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  1. Keser is doing everything by himself and is also very methodical. He is doing very low graft numbers a day. If he even accepts your case (he typically is picking only smaller cases), the surgery would take almost the entire week.
  2. IMO HLC is the best bet in this list (by a landslide). Even though or because the have a "collective" approach with several surgeons do the planning (incl. the head surgeon) and then several surgeons (who match your case the best) perform the surgery (only surgeons no technicians). For their price tag there are options outside though. 2000-3000 is to big of a surgery for Keser IMO. With the right tool motored is on par or better than manual our day IMO (and the best clinics in the world go more an more motorized). But with the wrong motor it is a disaster waiting to happen.
  3. Yes, this is exactly what I mean. Most REPUTABLE clinics charge per graft, most HAIRMILLS quote per surgery. But a hairtransplant is not an "all you can eat" buffet. And 99 % of the clinics in turkey are hairmills. The top clinics in turkey like HLC, Keser (only for smaller cases), Pekiner etc. are around/above 2,5 €/graft, same as similar quality clinics in Portugal or India. If you cannot afford 2,5 € Demirsoy would be worth a look. I really recommend to do more research. Good luck
  4. Well, I can say the same about your beard πŸ˜‚ I would be happy with 1/3 of it.
  5. Looking for "Sub 5K" is a mistake IMO. Why? Most reputable clinic post per graft and we do not know how many grafts you need. The cheapest clinic I know (and I have a certain confidence in) is in the area of 1.25 € / graft and the clinics which I would trust my own head with start at around 2.5 €/graft (in EU, Turkey and India). There is a table from a user in this thread: Top 5 FUE/FUT docs, 2020 edition - Page 7 - Hair Restoration Questions and Answers - Hair Restoration Network - Community For and By Hair Loss Patients
  6. I second that! My beard is not even a quarter of this jungle you are able to grow😁
  7. There is quote an comprehensive thread here: Top 5 FUE/FUT docs, 2020 edition - Page 8 - Hair Restoration Questions and Answers - Hair Restoration Network - Community For and By Hair Loss Patients
  8. I am not a strip scar expert by my 50 cents: - It does not look too bad - I am not sure if stretching is the right word as it always sounds a little bit like it the patients error maybe scar growing would be better - Depending on your overall status FUE into the scar might also worth considering Good luck
  9. Thank you for your kind words @tressful11 I am very happy with the results and only plan a small last step as shown above. My advice is clearly: - Have a personal consultation and discuss the plan with the clinic. Feriduni is one the best in the personal communication. - Get minimum a second, better a third opinion --> Decide then which plan (!) you like the most. For you your case there might be several options (donor to donor or BHT to donor). Feriduni is known for repair but not for BHT IMO. Therefore it is important to get a broader view. Best of luck.
  10. Thanks Melvin! But I still follow your guidelines for optimizes styling (long on top, short on sides) for a reason πŸ˜‰
  11. While the first might be true the second makes no sense. Minox and FIN have totally different work pathes, hence there is no connection between sides of one or the other IMO. A lot of sides from minox coming from the other ingredients, not from minox itself. Anyway, oral makes IMO only sense if you are a topical non responder IMO. I am using FIN since 7+ years without critical side effects. Unfortunately, I got heavy skin irritations from liquid minox. I do not get any from the foam, but figured I have not enough enzymes in the skin and hence am a non responder. On oral minox I g
  12. Thanks for the feedback. You are right, of course, it is not "an issue" per se, it is just a matter of aesthetic appearance. No one on the streets might see it as "wrong", but it still has a significant impact on looks (at least I feel it that way). Of course "looks" is always subjective (unlike coverage, which can be much easier "quantified"). I liked a lot that Feriduni shared the same "aesthetics"-preference like me, and spotted this point immediately. Non of the other clinics did...or they did not mention it. Regarding the PIC. As soon as the barbers are back open, I wil
  13. Obviously, Konior comes to my mind (there is a nice step-by-step repair over several years) in here as well. But he is expensive. I assume there are others as well, but as I am from Europe my overview is better at this side of the ocean πŸ™‚
  14. Comparing the pictures above to the new profile pics clearly shows the difference IMO. Even though the styling is slightly better, I could never achieve such a nice shape before the crown surgery. Feriduni spotted this immediately at my first consultation, while none of the other clinics did. One clinic even mentioned that they would not recommend to "work on the crown". I guess this is it. Thanks again for the forum to support me, making not only a great clinic choice but also giving me motivation to finally go for it.
  15. Flat crown at the day 11 pic is very obvious (as is the implanted density :-)) but also on the second pic which was pre-surgery.
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