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  1. Thanks for sharing your story. Do you have pre-op donor pics?
  2. The unrealistic part is that you want an opinion without giving us the required information. Placement of grafts etc.
  3. Looks like nice progress in the last two weeks!
  4. Hard to believe that no one else comments. Great stuff.
  5. Gasthoerer

    FUT Stretch the Crown?

    That is true. But many FUT clinics (and also patients) that donor density is unchanged with FUT. But if the crown is not expanding and nape area is not moving up, the density has to decrease with FUT as the remaining skin has to stretch. Of course the effect will be less visible than with FUE.
  6. Your hair might be thicker, but Jean has a much better skin to hair contrast and he has curls. Both helps tremendously to make the hair look better.
  7. Mmh, strange case for such a reputable clinic. The missing singles could be explained by poor growth of the finer singles in front of them. I have seen it before. But, besides the still immature hair (wiry look), it appears like some angles at the temples are off and do not blend with the remaining temporal peaks. Maybe Asien hair is a little different in that regard, but especially the last pic does show the poor transition between these areas. That would be poor craftmanship and the fault of the surgeon who made the incisions. I think that there has to be a good explanation before doing the touch-up with the same clinic. Pics directly after the transplant would be great. The good news: This should be fixable for a second pass. Good luck
  8. Well, if you want my honnest opinion: I had to look at the pics several times to find out which side you consider as you "artificial looking" one. Your left, our left, ... Conclusion: Your problem isn't really a problem but only in your mind. Actually you look great for month 6 and I expect it to become even better in 6 more month. Certainly it will be a good result, but maybe not a great homerun one (which does not happen often with dark hair on pale skin anyway). But you will be <200 nonshaved FUE grafts away from a homerun results for sure. There is noth to worry about but a lot to be happy about.
  9. Thank you for your detailed explanation. What is for me hard to understand: If this was such a difficult case, why not perform a small test procedure and check the results? Why directly go "all in"?
  10. I never said that he should sue. HT is a risky procedure. Even a great clinic does not guarantee growth, for reasons which are not completely understood yet. In such a case (poor growth when the work was flawless) a refund is great and generous from the clinic. If (!) bad work is the reason for the bad outcome (I am not (!) talking about poor growth only) this is a different story. If the surgery plan was bad, untrained techs have been used and/or harvesting was on a to concentrated area, a refund is not enough. Then the mods should consider the recommendation of such a clinic. By the way: I am not (!) saying this is the case here, but it is a case to look closely. Especially as I remember another one too. Sueing might also be a possibility, but chances are slim, therefore I typically do not recommend it.
  11. Honestly, it looks good for 6 month. Actually it looks good, never mind the month. If it is 100 % natural looking is hard to tell, cause the pics are to low quality. However. dark hair on pale skin is always the most difficult combination to look natural. YOu have some more month of growing and for the skin to heal. I guess it will be great in the end.
  12. There are many clinic where the Dr. performs all or most of the surgery. Keep in mind that if you speak about FUE that would limit the size of the surgery to 1000 - 1500 FU per day for most clinics. If you want to have a bigger session I recommend a different approach or several sessions. US: Konior and his apprentice Nadimi North/central EU: Lupanzula, Heißmann (ß=t) Turkey: Keser (but I think he is no fan of crown work), HLC Keep in mind: Nothing guarantees you growth. By the way: Non of the clinic mentioned by you match your criterias. Good luck.
  13. I am sorry, but this is not only a physiology issue. This is also an extraction pattern issue. A full refund is not enough for this, neither for the TO nor for the forum. Bad growth can happen to everyone, but this appears to be poor craftmanship.
  14. Were grafts havrested from this region? It is kinda low and ar to the nape region. Actually it looks a little but like alopecia areata...
  15. The most frightening point of this study are the 86 % for strip which is also much lower than the values a typical clinic mentions.