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  1. Mmh, I am a little bit puzzled. Isn't the selling point of Mohebi's "celebrity" FUE that he does not shave the donor and extracts/implants longer hair? With long hair like the OP and this small amount of grafts one could have easily buzz a certain area (similar to my procedure) and disguise it with longer hair of the upper part of the donor. Why Mohebi shaves the recipient, while not buzzing the donor, is also really strange. Big effort for, no benefit. Or was the shaven area smaller and the pics are misleading me?
  2. Cause HT is not an excact science. Sometimes in real life (if only online consultation before) or after shaving (if F2F consullation before) it looks different than thought. Or your loss was not stabelized (and consultation was several month before). Or ratio of singles/multies was different than expected. Also, hairline fine tuning before procedures adds a lot of uncertainity in both directions (more/less grafts required). Summary: No one can give the exact # of grafts for an optimal result before. Nothing shady in that. Not everyone is case like Phil. Only for a very small # cases this is the reasons. Much more often the prediction just did not match the final outcome. Another example: You started with FIN and reacted better than expected. Sorry, that is nonsense. See all reasons above.
  3. Interesting! Very small amout of graft but a lot of impact. Maybe smallest case after mine^^ Would like to see some more after pics from different angles.
  4. I got a contract from the clinic month before surgery which says a) If I need more grafts than initially considered, they cost x/€ per graft (approx. 2/3 or 1/2 of the standard price) b) If I need less my money get refunded Fun fact: - I required almost 150 FU more than planned (which for me was almost 40 % more!) and I never had to pay it.
  5. Looks like I was right in the end 😉 Patience is required...
  6. They somehow share(d) the facilities with Dr. de Reys. There are a lot of cases in the german forum (alopezie.de). Reasonable priced for Europe, but IMO slightly below top clinics density wise etc.
  7. Yes! It is quite an interesting list with different type of clinics.
  8. Very interesting case: - Shows that ultimate density is not the holy grail for a natural result - People in their 50s still care about their hair - Giving his conservative hairstyle, I wonder why this patient was focused on FUE - The right/left view pics reveal that the angle of incisions change heavily within the first rows of the hairline (never seen it that clearly before and sorry for the lack of words) … the little things make a great result. +1 for the donor pics and some information about the harvesting method (manual, Waw,...)
  9. Update the list: Clinics I am aware using WAW now are: - Devroye (obviously) - Feriduni - PHC - Konior (at least sometimes) - Hasson & Wong
  10. Phil, I looked closely to your pics of the donor and to other cases. To be honest, on the first glimpse I do not see big issues: The punch size lookse fine and the wounds seemed to heal pretty fast. The pattern looks OK, maybe some of the extractions are a little close to each other put it does not look dramatic. Feathering is average and interstingly, I see some uneven areas even before the extraction. The "shiny" effect is also quite normal especially in the first days. Konior only picked small singles for the hairline (from the side), therfore his punches are even smaller, but this is also normal. That said: The result is really below average for this amount of FUE, but I (as a laymen) can only see minor issues from the post op pics. I do not see butchery (neither post op, nor after 8 month) on the donor. I also do not want to excuse the other discusses topics - Hairline, poor communication from the clinic etc. Just want to give a perspective and hope you blame yourself a little less. Like saif before: In a couple of month you will look great. I am very sure. All the best, Gasthörer Comparison (FUE after FUT also with WAW):
  11. Very Interesting case. Would be nice to see more of the donor and recipient directly post surgery.
  12. I wonder how many generation of men, had a similiar plan...we are 5-10 years away from a cure since...well, since Julius Cesar.
  13. No, (even though many clinic still do manual and maybe also Dieps), this comment came from Hattingen. But they did not try Devroye's WAW system but some other tools including self made ones.
  14. There are 1000 of users threads presenting their case and asking for advice. We need info about your age, medication familiy history and quality pictures from all sides inclduing donor and facial features. See my thread: https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/50323-options-for-diffuse-thinning/
  15. Your question and approach is wrong: - The question sis not ASMED or CINIK. - The question is: What is the best clinic for your case and that depends on your situation. Maybe FUT is best for you, then neither clinic is offering that. - Bottom line: Present your case in usual manner, and the forum will offer you possibilities in all price ranges. Good luck.