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  1. No, this is not related IMO. He just doesn't rotate his hand during the punch (or uses a device to get the rotation/oscilation).
  2. Demirsoy could really be a good choice on the low cost side. He is very popular in the domestic forum I am in.
  3. Hope you had some improvement, but to be honest: How can a clinic lower your hairline after your experience with H&W? This is not acceptable in my opinion. High risk, no reward kind of thing.
  4. The questions is: What makes yu think this clinics are a good choice?
  5. I had a very similiar gap in my hairline center, but mine was/is from MPB. I got it fixed 6 month ago and even though it is not matching (yet) the surounding density it looks much better than before. The most important thing you have to consider is IMO: Are you willing to dedicate yourself for meds and transplants for your entire life? Cause once you have started there is no way back as soon as you lose more hair.
  6. No, your expextations are no too high in terms of pre-surgery consultation. That the treated area was not marked before is unexcaptable. On the other hand, it is really (!) difficult to follow your story. Maybe, this lack of communications skills ware partly responsible for the result.
  7. 5000 FU in your age and some in the beard. And this after (!) an previous surgery. You are more brave than I am or ever would be. Did the clinic mention how many donor you have left?
  8. Good luck to you and thanks for sharing your story. Would be great to get some more info like our age, and some info about your first procedure.
  9. If your one choice is Nadimi, the other in turkey is Keser, HLC oder Kaan (former HLC) who all have a similiar approach as Nadimi. Kaan would also similiarly unknown as Nadimi?
  10. This does not make sense and I am not even a fan of ASMED. >90 % of the clinics worldwide have a very similiar model as ASMED. Example from other areas: Red Auerbach is considered as one of the best, I can't remember that he played for the celtics during their title runs. The points you are complaining about like hairline desing and graft angles are also still mainly done by Erdogan personally (as the incision are key for that). We get it: You do not like your result and therfore you do not like ASMED. This is understandable. But with such bias you only weaken your own point.
  11. I use shiny (wet look) pomade but the classic ones (wax and vaseline instead of water based ) and a brush from wild boar. The latter is much, much finer than the finest comb. Works perfect since 100 years, long before HT exists.
  12. I say: You did not make proper reserach and (!) no one can help you. 1. These clincis are so fundamental different that it is not possible that these are your final 2 choices. If you say: Konior, Lupanzula, Keser or Nadimi, then yes: it is a debate. If you say ASMED, Cinik etc. then it is another debate. 2. There is not THE BEST clinic. There is just the best clinic for your case. We do not know your case (age, gender, amout of loss, goals, ...). No way we can give advice with this little input. By the way: I like the approach of Nadimi (for small cases < 1500 FU) and her tutor but you can search as much as you want. She is new in the field. There are basically no patient reports.
  13. If you are not sure - don't go fot it. That is what Dr. Feriduni told me befoe the surgery. And he is right. But: I decided for Feriduni cause after > 1 year of research I only had seen 1 bad result. In the month before the surgery, 3 (!) bad results popped up. That's life.
  14. Coming back to the topic: 1. Yes, HT are an Illusion. With 35-55 FU /cm2 you try to mimic 70-110 FU/cm2. This only works if you style it right afterwards. 2. No clinic will guarantee you growth. I have seen poor growth from H&W in a strip case (and H&W are world class), which puts less stress on the grafts than anyone can do (young tech girl or experienced surgeon) with FUE. That is why you have to plan carefully.
  15. Actually the density looks very good here for wet hair. But to be honest, these pics are so low quality: Had to tell. The design of the hairline is not my taste either, but it is Erdogans obviously and I feel is it the taste of his average patient. If you go straight to surgery you just have a few minutes to think about the hairline. It is a risk. I went to my clinic twice before the surgery and hade pictures of the drawn hairline to look at for month! Regarding the angles: Micro errors are not detectable due to poor quality of the pics, but it is clear that you have a change in direction close to the middle. This will lead to some hairs sticking straight up. The questions is: Is this how your normal hair is angled? Maybe it was the only way to do it. Anyway: The way you present your hair is the worst possible way. I doubt any transplant would look great. From what I see you can easily make a minor touch up and end up with a top notch result.