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    Thinning on Top only (Genetic Baldness)
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    In the last 10 years

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  1. You are are a below average candidate IMO. The key is to look into your family history and check how far the sides drop in the future. And of course to manage expectations. Your high sides are you only plus at the moment. Donor is below average IMO. Hair diameter is thin. From the little I see, I expect not much body hair (right?). No Fin... The further dip of the crown is guaranteed. Do you have pics of you donor from a younger age? By the way: You should hop on PO (daily - there are special ones for dry skin) and KET shampoo (1-2 week) ASAP.
  2. Great to finally have a result of Pinto in here. And congratulations that you made a great decision in the second go around. I am pretty sure, you will reach your expectations and maybe even more. In the end the first clinic might have done you a favor using less grafts than stated.
  3. Of course, I can see what is bothering you, but the issue is: - You hair looks A- - Even with a great clinic to achieve a result as dense and natural as your current one is very slim - If you achieve it, you go from A- to A --> A minor improvement only you will notify. - There is a big chance you will look the same A- (lower, more even hairline, but less natural) - I say the risk for failure (having a unnatural result which bring you to a B or C) is bigger than the chance for a success 2500 grafts is insanity by the way. If you cannot resist, go for a very small restoration of the left temple only: 300-500 Grafts. If this ends up great and you still think more is necessary, proceed from there.
  4. Sapphire is really just a gimmick. There is a nice video about it even though the guy is not popular here any more. Implanter pen is another story, there are pro's and con's. However, using blades to create pre made slits + implanter pen takes some of the arguments pro implanter pen away. In the end @Melvin- Moderator is right: it is all about the results. In my opinion there is a clear negative correlation with clinics using buzz words like "sapphire" and their quality of their results.
  5. It is not about the extraction itself, but about the pattern. They basically take all the graft from this area.
  6. I am brutally honest: I do not think that you have enough donor left, to go with a standard approach. Either you you need a BHT specialist (and enough body hair) and go all in (Maybe even body to donor), which will cost you several 10k€ or Your might have to go into full repair mode, punch out some grafts and rebuilt a new, conservative hairline (which will cost you several 10 k€). Maybe you need both and (!) you should reconsider about FIN. You need specialists, not hairmills. This is why it is so dangerous to have a procedure at such a young age. Often the hairline is too aggressive for the loss.
  7. The questions should be: Anyone not depressed/stressed after a HT? The waiting is brutal and taxing for everyone...
  8. The question is: Why do you think this is the clinic for you? Why don't you chose from the great clinics which have a thousands of patient reports in here.
  9. There are literally 1000s of result for diffuse hair including mine to a certain degree. Please use the search function for more results.
  10. Very nice report! Looks great, congratulations. Also very nice that you showed a "styled" pre-surgery pic. Side topic: The hairline micro design really reminds me on the approach of Diep. There are more macro irregularities though. Would really like to see a close up.
  11. Hairloss is a long journey. You are at the very beginning of this journey. Read in here and other forums for a couple of month and you will have a better view. 1. You clearly have signs of male pattern baldness in the entire front 2. Shaving has nth to do with it, but if shaving is an option --> Shave it and/or think about SMP (but careful, this business is as shady a HT business). 3. To make a proper evaluation, we need more info: pics from am sides, a timeline, family history 4. 20 is typically to young for a HT, as you might progress to such a high level that you might run out of grafts --> Unnatural look is much worse than a balding look 5. 99 % of all HT clinics in the world are bad. This is an unregulated industry. Most of the clinics look for Dollar first and your best interest second. 6. Medications is always the first defence Good luck!
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