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  1. No, this part shows what the clinic is allowed to post not the patient.
  2. Just read the NDA clauses published: Seems like it is just not allowed to present any (!) results in forums. Neither good ones nor bad ones...scary.
  3. That is still more than most of the clinics do. Most clinics have the techs harvesting even the great ones (H&W, Feriduni, …).
  4. The latter would be the case for any clinic. It is also hard to believe that he has only unhappy clients. At least he performs most of the surgery himself. Why would he do that if all results are bad anyway? Anyway, the lack of patient results was the thing which turned me down.
  5. That does not explain why there are also no positive reviews from patients.
  6. NDA or not NDA: It is still very strange how few patient reports are out there showing the work from Baubac. I googled several forums, but there are the same rare reviews. The clinic posted results look great but patient reviews are the deciding factor.
  7. Just because you had poor yield, one clinic is not superior than another. There are bad results from H&W just like from any other clinic. Saying that: It is really strange how few patients cases from Baubac are published.
  8. Could you tell us sth about the long term plan and goals? I have difficulties to understand why for this huge area only 3500 FU strip was performed? Will there be a second round? Sorry if this was discussed already.
  9. Hair which you lose know was in resting state at least 3 month, hence it is unlikely triggered by FIN. Likely would be: a) It is all in your head as you focus on it b) Your AGA is in full rage and it would get worse without FIN. Considering your age this is very realistic. If you have not side effects I recommend to continue for at least 12 month
  10. Asymmetric hairline https://www.upi.com/Entertainment_News/TV/2019/04/12/Jake-Gyllenhaal-to-star-in-HBOs-Lake-Success/7741555067697/ I am sure this is no HT and he has no swellng😉
  11. To be honest: I do not like the point of the patient nor the clinic. Most hairlines are asymmetric and it has nth to do with swelling but with facial proportions and growth directions of the hair. The only important question is: How does it look grown out?
  12. Nice! Could you post a pic with pushed back hair exposing the hairline?
  13. Sorry, but this is simply to true. Even the best clinics have wider scars is some patients. Not everyones heals the same. By the way: Great result and good point abput the hairlines.
  14. I think it is all looking good so far. Actually I would cut the sides even shorter. Maybe little shock loss, but it you should recover with your recipient. Keep us posted and happy growing. By the way: No clinic has better looking donors day 0 to day 1 than Lupanzula. Similar maybe, but better: No.