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When Did You First Notice That Your Transplant Was Coming in?

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There are plenty of sources for when to expect what at each stage after your transplant. 1 - 3 months is the ugly duckling phase, 5 months is when results become really noticeable, etc. What I'd like to know is when you guys noticed the very first signs that your hair transplant was starting to come in.

I'm curious, because I'm at the tail end now of the ugly duckling phase (I hope). Admittedly, I've been checking the transplanted area far too often (about daily for the last few months, against the advice of my surgeon). I'm now at 2 months and 3 weeks out from my surgery. A few stray hairs started coming in over a month ago and are now fairly thick and dark. Today, however, I was overjoyed to notice clusters of vellus hairs coming through all throughout the transplanted area. They still seem fairly patchy, but it's comforting to see this and feel the assurance that more concrete results will start coming through very soon.

When was this moment for you? Were the results patchy or more or less uniform for you?

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A lot happened between 3 and 4 months. I never actually noticed any individual hairs coming somehow, but if I compare photos from 3 months post surgery with 4 months post surgery I see a huge difference.

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For me it was around 3.5 months, but didn’t really take off until 5.

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It was at the 3-4 month mark for me.


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