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  1. Unfortunately, I do not know either. But I do not think it was Villnow.
  2. You are asking the wrong questions! What speaks for this particular clinic? You found it in the net via google and it is cheap? The only reasons to consider a clinic is, that you found a lot of independent patient reports in a forum like this. And you like them.
  3. The result looks very good in both donor and recipient. And you are happy, what else counts? In all honesty: The hairline makro design is not 100 % my taste, but this is obviously a subjective topic.
  4. Heitmann started his career as a surgeon in the same clinic as Feriduni (who also performed Heitmann's hair transplant): a German VIP clinic. They left approximately at the same time and started their on business as they did not like the clinics approach. Almost all results I have seen are top notch. Waiting list and working model (he is doing literally everything by himself) is supposedly similar to Konior, maybe even more strictly Doc-only. Feriduni told me, that if he would have a HT once, it would be with Heitmann supported by his own staff.
  5. 1. Cause you did not moisture as much. 2. No, see some of the results of Konior (he also does not recommend to moisture it) 3.Yes, latest when the graft fall out and/or the skin normalizes 4. No
  6. Honestly, I tend to disagree. For me 2500+ Grafts are required. Maybe less (1500?) if the focus is really only the frontal 1/3 and midscalp is avoided. Therefore, I recommend to research very carefully, and visit at least 1-2 additional clinics in addition to the discussion with your current clinic. There are not much bullets left. Visit clinics which does mega session FUT like H&W and Hattingen. Visit clinics which excel in BHT. Visit clinics who doe FUT/FUE combination...IMO you need to think also about donor homogenization to get a decent result.
  7. This is why you never should trust youtubers. Horrible hairline design (macro and micro), low density, poor extraction pattern...most users of this forum know better than this clinic. The worst thing: The average Joe will not even understand and take this for a good result...
  8. To be honest, would be a little easier to follow your story if you it would be one thread showing the entire timeline. Maybe @Melvin-Moderator can combine your threads? To your result: I am with @qui bono That is a lot of real estate to cover for 3000 grafts. I had the same amount on maybe 1/3 of the area. The scar looks above average IMO, but the growth is average at best. Considering your high NW and poor hair characteristics, I wonder: What was the discussed goal before surgery? Even with the best outcome this surgery alone would have not been enough. You need (and would have in any
  9. Nice results for this amount of grafts! What was the reason to do Strip for such a small procedure on a 44 year old with minor loss? Asian hair? What is the reason for the asymmetric hairline (I know it is common to have a sight asymmetry but this is quite a big difference).
  10. Wow! What an improvement...and crown will improve even further. Patient should use KET or PO shampoo though 😉 The initial surgery is really a crime 😞
  11. There are clincis in spain who prescribe it too. Just google it. There was a presentation in on of the FUE workshops. Start with a very low dosage: < 1 mg. But maybe you can cut the capsules. There are some people who drink the liquid and claim the other ingrediency are not an issue, but I am no expert so do not take this as an advice. Advantage: Easy to take, very high efficacy, works for topical non-responders Disadvantage: Hair growth everywhere^^ other side effects have much higher risk
  12. Wow, fantastic result and nice hairline design for his case. Plus very early growth in the front. Crown as slow as expected, even though no one can tell my why^^ Extraction pattern looks adjusted to the individual case. There is only one "but": Quite a big area to cover + some thinning in the nape/ear areas. I hope the patient is on meds.
  13. The comb through is pure porn, hair porn! Amazing. Without results like this, and knowing it is not a hoax, I would have never done my crown surgery.
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