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  1. Great result! Very natural! And a diffcult case too with that type of crown thining. Do you have pictures of the scar?
  2. Great result. The issue with the darker hair on the sides is barely noticable with this length and it might even improve further.I doubt that anyone outside of a hair forum would recognize it. The rest looks amazingly natural (even the waves of the longe hair look perfect) and like a full head of hair. 9.5 out of 10 at the minimum from my point of view. I recommend that you do not spend more time on hair transplant forums but just enjoy your hair.
  3. This is a very difficult case to assess. Why? 1. The patient clearly has sign of loss in the midscalp and propably requires further procedures considering his age. 2. The hairline is very straight and very low, which can be considered very aggresive. 3. It appears that a very small # of grafts has been taken for the are treated. 4. The result looks stunning (how can you say otherwise?), especially considering #2 and #3, but (!), more pictures from different angles are required (especially close ups from the temples). Also more information (area treated etc.) would help. Summary: - Is it an aggresive (low, straight hairline) or conservative case (low ä of FU) ? I do not know... - Is it a great result of just a picture taken from a great angle with nice lightning? No one knows... Are you sure the # of grafts is correct?
  4. Gasthoerer

    FUT result- Dr. Feriduni

    L0ke, Just to make sure: The pics shown are all before and after 2nd surgery (FUT). FUE was performed afterwards, but not shown in this post, right? Overall I have to say, that the plan looked good (FUT cause there was already a scar, design of hairline, concentration on front and bridge,...). Work looks clean as well. But the result is not there. What is hard to tell from the pictures: Is there (only) bad growth or is the recipient hair also miniaturized? In the last pic of Feriduni/L0ke it appears that also hair diameter is reduced. But there was an earlier pic by gentle_man where it looked ok and "just" missing density. 2nd point which is not clear yet to me: From Feriduni's presentation it appears that FUT was "more succesfull" than the FUE. From the impression of gentle_man (the pics he gave) it appears the FUE was (relatively) better. Would be great to see one post/presentation from start (before 2nd surgery) to end of the journey (after +6 month after 3rd surgery). I wish the patient strength and all the best.
  5. Very natural! EVen the frontal swirl is nicely reproduced.
  6. Gasthoerer

    FUT result- Dr. Feriduni

    Well done. I visited Bisanga, Lupanzula und Feriduni myself (https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/50323-options-for-diffuse-thinning/). It is always good to have a second or third opinion, especially for critical cases. In the end it is about asthetics.
  7. Great and honest pics as well as a great result so far. You are ahead of the curve and on track to a top result. Congratulations and keep us updated.
  8. Gasthoerer

    FUT result- Dr. Feriduni

    Ok, if this is the case, I would not recommend this. A special case like this needs a personal consultation with the surgeon. But I still recommend to visit the other belgium clinics.
  9. I tend to agree with Jean. Everything else would be a big surprise.
  10. First you have to define what the best hairline is! For me it is the most natural one. Erdogan is so far not known for his hairlines. Design is a matter of taste but also naturalness was lacking. However, he just changed is protocol...let us wait and see. For me, the top hairlines clinics are (no specific order): Rahal, Konior, Baubac. I am sure I have missed someone.
  11. With all respect: If the first pic is before and the rest is after, your crown was not at "full thickness". And the "blue zone" might not even be the worst part. To give a better advice, we need clear marked before, intra and post pics.
  12. Gasthoerer

    FUT result- Dr. Feriduni

    H&W advertised to have consultations in Munich if I remember correctly. Maybe you can combine it with your Feriduni trip. If you are in Hasselt (Feriduni) you should at least visit Devroye, Bisanga, Mwamba, ... they are all close by (<2 h trip). The problem I see is, you already had FUT, even the best FUE (and also FUT) will at least put similiar stress on the grafts. Why should the result be better? You need to find out what happend or maybe do a very small test case (<<100 FU) with a different method that Feriduni. Best of luck. P.S. You should really think about SMP too, even though it is hard to swallow after what you have behind you.
  13. Gasthoerer

    Feller and Bloxham Posts

    There were several threads, cause some had to be closed by the forum supervisors. Feller and Bloxham dissappeared shortly after the results from Dr. Vories were presented with > 90 % growth rate for a small FUE test case (even FUE into scar tissue). Bloxham said that he expected this results as it was small procedure and by that totally contradicted the story of his partner Feller ("3 forced which cannot be overcome"). That was basically the start of the end of this debate... In general: I always like when clinics offer their advice in here. And I also gave F&B credit for that, but (and this is a big BUT) if you speak with superior authority (and this is what Feller always claimed for himself) you have also superior responsiblilty and have to care even more about the facts. Feller and Bloxham gave completely false numbers several times, they miscalculated numbers (inentionally or untinentionally) or used poor research as the only source. They also did not (!) answer questions which were asked by several users including other clinics. In my opinion, it is correct that people call them out for that. P.S. I still believe that F&B is a good clinic and even recommended people to have FUT there over FUE somewhere else.
  14. Gasthoerer

    Feller and Bloxham Posts

    They went missing after the knock-out in the FUE vs. FUT thread ;-)
  15. Dangle is not right in my opinion. The hairline looks natural and did even look great at the beginning, but unfortunately a little to sparse in the end to be great.