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  1. Nth to add to the post of @LonelyGraft They are one of the top clinics in turkey and very popular in Germany.
  2. Before everyone comes with "electrolysis or laser" maybe you should share some pictures. It is not good to make a rushed decision after one has made a rushed decision.
  3. You made a hypothesis that motorized (in the same experienced hands) is worse than manual. It would be your duty to proof it is true by some sort of statistic. If I link know a case with a great result of Feriduni with WAW what does this proof? Nothing! It would be one random good case. Our mind always fools us: If you think that the results with motorized punch are worse, that is what you mind makes you believe. It does not mean it has to be true at all. What we can see, even the best and most ethical clinics of this forum switch more and more to motorized (Konior, Feriduni, Lupanzula, ...). So either they are all unethical and short sighted (if the results drop, we will learn this earlier or later) or they really believe the results are equal or even better. I hope they are not. By the way: Here are some recent Feriduni results with WAW for the hairline but you need to register. They look great even though 12 month are not reached yet: https://www.alopezie.de/foren/transplant/index.php?t=msg&th=12650&start=0& https://www.alopezie.de/foren/transplant/index.php/mv/msg/12347/0/40/
  4. No, you will still have a problem being bald when you are 40 (almost everyone in here will have). Guess what, you wake up one day and you are 40 and it feels like yesterday you have been 25. You will be still the same vain person, believe me.
  5. You are right, this is not even a beginners mistake, it is just poor work. I still think you will come to a point where you have a good results (maybe not a great one in terms of the donor).
  6. I appreciate the work you want to put in. A forum needs people with passion. But I do not like that you take your arguments as facts: There are not. Step by Step through it: 1a. Feriduni timeline can be best seen in this thread with half manual, half WAW and an explanation from his representative. By the way: He is using techs for extraction: More convenient does not apply to him, and WAW is much more expensive than CIT. 1b. Konior's timeline I do not know, but here is a comment of him. "The mostly useless topic of manual versus motorized should be relegated to the trash heap. It may have held relevance at some point in time, but it means little today. Patients should also be leery of dogmatic statements made about how an individual conducts his or her practice as the only person who can provide definitive detail as to what is done and how it’s done is the surgeon himself. The fact is that I use multiple devices for extracting grafts, with the device of choice depending on the situation at hand. There are days when a motorized technique is best and days when a manual technique is best. ". If you continue your work, you might update the list in there. 2. I have read the thread of transplantedphil and even discussed with him. But his issue is not (!) lack of growth, but the clinic did not plant grafts in the first inch of the hairline. You can take this maybe as a donor issue, but also here it is clearly stated that (most likely) it is not an issue of the tool but an unexperienced person using it. 3. You have got a point in the weight/lack of feedback argument, but all other are not true in general (but of course they can be in particular cases). A motorized punch with an optimized speed/angle, would create much less (!) torque on the grafts than a manual one typically does and theoretically the device could even be cooled and cause less thermal stress on the grafts. And if you have to follow the curve of a graft with a long stick like instrument, this is of course much easier if you do not have to rotate your hand simultaneous.
  7. I personally think this will improve over time! But, clearly you can see that no feathering was done and especially at the corners directly adjacent grafts were harvested. This has nth to do with the extraction tool, but with care.
  8. Sorry, I do not think this is still the case or it is mixing up correlation and causality (there might be more destroyed donors from motorized punches as many hair mills using unexperienced staff with cheap micro motors). Of course a fully rotating motorized punch is bad. But lately many top clinic using WAW from Devroye (just out of the top of my head: Konior, Feriduni, PHC,...) and having excellent and consistent results. All your arguments (torque, heat,...) do not apply in that case (if you can control oscillation and speed). Only disadvantage remaining is weight of the device but on the other hand it is easier to follow the direction of the graft as the hand does not need to rotate.
  9. This looks excellent considering you are in month 5 and how bad your starting point was. You are in a much better position now than before. Did you already planned a next step? How does it look like? I personally think, that if you can disguise the scar a Little better you already could be fine.
  10. DaVinci already knew it: https://www.hairtransplant.hk/eng/hairline_restore_5.html P.S. I just google and neither know or recommend the clinic/site but the rule is the gold standard
  11. Your next step? You celebrate that this clinic only used less than 1000 precious grafts. Seriously: 1000 would be way to few for the area. And I agree it is probably less. Count the grafts and maybe you get some money back with a lawyer. If 1000 is in the contract there is a good chance to get some moeny back. Poor growth almost never gives you a chance for a refund. BUT THIS ARE ALL SIDE TOPICS. The important topic. Read patient reports in here for several month and select a better clinic for your next surgery. Good luck.
  12. Depends on your facial features. In a good clinic this is propoably a feature not a bug. Look at the hairline of the hair god Jake Gyllenhaal: https://theidleman.com/blogs/grooming/get-jake-gyllenhaals-hair https://www.google.com/search?q=hair+jake+gyllenhaal&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=Ta6w_5ZfW1IxXM%3A%2C3B0MScQ1vaaoxM%2C_&vet=1&usg=AI4_-kQggvtjg_uw5dsYTeRR1gRrDRF7kg&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjZ7pL4q9rlAhXLY1AKHaf_BMQQ9QEwCnoECAYQGA#imgdii=XMRPgDww5LjKzM:&imgrc=Ta6w_5ZfW1IxXM:&spf=1573206784092&vet=1
  13. I feel sorry, for you. Balding su.cks, we all know it. And someone taking advantage of you s.cks even more. But without pics it is hard to help you.