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  1. Is there any study or physiological explanation why the crown takes longer than the hairline? The grafts are the same (from the same donor area) and typically even more robust ones (thick multies) are planted. Do this multies grow slower than finer hair? Or is it just more difficult to create the illusion due to the whirl etc.? Or is it the lower density than in the hairline which requires the hair in each graft need to reach its full diameter and all hairs of the graft to grow to achieve the illusion? Blood supply is often mentioned but it this explanation does not sound logical to me. If there is not sufficient supply the grafts just would not survive to begin with.
  2. I really think you contribute a lot to this forum and I appreciate your knowledge, but in this we have disagreed before and we still do. It is not as simple as you make it: - DHI with implanter pen has also counter arguments (these are given to me by several surgeons I have spoken too): Loading the graft into the implanter puts stress on the grafts. The round implanter creates wounds which for many skin types lead to more scaring than a clean slit with a small knife Side note: You whole argument by pre made slits and techs doing the work is valid for DHI as well. Many DHI clinics use the techs to implant with the implanter, than the tech even controls the angulation which is normally given by the surgeon with the slid. - Stick and place has the advantage for smaller slits but: It is much more difficult to create an overall hairline on bald skin or a whirl in the crown if you create every slit by itself. Some clinics claim that the healing process in the pre-made slits helps graft survival (There was a discussion about it once here, but cannot find it anymore). I think there is only the right technique for a particular case.
  3. Thank you for sharing your story. I agree that this is nice growth early on and a huge transformation especially considering your starting point. You look like a new person. However, with the biggest respect, the hairline does not look completely natural to me. There are thick multis in the front. This can be fixed easily with another clinic however, but this is laziness from the clinic. This is not to insult you! You already have achieved a huge transformation, but I would not recommend this clinic based on this work.
  4. This is the video I know. I is very easy to re-engineer the excel. If you have some INFOS of your own hair status (density, diameter,...) your can make some calculations for yourself. With a conservative approach I came up with 12 k grafts for myself, which matches the Feedback of the three clinics which I visited. They used an even simpler approach and all came up with 10+ k grafts.
  5. I have not seen enough of Couto to make a statement an I do not even know what he is doing by himself. From Lorenzo I have seen poor results and he is NOT doing the procedure by himself anymore. I have seen several poor and average results from HLC.
  6. The way the grafts are planted in the hairline...only one clinic is doing that.
  7. Let me guess: Dr. Diep 😉 It looks all normal, do not be worried.
  8. This thread is very difficult to follow. How many grafts are finally implanted and how big was the area? What are exactly the before and what the after pictures? Some of the after pics look quite good styled. Even though the lack of density in the hairline is visible, the illusion is still good and it looks quite natural. What I do not understand: Why is the first 0.5 cm of the hairline not a little tighter packed than the rest? 300 more grafts in the first 2 rows would go a long way here IMO.
  9. Let us not go out of control. For most surgeries no one knows why the grafts fail to grow. Neither Bhatti know nor any other clinic in the world. I do not want to excuse whats happened and I think that if this was not a singular event the clinic should be removed from this forum, but HT are never a guarantee.
  10. Hairline design (makro and mikro design) as well as slits (defining angulation) are typically done by Erdogan or one of his associated surgeons not by his techs. Techs can only put large multies instead of singles into the front or have the curvature of the grafts wrong. HLC is a good clinic, but just like you said: No clinic can guarantee growth.
  11. Unfortunately, It is common practice that in many forums poor results are deleted (I am not saying they are deleted in here). However, this point about ASMED comes up time and time again. @LordBaldwin, did some statistics and the %-of failed results of ASMED did not change dramatically over times. It is a statistic based on poor sample size and it is highly subjective as well, but it is by far the best we have. Anyway, there is no clinic without poor results, and with the amount of results from ASMED being published it is not possible that there have been no poor results before 2016. In my opinion the discussion should be: Are ASMED results in general to often subpar or are HT in general more often subpar?
  12. Wow, this behaviour of the rep was not only inappropriate, it is borderline criminal. Being expelled from this forum is the right thing to do by @Melvin-Moderator However, the explanation and answers of Dr. Bhatti are not convincing to me and give me the feeling that the seriousness if this situation is not seen by him. If the rep was provoked or not, is no excuse at all. If a clinic would contact my employer, I would immediately hire a lawyer and sue the entire clinic. An employer should be fired immediately for this behaviour. Only one thing I want to ad regarding the result as this discussion raises in many threads: For most of the bad results (from the better clinics) there is no explanation. Of course, there can be an underlying physical issue or the grafts could have been mishandled but in most cases the body just does not connect the grafts. Grafts are little organs and sometimes the body does not accept them. HT is risky, that is way I always recommend to be cautious and not to go "all-in". I know it is hard to except, but it is the brutal truth: No one can answer the questions below.
  13. No, this is not what I tried to say. I wanted to say that 1500 FU sounds low, but it is 4350 hairs. For an average patient it might require 2000+ grafts to get the same amount of hairs (and therefore coverage). As you have the chance to split multies, more multies do not automatically lead to an unnatural hairline.
  14. Haha, yes it is. You can also do your due diligence and then make conservative steps. You cannot control the outcome.
  15. This is a great result! The patient should be very happy. But it is in no way a stand out results from thousands of other clinic posted results in here. Neither density, nor naturalness are astonishing. The only crazy thing is the HGI of 2.9 for a hairline case. I am not sure if I have seen a higher value in such a case before.