts and were placed in frontal and profiles. She is very happy and will share her results.
  8. This Gentlemen had 2000 grafts 6 months ago plus PRP injections. The grafts were placed with Lion Implanters and the results are excellent. Patient will be followed and is happy to share his experience.
  9. This young man wanted his hairline brought out. I did this with all one hair grafts and the result is very natural. We transplanted 800 one hair grafts and the patient is very pleased with the result.
  10. I often get asked how well I look after the hair transplant. The photos are before and the 3rd after surgery. I am always amazed how fast the Artas surgery heals. He had no post-op pain and I will post his progress this next year,
  11. This man had an Artas Robotic Procedure one year ago. He sent me his one year photos along with a quote "Here are my photos at one year, thank you Dr DeYarman" He got excellent results and I have photos of before, 3 months and one year. The results are excellent and no donor scar plus no pain after the surgery. The Artas keeps getting excellent results.
  12. This young man requested recessions and frontal filled in. We did an Artas Robotic procedure and these are his results at 7 months.
  13. This patient had 1000 follicular units transplanted in the recessions and the patient is very pleased. I don't transplant more then 25 grafts per square centimeter and I don't split grafts. Some patients will have multi-hair grafts and transplant back and towards the mid-line.
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