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  1. Gasthoerer

    HLC-2179 Grafts FUE-Turkey/Ankara

    Looking good and I have seen nice work from HLC in the past in other forums. BUT: You have to highlight that you are a representative of the clinic in you signature. Otherwise it is misleading.
  2. Thank you for your comment. I really consider all input an certainly understand the "one and done" approach. Especially now that it seems I am a good candidate. However, if I go for the crown I have to shave the entire head, as I am not a believer in unshaven FUE for such huge areas. Combine this with the unavoidable shock loss and I will look like sh.t for 3-4 month even in the best case. This is difficult in my position. A small hairline case would be easy to cover up and I would be able to go back to my normal routine after 2 weeks tops. quite tempting...
  3. Gasthoerer

    Recommended on this forum

    I think we should not mix: - Does the clinic post monthly updates with - Do the clinics involve in the discussion The first is a must, while the second is a nice to have. And maybe for the clinic mentioned, sometimes even a "not so nice to have" 😉
  4. Gasthoerer

    Recommended on this forum

    Also some household names haven't posted in a long time: Think Feller and Bloxham.
  5. To rule out Bisanga as you need "extensive" work and then to think about Keser makes no sense. Keser is the (!) guy for small hairline cases doing maybe 500 FU / day all on his own. Bisanga has an entire team doing the work. On top: Keser is kind of a controversial figure as some patients claims his non-rotating/oscillating extraction method is outdated. He has often issues with extractions, but it is not clear if he is very cautious or the reason is his method. If he has no issue with extraction his results are great and do not need many grafts.
  6. Thank you all for your comments and recommendations. I know my case is not the standard approach in here. But my hairloss is quite unique and I am on the one hand very cautious and on the other hand very interested in keeping my HT secret. Even in my close environment. That makes crown work challenging. Most important info I took from your comments: Almost everyone gives a different recommendation, which tells me that I am not crazy (only vain 😉)but it is really tricky. Maybe the next picture highlights my remaining issue with my hairline. While one temple is really ok for my age, the other one shows a concave balding pattern. Under certain light it looks very odd and unnatural IMO. At the moment I think this is what I fix next. Small step, but I hope, big outcome again.
  7. Gasthoerer

    FUE Scarring - Small Procedure

    I had such a small procedure. Even though I do not sport my hair real short, maybe it still helps you making a decision. Scars are hardly visible, but (!) every person heals different. No one can predict how the scars will look like.
  8. This is normal, relax and I recommend not to look at threads like this for the next month. Almost everyone looks like sh.t after 3 month.
  9. Jesus, this guy has great hair. Not for his age...it is just great and if you compare to his brother, poor guy.
  10. Ähh, no. Many people, including myself, would never do that. I doubt Payam would do that. Your head is not a car. If you really did not feel well with the clinic the first time (Payman did not for example even before his result was there) or you think the result was a "disaster" you should not (!) go back. If you are overall happy and it is a small touch up...that is another story.
  11. It depends how you define "the best". My rating would be: Hairline design - Rahal Density in one pass - H&W Consistency - Konior
  12. Almost all ist said and done, but this: No, certain people have such great hair that it looks good under all conditions. Minde did, when I was young. YOu just need 110+ FU/cm2 and Diamter > 70. Simple :-) And there are very few men who keep their hair until they die: Ronald Regan, Leonard Nimoy...
  13. There is actually not much to add to the comments of @Melvin-Moderator and @JayLDD, Even the best results online e. g. from Couto are Illussions. True his results look like a full head of hair, but they aren't. I assume the results he shows have great growth with characteristics like mine: Dark hair with above average diameter and a natural density of > 110 FU/cm2 everywhere. Even the best results have typically 55 FU/cm in the front and maybe 40 FU in the crown. This is 50 % (front) and 30-40 % (crown) of the orignal density. Besides the great characteristics, a perfect length and perfect light helps to create that illusions. Again, I am the best example: - Look at my front. Density looks great in the pics but it is FAR FAR from my original/donor density. Under strong bathroom light and looking from the wrong angle it looks bad. - Look at my crown pics. Both are with a professional camera at a top transplant clinic. Here is your Illusion
  14. This topics has been discussed a thousand times and the names are always the same. Out of me head (typical comment) - Konior (not many FUE results by patients) and Nadimi (relativly unknown) - Keser (atypcal way of extraction) - Hei(t)mann (no mircoscopes) - Lupanzula (implantation mostly by techs as far as I know) - HLC (3 surgeons specialized for different cases e. g. one for BHT) There you go. HLC might be the cheapest option.
  15. Feriduni and H&W are very similar clincis. Top clinic who use techs with a lot of experience and offer FUT and FUE. I doubt it would make a difference who you choose. If I were you: - FUT - H&W - FUE - Feriduni