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  1. Wow, thanks for sharing this story...it is really heartbreaking. Do you have some before pics from hair and beard? Was the ink permanent? Anyway, I really hope you chose your clinic wisely this time. Choosing via Instagram is typically a dangerous path. I wish you all the best.
  2. First, you should share pics to understand your situation. There are plenty of introduction threads as example. Second, if you are losing hair at 21 and not even willing to take minox...this is most likely not to end well. Hairloss is a lifelong fight, which you cannot win if you are not committed. Third, the clinics you are looking into are completely unknown which gives a 99 % chance that they will butcher you. Fourth, there are many affordable clinics out there which have a proven track record. But you need to travel and we do not know if you are a candidate at all. F
  3. Which of the clinics you visited perform FUT? HLC, Pekiner, Fereirra, Eugenux are all FUE only clinics.
  4. If I got a dollar every time a new poster posts this sentence, I would quite work. If a reputable clinic rejects you, you have to be careful and chose your steps wisely.
  5. No, definitely not his natural hair color. It is simply dyed or even more likely: It is the quality of the picture or the post processing.
  6. Thanks for you interest in this ancient thread. Will sent a PM.
  7. Works looks clean and wish you the best for the worst time (2-4 month phase), stay strong. The difference between you before pic from the side and the top is WOW. One looks like a full head of hair the other one like a legit NW5-6. Keep us updated, not many results of this clinic online.
  8. This! I never understand why people try to investigate on a certain unknown an unproven clinic despite select between the many great ones with thousands of results online. By the way: I guess almost no one here can read the site the OP has shared but I also see a lot of other surgeries like nose jobs. Almost never a good sign.
  9. I think it looks good considering your level of baldness. The new hair looks still very thin and weak. This will improve in the future. But FIN is really helpful in your case as your donor zones is very small and probably also affected by DHT. Growth happens in spurts, I think you have a little more growth and a lot of maturation to expect.
  10. ??? The first Pic does not look symmetrical to me as well. It also does not have to be symmetrical to look natural. It really depends on your facial features. Independent of that: the ASMED macro design was typically not to my liking.
  11. Out of topic but: Keser is a specialist for small cases and therefore can only be recommended for a small amount of patients. He has great results (one hairline case here is amazing), but I also have seen below par ones on other sites. Despite not using microscopes there is a discussion that he is a little outdated (especially his punch technique).
  12. No, you did not had the smallest one. Just look into my signature 😉 And if you really want to have feedback: Please make one story, with proper pictures from all angles. There are many examples. If you are not able too and you are really afraid sth is wrong: Make an appointment with one of the top clinics here. You pay a few bucks and get a proper evaluation including pics. Good luck.
  13. At least they prove that a lot of multies are planted in the first row 😉 Jokes, aside: I have seen way better (=more natural) results in this very forum.
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